Friday, August 23, 2019

Scorpio Love September 2019

Scorpio Love & Relationship September '19

scorpio in love september 2019

This is one of the best times of the year for attracting a new person into your life who can enhance your well-being and be a force for good in your life.

New partners right now can help reinforce positive attitudes and keep you moving forward and not slipping back into bad old habits.

Scorpio will tend towards people who bring adventure and something exotic to your life. You can be attracted to intellectual types who love to tell stories of discovery and philosophy. You are also attracted to those from different countries or cultures who have new perspectives to offer. You may begin doing things for the very first time with this partner from motorbike riding to backpacking to going to the opera – often things you never enjoyed before but suddenly get a taste for.

No matter how confined you are by money or physical restrictions, a new friend (who develops into a lover) can be the way you import colourful, wild or outlandish experiences into your life. No thank you boy next door, no thank you childhood sweetheart, Scorpio want a John Wayne or an Indiana Jones to come storming into your life and change everything for the better.

This is one of those times you meet someone who changes you for the better and makes you see the world through a whole new prism.

Scorpio will make a splash in any social scene, probably by being the best dressed and most alluring. You do not have to show off like Leo, talk incessantly like Gemini or start helping with the catering like Virgo; you attract attention just be being there. Your inner beauty shines through making you more attractive.

Scorpio enjoy parties quite a bit this month, and it may be you dragging a reluctant partner along rather than the other way around.

You can enjoy yourself no matter what this month, and so even if your partner is being a misery you can block off the negativity and find pleasure irrespective.

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