Thursday, August 22, 2019

Virgo Love September 2019

Virgo Love & Relationship September '19

virgo in love september 2019

You will assert your individuality in relationships – you see the marriage as a partnership of two distinct, strong-willed people rather than a team you get absorbed into, losing your unique voice and view on the world.

If you have felt as if you have given up too much ground or compromised in a way that meant sacrificing personal goals, this is a time to get that ground back and start a two-way highway of input and output once again. Often we start off making sacrifices for the best of reasons, for example, because a partner is at a low ebb and needs us to step up, but over time those sacrifices become the norm, and we forget where the dividing line once was. This is your chance to redraw that dividing line slap down the middle again.

Relationships that begin now move fast, and while a new partner could be somewhat selfish, they certainly respect your independence and do not seek to control you out of their own fears and insecurities. Sexually, you can both gain from the relationship as there is so much energy available for sexual gratification.

All couples (young old, all orientations) can reap the rewards of a more active sex life this month – sex tends to be vigorous and demanding rather than romantic and affectionate, and so you could be listening to AC/DC rather than Barry White regarding the mood music for your sexual activities.

If a partner or new love is holding you at arm’s length right now, they may not be angry with you as such; they have also not stopped fancying you – what is more likely is that they have become jealous and have entered a selfprotective mode where they withdraw so that you run harder and prove to them how much they mean to you.

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