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All Signs: Career Horoscope September 2019

Aries Monthly Career Predictions Sept.'19

This is a very good month for business, money, and management decisions – Aries are both ingenious and also adaptable and innovative in the way you handle resources and use money. You can make improvements in current plans quickly, adapting to changes and seizing opportunities as you are flexible in your thinking and more willing to embrace new technology and methods.

This is a very good month for those who work in the gig economy on zero hours contracts or in the informal sector or those who perform a few different jobs as there is lots of work to choose from, and you can have some profitable opportunities that come at short notice. If you are already bogged down in work and highly committed to a schedule, you may not be able to take up many of the work-related options which come up. This month is ideal for those who are looking for a job, looking for a part time income or a second income stream. It is important to take chances and try even the long shots, and you should be as visible to employers as possible as one thing leads to another.

This is also a very good time for those in start-ups – entrepreneurs or folks with an idea that they want to develop can have some important concrete success in planning and some encouragement from mentors or people in your field. Peers are often important regarding opening your eyes to new possibilities in your field, and so any convention or meet up with like-minded professionals or workers in your line of work are worthwhile attending.

Between the 9th and 24th of September are ideal for promoting goods, foreign investment, trade arrangements to do with import and export, publishing, and also teaching. A good time to distribute literature, especially if related to personal development, spiritual awareness, social issues, and also sexual issues and gender. You have a wider audience and more influence this month to get your message across, and remember this is a good year to pass on the lessons you have learned and survival stories.

Money affairs can fluctuate, but that means there is as much chance for gain as well as loss – play your cards right.

Taurus Monthly Career Predictions Sept.'19

While you may have put some of your self-promotion plans on hold, things are beginning to turn around, and the universe is once again directing its energy at you, encouraging you to pursue the limelight, leadership, and to be more creative and expressive in your management style. Focus your energies on specific lines of attack and follow through with plans – know the beginning, middle, and end of each strategy, and while you may need to adjust along the way, make sure you follow through.

The more single minded you are, the more results will flow – you must have clear aims, though, and you need to project those outwards. Not only your results but your level of commitment to your aims will win you recognition – so, while the end product is of course important, what you learn and display regarding intelligent planning and gutsy execution will win you fans, friends, and favours.

With Saturn square Uranus ruling your tenth house, there can be great advancement on highly technical or scientific projects, and yet great patience is required, and often practical difficulties need to be ironed out, but help may come from tips or advice you pick up in journals, publications, or interviews.

There is a gap between theory and practice to be bridged, and trial and error may be the only way to bring the two into harmony, and so do not be scared to fail and fail again as it is only by failing that you will learn what you need to do to make the end product tick.

Bosses and authority figures can be hard task masters, and they may be slow to show appreciation or recognition, but that does not mean they are not noticing your efforts.

Gemini Monthly Career Predictions Sept.'19

Sacrifices can be made regarding career for family; you may forego a career opportunity as you do not want to move home or because you fear the disruption to family life.

You are called to ask what is really important to you fundamentally and what makes you comfortable and secure, and that need may just eclipse an opportunity in work which may include extended travel and time away from loved ones.

Career demands sacrifices on the emotional and family level, and this in turn leads to some fundamental soul searching about who you are and how much you owe those around you emotionally. These decisions can be disappointing at the time but will feel like the right thing in a few weeks and months down the road. You may even realise that the ‘opportunity’ you missed was not all it was cracked up to be.

In your work, it is important to support someone you know who is younger and lacks confidence. Gemini may take a younger member of the team under your wing, or perhaps as the boss/owner, you will give someone a chance even if they have had a chequered past.

Gemini are more spiritually aware and even mundane, and routine tasks can take on greater significance. You have great touch, and that can help you in any career where you work with raw materials and bring from them a new creation to life; that can be cake making or cake decorating, horticulture, clothes making, crafts, inventing a new product – it is almost as if you can speak to the ingredient/inputs, and they speak back to you responding to your ideas.

Cancer Monthly Career Predictions Sept.'19

While patience can be the hardest thing, your patience with others will pay off, and so stick with your team and keep the faith – use your energy to motivate and encourage others rather than telling them off. It is time for progressive man management rather than old school top down authoritarian approaches.

Leadership is all about your ability to inspire confidence and draw out the best in people rather than your strength as a person per se.

