Monday, October 28, 2019

Cancer Love Horoscope November 2019

cancer in love november 2019

Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope November 2019

Cancerians have a certain innocence about them which is very endearing and attractive – this plays very well in new relationships where your softness and sublet vulnerability is charming.

In general, Cancerians have greater charm and compassion, and your empathy is enhanced, which enables you to step into the shoes of your partner, and not only see it from their eyes, but see how you can adapt your reactions to help them and help the relationship in general.

The one danger this month is that due to the fact that you are more compassionate and also open to influence from others, you can be strung along by people who are playing on your kindness; however, given the positive angle from Jupiter, this should be easy to spot, and friends may step in to prevent any advantage being taken.

Any fundamental issues in relationships which have come to stalemates could begin to dissolve this month with less stubbornness and more acceptance of the need to move things forward from both of you. Take a look at what really matters to you both, and you will find that you both want the same things, but you just want to follow different routes. However, changes now will tend to solidify your resolve, clarify objectives, and help you work together to achieve the end goal.

Couples need to rid their lives of things, either people or pursuits which do not further your goals, are not compatible with your values (new or old), and do not add value to your life. You may find that energy which could be used to improve your love life, quality family time, or joint goals is being squandered on activities of highly temporary amusement value which could be costly or energy wasting.

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