Friday, October 25, 2019

Aquarius Love Horoscope November 2019

aquarius in love november 2019

Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope November '19

Aquarians can be quite stubborn this month; you tend to be territorial and are more fussy about details. It is a month when money rears its head and the family or joint budget has to be managed. There can be battles of wills over priorities when it comes to spending.

In new relationships you are setting boundaries, often over material things, i.e. your car, your clothes, etc., but these rules and boundaries about material things often reflect deeply held values and when you start enforcing your ‘rules’ or pressing for certain needs to be met you either meet with resistance or total acceptance, and this will tell you a lot about where the relationship is headed.

This can be a time in new relationships where you begin to feel your new partner loves you for you and appreciates you at a deep level – if he/she does not then the wind can go out of the sails romantically. Red lines suddenly become an issue where they may not have been before, and it really is a testing time for new relationships to see if the attraction is more than skin deep and also how tolerant you are.

When it comes to judgement calls, Aquarians have strong views. This is a hard time for relationships where you and your partner have very different views, as these views become more entrenched and there is less compromise.

However, if you and your partner usually agree on substantive issues, then this month is all systems go regarding planning and setting down firmer foundations for the relationship.

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