Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Cancer Love September 2019

Cancer Love & Relationship September '19

cancer in love september 2019

The physical side of the relationship is emphasised with you feeling increasingly keen on lovemaking, and if you are single, your desire to get out there and back in the dating game is strong. Physical desire stirs, and you can be quite impatient if your advances are not immediately reciprocated. You may have to go about getting what you want in a slightly more subtle way as you are a little like a bull in a china shop.

It is like your personal romantic and emotion volume switch has been turned up – you feel things deeper and react faster, but sometimes your reactions are a little hasty, tactless, and they create more discord that mutual sexiness.

However, if you are with one of the cardinal signs, this assertive and rather sexually aggressive manner can be a great turn on and can stimulate some exciting sexual encounters and also some more adventurous pursuits as a couple.

Potential romance can be blighted by an initial competitiveness resulting in animosity which disguises an attraction – this means that even if you get off to the wrong start, this does not preclude a positive relationship coming from a start epitomised by clashes and arguments. New relationships which start right now can be very different to what you have experienced before, and while you may not be opposites regarding personality, there can be social and cultural differences which pose problems in equal proportion to curiosity.

All relationships stimulate positive growth and healing this month; they can transport you away from yourself and the usual concerns and worries that torment you.

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