Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Gemini Love September 2019

Gemini Love & Relationship September '19

gemini in love september 2019

Love is deeper and more intimate, so your love life is like purple velvet rather than crisp white linen; it has a warm and soothing effect that is revitalising and also healing.

Gemini cannot stand discord at any cost right now, and you will work harder to smooth over differences and also to please your partner in bed and in day to day life. You will take it upon yourself to improve love life; you will not be passive nor feel sorry for yourself. This is the time for you to mend things from your side as much as possible, and often your efforts can almost cast a magic spell and have more effect than you imagined. Disagreements over money, joint decisions, sharing and moral differences can be smoothed over and resolved.

Power struggles melt away and are less relevant to the events that pass between you right now. Feelings of compassion and sharing are intensified, and the bond between you can solidify. There may be a shared sadness or an opportunity for you both to revisit an old wound you share or something that affected you both deeply and see new meaning in it.

You are more attuned to what goes unspoken, and Gemini are aware of their partner’s inner needs and how to respond to them without fuss or questioning or trying to understand it logically.

New relationships can have an almost mystical quality and another worldly dimension which is quite inspiring. Gemini working on artistic projects can really click and fall in love while working together.

Greater understanding means greater forgiveness and more acceptance of differences; this takes relationships forward. Sex is more exciting and can reach a new level, a good time to try new things sexually. Not the best time for first sexual encounters with a new partner.

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