Sunday, August 25, 2019

Aquarius Love September 2019

Aquarius Love & Relationship September '19

aquarius in love september 2019

This is a great time for new relationships where you are the Alpha or the leader; even if you are not usually the assertive one, right now you will start relationships where you are indeed the force that decides the direction and makes the play. You enjoy initiating new love relationships, and you aim high.

You may find love at sporting events, at the gym or sports club. As you have more energy, you are spending more time doing sporting or competitive activities, and the endorphins generated give you a surge or sexual confidence.

This is not a time when you are easygoing; you are not afraid to say NO, and you are also not afraid to demand more of your relationship. It’s not about keeping the peace, it is about being real and saying what needs to be said, not to produce conflict, but to bring honesty back to the table.

You may get invites to special events courtesy of your partner. In marriages, it is time to show your support for your partner’s career ambitions and so be enthusiastic about their success and be their biggest cheerleader.

You want more out of the relationship, but you also need to be ready to put more back in and so stand up for your partner and rally to their defence or their aid.

Single Aquarians should embrace single life and enjoy the independence. Work on yourself and develop your own uniqueness and distinct personality away from the love arena. This can be an excellent time for Aquarians who have recently come out of a long-term partnership or marriage of many years or even decades to redefine yourself and understand your own personality again.

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