Thursday, August 22, 2019

Leo Love September 2019

Leo Love & Relationship September '19

leo in love september 2019

You demand firm commitments and loyalty from anyone who claims to be your friend or to have your interests at heart. The proof is in the pudding; you want actions, not just empty words. You need to make your experience of life more profound, and that means feeling emotions in vibrant colour and having deeper connections with others or pushing those connections to the limit to test them and then redefine them. You cannot live on the surface; you must feel it in your heart not only understand it in your mind; mental understanding is nothing without the heart feeling it and knowing it in a perceptive way.

Leo find it easy to go after what they want in love this month – you hone in on opportunities to make a move often because it just feels right, and your love radar locks onto someone, and you zone in on them with the attitude of nothing ventured nothing gained. It is a time of flirting, and you may not single out one person; if more come along, all the better, and you will try them out until a winner emerges.

You work and play hard this month, and so when it comes to your private life, you won’t accept blancmange; you want the full trifle with extra cream and chocolate sprinkles. Leo will put effort into weekend activities and look to improve the fun factor with parties, get-togethers and trips to shake up the routine and get the good vibes flowing. In sex life, you are more creative and may purchase some massage oils, new underwear, fragrances, music or sexual gadgets to enhance and excite your sex life. Your neck and chest are the erogenous zones right now.

Younger Leo could be a little hedonistic, and you may be eager to prove yourself as a stud or babe or a force to be reckoned with on the social scene.

You want true love, but you also want admiration. You may seek to be the mysterious one in the relationship and may choose a date who is rather straightforward.

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