Saturday, August 17, 2019

Leo Overview September 2019

Leo in September 2019

leo predictions september 2019

This a very good month to get organised – so take this opportunity to set schedules, make lists, devise a priority roster, and make sure you write memos to colleagues and also family members to ensure you are all on the same page, and everyone is pulling their weight. Leo should tackle admin and paperwork and clear the deck of any pending bureaucracy, i.e. tax returns, checking bank statements, setting up direct debits, insurances, and servicing of important equipment or vehicles.

You need to get organised and have a good clear-out; this extends to your home, where you may look to have a massive throwing out session as you start to think about being more minimalist, getting by with less, i.e. the stuff you never really use anyway but feel bad about throwing out due to sentimentality or the good intention of one day using it – you won’t, and so off to the charity shop it goes. It is a great time to organise cupboards, the loft, box old things for storage or rearrange rooms. You may have a shower fitted or have a room divided, or garage converted.

You have an added measure of willpower, and not only are you consciously determined, but you have emotional energy to throw behind your actions giving added clout.

Leo are very intense this month; you take life quite seriously, and you are less lightly to brush things off as you take them to heart; however, you are good at coming to terms with the emotions aroused and dealing with them positively.

Psychic powers and ESP are enhanced, and your ability to read people and situations is acute. You can use this to your advantage at work and in daily interactions. You are not in a cynical mood and are alert to both the good and bad intentions of others.

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