Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Sagittarius Overview September 2019

sagittarius predictions september 2019

Sagittarius in September 2019

There is a sense of urgency this month, you are more self-aware, and you definitely have a strong need to change things, in some cases, it may not be a change more of a speeding up. You are not going to let grass grow under your feet, and you need to put yourself under pressure to perform and achieve targets. It may not be about one big target; it is more likely that you will have a multitude of smaller goals you need to get ticked off as part of a bigger picture. Even if you receive compliments, you are not prone to complacency as you can see that there is still much room for improvement and you are restless in pursuit of that perfection.

You will tend to judge yourself in terms of others, and while that can often be a really bad idea, it can be motivating if you are looking to mimic or emulate what you have seen as their successful strategies.

This is a really good month to set goals on which you begin work right away; this is not a time to spend too much energy thinking about next year’s goals.

Emotional decisions are harder now as you will feel torn, you are also very conscious of hurting other people’s feelings or dashing expectations, and that really troubles you. You will tend to have sleepless nights over decisions or actions you feel responsible for, even if you had no choice. You have to thrash it out in your own head until you have convinced yourself that things will either work out or that you can somehow make it right. You tend to want to take responsibility for things which are really out of your control and no fault of yours.

You tend to hold yourself to a higher standard than others would expect, and that means you are very hard on yourself.

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