Friday, October 11, 2019

Cancer November Overview 2019

cancer horoscope november 2019 predictions

Cancer Monthly Horoscope November 2019

There is a harmonious vibe to this month as working with others and being able to give of your best is easier as circumstances go your way and play into your hands. Events tend to go your way as your inner harmonious emotions are projected out attracting helpful circumstances and a natural energy flow which act like a tide, washing you along in the right direction with little extra effort.

Spiritually and in terms of personal goals, you feel on the same page, and this holistic energy drive adds purpose to all your activities and draws others to your side to cooperate. You can make decisions with great resolve and sleep is improved, meaning you feel rested and clear headed. You are able to be sincere and honest and yet also diplomatic, which makes this an excellent time for resolving emotional and personal issues as you can make progress or get resolution without uncomfortable and protracted discussions which often are damaging in some way.

You have the desire to do good and make positive overtures to others. A good time to establish new friendships and also business relationships, and you can also unite with groups to work on more lofty goals that could be social or charitable. There is a strong desire to give something back and spread wisdom or information which is helpful.

This is a good month to take a punt – buy a lottery ticket, enter a competition, aim really high regarding putting yourself forward in the job market – thinking big often produces a result that is positive, even if it works out differently to what you expected.

You will take many pleasurable detours this month, and it is one of social outings, recreational activities, parties, and a desire to have fun and break the mould. You have stronger empathy, and that increases the value of your social interactions and your ability to get on with others.

Intuition and imagination combine to help you generate ideas and concepts that have an immediate resonance, which is very helpful for planning Christmas promotions, marketing, and advertising campaigns. You are also more aesthetically inspired, meaning you will be decorating for the holiday with some aplomb.

Generosity now generates good karma.

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