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All Signs: Health Horoscope September 2019

aries health horoscope sept.'19

Aries Monthly Health Horoscope Sept. 2019

Health matters often need a leap of faith this month, and Aries have to get over accepting a certain inevitability – nothing in medicine is certain, and you must explore options and never believe in absolutes. With so much information out there, we have never been as empowered regarding our health. Fear and deep-seated anxieties, especially those which have connection to specific events in the past need to be revisited – in fact, even a recurring dream right now could be a prompt to explore something more deeply. Past life regression therapy is worth exploring as even something like sleep pattern problems, nightmares, night terrors, and anxiety can have their roots in a past life experience.

taurus health horoscope sept.'19

Taurus Monthly Health Horoscope Sept. 2019

If you are doing anything half heartedly, then you should cut your losses and transfer that energy somewhere else. When your heart is not in something, the time you spend on it will rarely be value for energy, blood, sweat, or tears, but when you believe in something, the energy you put in is magnified, and the universe gives you a leg up. If things in your life are not working, maybe you just do not believe in them or care enough. Going through the motions leads to more going through the motions.

gemini health horoscope sept.'19

Gemini Monthly Health Horoscope Sept. 2019

Gemini need more peace and quiet and also rest in August; if you are on holiday that is perfect. While last month was about learning and rushing about grabbing hold of information, this month is a time to assess and percolate the information for what feels most important. It is a good time to just sit back and stop chasing life; let life slow down to a gentle tempo and capture the moment.

Sleep and healthy food are vital right now, and you should take care to avoid very spicy or fried food. Salads, fish, fruit salads, and soups are a healthy option, but not too much tomato or tomato paste. Eat the alkaline foods and reduce red meat and processed meat in particular. This is not a good time to experiment with foods you have never tried before.

Exercise that involves the entire body moving rhythmically, i.e., dance and swimming is very therapeutic. All water sports can refresh your body and mind.

cancer health horoscope sept.'19

Cancer Monthly Health Horoscope Sept. 2019

You have an increased level of sensitivity this month, and so allergies can be more acute as can asthma and eczema, and so keep your remedies handy and avoid triggers as much as you can. It is also not a good month to eat exotic food or experiment with dishes you have never tried before. Watch out for communal salt sellers, ketchup bottles, or milk canisters – if in doubt opt for steamed milk. Watch sell by dates, and do not buy buffet food with no spit shield (believe me that still happens).

Cancerians may find that gluten intolerance is linked to allergies, and so try and go gluten free or use Quercetin as a natural way to reduce symptoms fast. Quercetin is also found in red wine, green tea, apples, and onions. Who knew red wine could help with allergies? Watch out for the headline in a tabloid soon.

leo health horoscope sept.'19

Leo Monthly Health Horoscope Sept. 2019

While tensions, miscommunications, running about at cross purposes, and having to redo work because of the incompetence of others may have drained you of late, things are about to get more organised and under control, and the routines and systems you rely on to deliver results day to day should be working again. This is a time when health regimes and diets start to click, and so if you have felt that your hard work was not paying off, you will now find that you see results and have to put in less effort to get more out of it. In general, what you put in right now regarding effort tends to be magnified, and you get quite a degree of purchase from anything you apply energy to.

Avoid flavoured popcorn, toffee, cake and sweets as your teeth are more vulnerable right now – so you need to avoid sugar which softens the enamel and hard, brittle foods which could lead to broken teeth or loose fillings. Get more calcium but not from chewy, sugar supplements.

A very good time to begin training for a marathon, biathlon, or sports goal.

virgo health horoscope sept.'19

Virgo Monthly Health Horoscope Sept. 2019

Watch out for anything which promises big things, especially when it comes to some quest linked to your spiritual well-being – there are no spiritual quick fixes, life is one long learning process, and you should never seek to reach for easy answers, there are none.

Often, we adopt a way of thinking that is appropriate to our situation at that moment and which can give meaning to our struggles, but time gives way to new scenarios and new struggles which in turn need new philosophies and beliefs to help us cope. That means you should never be scared to reject an outworn belief and adopt new ideas that are more relevant.

libra health horoscope sept.'19

Libra Monthly Health Horoscope Sept. 2019

Libra love to live life with a partner, and you do not enjoy doing things alone, and yet this month you are learning to love your own company, and you almost need to immerse yourself in feelings and daydreams enjoying the fact that you need not explain yourself or justify any thoughts you have.

Some sort of personal transformation is not an option this month; the universe demands you do not skim the surface. You need to look beneath your own actions and those of others and seek answers about motivations and subconscious compulsions. You will also be more aware of games that you and others play.

You have a great need for freedom this month, and any restrictions imposed by circumstances or people will cause a great deal of inner tension and even anger as you are not in a very patient or tolerant mood. Creative work or engaging in hobbies is great therapy and a wonderful outlet for some of your complex and confused emotions this month.

