Friday, August 23, 2019

Libra Love September 2019

Libra Love & Relationship September '19

libra in love september '19

You are less open in love this month – you will tend to mull over events and keep secrets. There is more of a sense of separateness, and you will focus on the differences you have with your partner rather than the similarities. This need not be a negative phase; it can be very worthwhile, especially if you have become too reliant on your partner’s feedback or advice to the degree that you have lost your internal compass.

This month is not ideal for new romance or hitting the dating scene or going to bars, etc. Brand new relationships which start now can be roller coaster and are often highly unpredictable or even volatile. Your own raw emotions are closer to the surface, and that means you attract people who mirror those raw emotions which can lead to some complicated outcomes which may not be welcome if you are just looking for a cosy time and someone to go to movies and have some affection with.

In all relationships, it is a time to take a step back and look at things from a new perspective. You are somewhat more cynical, and this is certainly not a rose-tinted glasses time in love. You have a need to analyse motivations and conversations as you look to become more secure in the relationship via greater understanding.

All relationship are changeable and disruptive this month; it is almost as if the universe wants to grab your attention and arrest any complacency so that you get to grips with what is really going on and have a few light bulb moments that will affect the future of the relationship.

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