Monday, August 12, 2019

Capricorn Overview September 2019

capricorn september predictions 2019

Capricorn in September 2019

Just like Assam Tea, right now you have extra potency; your words and deeds reach further, gain more attention, and have more purchase. You are projecting with a powerful and influential aura, and without having to work on your image or presentation, you can persuade and influence others. People tend to perk up and take notice when you begin to speak or enter a room; you have a greater command of language and also body language and can appeal to both logic, emotion, and aspirations of others regarding managing, selling, or dealing with crises.

Situations arise in which you are called upon to show strength, but likewise, you can attract strong, supportive, and potentially loyal people to you now, who can help you achieve long term goals and who can be valuable allies regarding your hopes and dreams.

A great month to get organised or downsize: remove clutter in your life both domestically, at the office and emotionally by having a good cleanout or Facebook purge.

Use the added willpower at your disposal to kick any bad habits – it is vital to recognise any new obsessions that may be developing or unhealthy crutches which you are reaching for and to kick them away.

This month brings more forward thrust and less drag; those who seek to bind you to a past that no longer works get weaker, and people step into your life who can provide that positive momentum into the future.

A month where social opportunities connected to work or to your private goals and causes should be grabbed. If there are no events coming up, then it is down to you Capricorn to be initiating some cocktail parties and coffee mornings when you get likeminded people together for brainstorming and fun.

The moon waxes from the9th to the 24th of September making this your cork popping gala event time for new projects and undertakings. Loans and financing are favoured, a good time to buy a car or asset hire purchase. This is also a good time to set up a partnership or add a partner to your business or practise. Sharing property can work if you begin the arrangement during this period. Medical and cosmetic procedures are favoured and should go smoothly with good results.

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