Being with total strangers is more fulfilling than hanging out with your regular friends, and so cast your social net far and wide.

soorpio health horoscope sept.'19

Scorpio Monthly Health Horoscope Sept. 2019

The more influence you have, the better you feel about yourself and the more energy you have.

Context is everything – it is not about what you do, but how you feel about the relevance of what you do. The more you feel plugged into some greater plan, the more motivated you feel. You seek activities in your life right now which are meaningful. Becoming a vegetarian or vegan this month may have more meaning to you if you care about how animals are treated or about the fact that vegetarians utilise fewer resources. You may stop buying food in plastic containers because plastics are unhealthy and bad for the planet. You will think more about sustainability when you buy food, and you may also switch to more organic foods.

Events this month foster your inner development, and you can more easily move past issues or mindsets which have in the past impeded your progress. An excellent time to face a fear, or put yourself in a situation which you have always avoided to get beyond that and learn that you really do not have to be afraid. Scorpio may see themselves a little differently– and it is amazing that changing the way you see yourself, i.e. the character you believe you have always played on the stage of life can dramatically alter the course of your life.

sagittarius health horoscope sept.'19

Sagittarius Monthly Health Horoscope Sept. 2019

You have a great amount of energy and yet some of that energy can be dispersed via worry and going over and over events (that you can no longer change) in your head. You tend to overthink and over-analyse people and circumstances, and you may read more into things than necessary or helpful.

It is important to look at bad dreams and see if the symbols reveal anything to you, but you have to be objective and not just look to reinforce any guilt you may be having. It is important to either address a problem or forget about it, but talking over and over about it is not helpful. If you are in therapy or with a counsellor and all you do is talk about past events you may need to start looking for a new counsellor – right now the only way is forward, and you have to stop giving the past power over you by bringing it into the now via conversation.

Exercise is very therapeutic right now, especially running or work in the gym – repetitive, heart pumping action is good for eliminating toxins from the body and mind. If your abundant energy is not applied constructively, you will tend to become obsessive and counter-productive and so get going with a workout or some physically demanding work.

capricorn health horoscope sept.'19

Capricorn Monthly Health Horoscope Sept. 2019

This is a great month for strength and also endurance training, and so if you are serious about a fitness goal, you should make strides right now. Concentration and focus bring results and a determined never say die mindset adds to your physical success. You are ready to push the limits and test yourself.

You should eat nitrate-rich foods like beets, celery, iceberg lettuce, pomegranates and radishes which can help boost your production of nitric oxide which in turn increases skeletal muscle blood flood which can help reduce soreness after a hard day’s training and lead to improvements in strength and endurance.

Capricorn can also benefit from adding glutamine to the diet which helps reduce ammonia which often accumulates during intensive periods of exercise; it also helps regulate the body’s alkalinity. If you are reducing calories and increasing exercise then glutamine is essential to support your overall system.

Often intractable problems are suddenly resolved in a strange twist of fate.

aquarius health horoscope sept.'19

Aquarius Monthly Health Horoscope Sept. 2019

There is a need in you to keep going, you can push yourself to the limits. Know when to rest and when you have had enough. You need no encouragement to get more active right now, calorie burning should be no issue as the pace of life has speeded up, and you have no shortage of outlets.

However, you may be rushing your meals and eating unhealthy foods on the go. Eat more bananas and avocado (which can even be made into a chocolate mousse with honey and cacao – ideal for a snack on the go) or hummus. Up your intake of sweet potatoes, quinoa and pumpkin. Snack on dried fruits and nuts rather than crisps and limit your salt intake.

Increase Vitamin B intake with green peas, lentils, dark green leafy vegetables, eggs, asparagus, salmon and nuts. Even if you are busy, how hard is it to whip up a salad with all those things I just mentioned and some spinach leaves? Drizzle with balsamic vinegar, and off you go.

pisces health horoscope sept.'19

Pisces Monthly Health Horoscope Sept. 2019

You may experience insomnia this month, especially if you are not allowing yourself enough time to wind down after work and if your lifestyle has become far too skewed towards practicality at the expense of imagination and appreciation of the ethereal and the eternal. Pisces must have artistic or spiritual outlets to stay healthy – you need to feel connected to something bigger than you and part of your life needs to cater to that awareness of what is unseen, your divine link to the higher self.

Meditation is very helpful this month. Work with your church or temple or leading a self-help group is a great outlet. You want to put something back and helping at a charity or volunteering can provide you with an outlet totally disconnected to anything else in your life. Doing something secretly that no one else knows about can be oddly exciting and also fulfilling.

Using your imagination to visualise goals and positive outcomes is very important. Visualisation is a powerful technique when it comes to unwinding, de stressing and falling asleep. Switch your mind away from fearful and anxious images and focus on what is most calming and relaxing to you from thoughts of swimming, to playing with a beloved pet to thinking of a time you were very happy. Just as flushing out a dirty cup of water with clean water: the clean water just like the relaxing thoughts eventually displaces the anxious thoughts or dirty water.

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