Monday, September 23, 2019

Pisces Overview October 2019

pisces horoscope october 2019

Pisces in October 2019

Pisces have a big appetite for life this month, what is ordinary will not grab your attention and you will have your eye out for any distraction that will get your heart pumping. You are restless and easily bored, it is not a great month to plan anything with demands great concentration and attention to detail. In fact details are glossed over right now as you are far more focused on the big picture.

Acting on all your plans proves a little tricky; theory and practice are very different things and money proves to be a problem in terms of funding.

Pisces will have to realise that many of you plans are still very much on the drawing board and not quite ready for launch. The big problem right now is your urge to press the start button, you must be more patient.

You can be very spontaneous and you abhor restrictions, however many of your impulsive actions fail to satisfy as much as you had presumed they would. Often you do things just for the sake of it without think that much about what you hoped you would get out of it.

You need to harness your enthusiasm and temper it with more focus; stop seeing barriers and having to smash them down just because they are a barrier; every barrier is not necessarily a problem if you know what you really want.

This is a very good month for picking up new skills and you also have greater confidence in competitive situations. You are a very effective communicator and you message can spread far and wide – a great time to write and publish. Your positivity makes this month rather exciting and new possibilities are glimpsed and grabbed and with a little dose of caution you will not be lead down the garden path.

The moon waxes from the 8th to the 24th marking out the erogenous zone for new plans and activities. Not a great time for naked ambition, bide your time and play Poker in terms of career. You may get a little help from someone in a high place. Be cautious with courting fame.

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