Sunday, October 6, 2019

Aquarius in Love October 2019

aquarius love predictions october 2019

Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope for October '19

Certain situations in love, like being nice to the in-laws or putting up with your partner’s friend who is sleeping on the couch are a real stretch for you regarding being polite and accommodating. You are inclined to get rubbed up the wrong way, and the quirks and habits you find annoying in your partner are more irritating than usual. Some space helps and yet space can be hard to come by as you tend to be thrust into situations where you have to spend time with your partner even when you’d rather go off on your own.

This month is excellent for the establishment of new relationships; it is great for first dates or for a physical meet up after you have hooked up online. You have added confidence, and that means you approach love in the right frame of mind – with positivity. Your ego is more robust, and even a small knockback by someone playing hard to get will not bother you; you will just try even harder. You relish a chase or challenge in love.

Aquarians are attracted to Aries, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius right now as you are drawn to the more fiery, spontaneous and even bossy types rather than the emotional or intellectual ones. You like to be challenged in love and are looking for a partner who gives as good as he/she gets and arouses you with strong opinions and even a little angry door slamming and storming off.

Activity days are best this month rather than dates which require long conversations and so get booking tickets or checking out the newspaper or Twitter for what is happening near to you. This is also good for married couples – get out the house and get busy doing stuff with or without the kids, but don’t just be glued to the same old same old.

You have oodles of personal magnetism right now, you are sexy and attractive, and your bold, assertive manner is appealing. In marriages, you can take control and inspire confidence that gets your partner in the moods for love. So do not think love is about romance, words, affection and slushy things, right now you can turn on your partner by showing strength and being decisive.

Relationships need passion, excitement, action and some hustle – get generating ideas and make stuff happen.

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