Monday, August 19, 2019

Aries Overview September 2019

Aries in September 2019

aries predictions september 2019

September 9 is the new moon, and it waxes until September 24, making the intervening period the best time for events, decisions, and important dates and arrangements. The sun in positive aspect to Jupiter and Pluto means that decisions regarding money, insurance, and finances are favoured. It is also a good time to seek tax advice and use an investment analyst. Any group counselling, psychotherapy, and sex or relationship counselling proceeds productively between these dates.

Aries do have to be a little careful of whose influence you fall under; it could be a person who you do not necessarily fall for in a romantic sense, but you may fall under their spell, and they could manipulate you for either financial gain, as an empath who wants to almost feed off your energy or for information and so be careful of what seems like a chance encounter and remain sceptical of new friends. Be careful of people who are too needy or too helpful and ask yourself what is their true agenda and if perhaps they have deeper issues which you may or may not want to get drawn into.

It can be a confusing and frustrating time when dealing with big companies or indeed the health service, and so remember names and dates and keep in regular contact to make sure your file is not misplaced or shoved to the bottom of the queue. If in doubt, assume you have been forgotten or sidelined and keep pushing for what you need. There can be delays regarding housing or social benefits, and you need to be aware of any innocuous changes that could actually affect you more than you think (positively or negatively).

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