Monday, September 23, 2019

Capricorn Overview October 2019

capricorn horoscope october 2019

Capricorn in October 2019

A month when your temper tends to flare up, and you are quite volatile. You are all or nothing; you throw the kitchen sink at it, or you walk away and slam the door. This can be quite an explosive month, but also a positive one regarding being able to say enough is enough and just storm off, which has to be done at times. Earth signs tend to take, take, and take and then snap – you are either all or nothing at all, and you don’t really do nuance. So, watch out anyone who has been pushing a Capricorn too far, they are at their limit, and ready to go bang.

Being taken for granted really winds you up, and yet you may be too quick to anger; cut people some slack especially if they have a good track record. You do not want to be jumping down the wrong person’s throat right now as you tend to be quite defensive and so hold back and ask if you are aiming your weaponry at the right enemy. If someone has it coming, by all means use this month to let them have both barrels, but do not alienate a good friend by exploding at them over something that does not matter. While you are quick to anger this month, you are also quick to offer an apology, and so that should save most important friendships.

You have a greater degree of inner tension right now, and you are best having some quiet time alone – while last month was very social, this month you are best clearing the calendar and spending your free time pottering around amusing yourself and steering well clear of highly emotional or stressful people. Others have the ability to offload on you and make you feel as if their problems or stresses are yours, and so avoid these people – just make excuses, one must!

You may feel out of sync this month, and that is why you need to seek balance in all walks of life: get more sleep, eat a wide variety of fresh foods, get sunlight, get fresh air and seek out calm, supportive people.

The moon waxes from the 8th to the 24th of October making this your curtainraising time for new pursuits and activities. Investing is favoured as is buying bitcoin or precious metals. A good time in invest in new machinery or tangible assets. Not a good time for starting a public-private partnership or bidding for a big government contract. Dealing with large government departments can be frustrating.

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