Sunday, August 11, 2019

Aquarius Overview September 2019

aquarius september predictions 2019

Aquarius in September 2019

Your energy is back, and this is a much more driven and assertive month where it is clear what you want and how to get it. You have leadership and urgency, and so you won’t hang about waiting for the right time or for others to get their act together; you will be off doing what you have to do and improvising where you have to, to ensure nothing stands still.

No one can ignore you; you are out there in the arena of life setting an example and not allowing anyone to push you about. This is a great time to get ventures off the ground as you have that entrepreneurial spirit and can be ingenious about finding solutions. The extra energy you have right now is ideal for getting ideas off the ground and building some momentum.

You are quite feisty and independent, and you won’t accept interference or negativity; you have this, “I’ll show them,” attitude.

There is less volatility in your life, and this gives you a clear sky with a clear road ahead, and so you feel you can put your foot down and burn some rubber. Even if your goals need some adjustment, you still feel as if you are on the course you want to be on. You can take some risks now as you feel the odds are in your favour and a few well-calculated shots in the dark can get you ahead of the competition. You like to challenge yourself and almost dare yourself to crash through some personal boundaries. You can bring reason to what seems unreasonable and are great at selling obscure or novel concepts to others.

You are more aware of your own uniqueness, and you value that quirkiness and individuality you have more. There is no drive to compromise in order to fit in.

The moon waxes from the 9th to the 24th of September making this lights, camera, action time for new projects. New partnerships in business are favoured, and this is a great time for negotiations and deal-making. A good time for all team-related efforts. Marriage is favoured. Not a good time for taking physical risks that involve responding to dares. Dealing with bureaucracy and large corporations and bidding for large contracts are favoured.

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