Friday, October 25, 2019

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope November 2019

aquarius weekly predictions november '19

Aquarius First Week in November 2019

Between 1st & 2nd a long lasting worry will be eliminated. Saturn’s movement in 11th will get you some financial gain. But you may get only partial success in your endeavours. You’ll work with greater enthusiasm to derive better income. Between 3rd & 4th familial peace will be satisfactory. With your upbeat confidence you may cross all your hurdles. You may also induce warmth in your relationship. But don’t loan out your money as it may not be recovered. Between 5th & 6th you may pick quarrel with someone and may lose your due money. A wrong business decision may prove very costly to you. On 7th through mediation of some senior person your family property disputes may be amicably resolved. Your hold in your professional sphere will continue.

Aquarius Second Week in November 2019

On 8th you may have a chance meeting with your some old friend or relations. May develop interest in new subjects. The love couples may have strained relation. Between 9th & 11th you’ll indulge in social work. Senior person’s blessings and guidance may help you wriggle out of a ticklish situation. May have to consult an expert in some legal matters. Between 12th & 13th close friends may help you awaken your fortunate phase. Love relations will be successful. Between 14th & 15th some untoward incident may also happen. Misunderstandings may crop up among your friends and relations. Despite your hard work the result won’t be satisfactory.

Aquarius Third Week in November 2019

On 15th avoid poking your nose in other’s affairs, else you’ll suffer badly. Keep a check on your partner or co-workers’ activities. Between 16th & 18th the things will be better. Religious rituals may keep you busy. May go to some religious shrine in the quest of some peace and solace. May indulge in a bit of self introspection. Between 19th & 20th in order to achieve your target you can go to any extent. You’ll score victory in a debating contest. May pass your time happily with your family members. Decisions taken with discretionary wisdom will give you good gain. Between 21st & 23rd your hardwork will get its due result. May affect some positive changes in your working. Court-cases may be decided in your favour. In service you may get promotion.

Aquarius Fourth Week in November 2019

Between 24th& 25th you’ll get redemption from worries to a great extent. But financial worries may still trouble you. May have a tiff with someone close on a minor issue, leading to cessation of even talking terms. You could be relocked by your boss or seniors in service. Between 26th & 28th you may get a reprieve from mental troubles. Your hardwork will be appreciated by all. May renew your contacts with your close relations. You may try your level best to improve your financial condition. Between 29th & 30th you may get only mixed results. You may remain busy with your some relation. Guests may come. You may get relief from a long lasting worry at last.

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