Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Taurus Love September 2019

Taurus Love & Relationship September '19

taurus in love september 2019

New relationships that begin between the 9th and 24th have an excellent chance of ticking the boxes which are most important to you right now – excitement, stimulation, growth, depth, and loyalty. So a good time to start a new relationship; however, this person should be someone you meet afresh and not a friend.

Taurus have a strong tendency to stroppiness; you may say and also do things which put others on the defensive – this energy can be a nuisance if you are not aware of it as you can be mystified at the responses you get which can be prickly, especially where the relationship is already tense. You are very assertive, and this energy works well with the fiery signs and also Libra who enjoy a strong projection to bounce off. However, other signs may feel subconsciously that you are projecting some anger or even hostility, and they may back away.

Be positive in relationships, and do not shy away from making suggestions and taking the lead, but do not let that assertiveness become bolshy.

Tensions in relationships are often down to sexual frustration or lack of opportunity for some quality intimate time – so you need to be grabbing those moments and taking advantage of the sexiness you are feeling.

Taurus are quite competitive with their partner right now – this comes into play where the very attraction was based on admiration and a desire that by being with this partner he/she would awaken those qualities in you.

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