Decision making often involves putting more of your eggs in one basket than you would like, and so trust is a massive issue, but with a positive aspect from Jupiter, it should all pan out despite the initial nerves.

Focus on individuals and make your approach to colleagues or employees as individualistic as you can rather than just a, “Well done team” kind of strategy. In your business dealings, keep an eye out for those who could be of future value, and make sure you get their name for your little black book.

Creatively, you have greater oomph and can produce more work faster; you can also improve your reach regarding potential fans.

The moon waxes between the 9th and the 24th of September, making this the time for initiations, new chapters, and beginning business ventures. It is best to steer clear of investments, buying significant new hardware or software, and incurring major expenditure. You will tend to be rather idealistic and overly optimistic in money matters, obscuring good reason; hence, you may get talked into things (or costly add ons), which if in a more cautious mood, you would steer well clear of. Property deals are also not favoured, but it is OK to move home if you are only renting. You should avoid any situation where you saddle yourself with added obligations, and definitely do not arrange to share an apartment with a friend or stranger.

Leo Monthly Career Predictions Sept.'19

In the work environment take charge, as if you do not, things can drift and others can procrastinate, waste time, and waste money. When you see others dithering, this is your chance to act decisively and show your mettle. Leo are not much in the mood for jokes and frivolity at work; you are taking things seriously, have a strong work ethic, and are ready to kick butt.

This is a good period for those who are sports/fitness trainers, especially if you are taking exams to qualify. Your energy is transmitted to your clients or pupils motivating them, and spurring them on.

The moon waxes from the 9th to the 24th making this the most fertile and auspicious time to plant new seeds businesswise. This is a good time for new management initiatives and for picking a team. It is also a good time to hire someone on a temporary basis. Negotiations with employees are constructive.

This is also a great time to arrange health insurance. This is a very good phase for far-reaching and fundamental changes to your lifestyle; you can begin demanding new regimes in this phase that will improve health, fitness, and also skills. This is a very good phase to start on new long-term goals that require focus and commitment and which may be daunting. Short distance travel for work may be hectic and a little hit and miss regarding the effect – you need to make arrangements carefully as things tend not to go to plan.

This may not be a good time for form a new business partnership or hire a consultant as they may give very vague and ill-defined advice which is not practical.

You have a great deal of mental energy right now, and added to that, there are courage and enthusiasm – be decisive and take the lead, handle problems directly and be straightforward. Do not be pushy or cocky as you can quite easily slip into that mode.

Virgo Monthly Career Predictions Sept.'19

Creatively and artistically you are filled with inspiration and also the drive to take ideas and turn them into something concrete, i.e., words, designs, plans, or products.

Virgo are great with words, and you articulate with skill; this month that ability comes into focus, and you can use your language and communication skills to advance your cause and push forward your ideas. This is an ideal time for presentations, practical exams, or interviews where you must come up with smart answers quickly and demonstrate your skills.

You can be instrumental in bringing others today for discussions or in order to raise issues and quicken the pace of change in an ongoing process. You are impatient, and you can see that the fastest way to resolve problems is to get people around the table where things can be thrashed out in person without people hiding behind emails or pretending they are out of the office. You can be sharp with your work as you speak the truth and have not time for pointless niceties.

You find it hard to switch off right now, and you may take your work home with you – even if you do nothing constructive while you are at home, you will tend to mull over things. You must be careful not to obsess over decisions you may make – it is more important to keep moving ahead, don’t look back.

This month aids flexibility and quick responses to stimuli and is thus suitable for sports that require hand-eye coordination and also suppleness. You can garner support from the public and also from those in authority that makes you more effective – you can wear many hats and can get on a level with many different sorts of people, and that helps you build bridges.

However, what you need to watch out for is promising more than you can deliver to fulfil short-term objectives; the long run eventually catches up with you, and so do not pretend that “in the long run we are all dead” as one famous economist once said.

Libra Monthly Career Predictions Sept.'19

This is an excellent time for going on a retreat to focus on spiritual learnings or going away to write or have an intensively creative period while alone and undisturbed.

Librans are highly dedicated to work right now, and you are setting up new routines and schedules. You can focus for long hours and can live with quite punishing workloads. This is a time where you are suited to in-depth research and analysis.

Even if you happen to be on holiday, you will choose to immerse yourself in a subject matter or side line business, and you will give it your all. There are no half measures with you right now, and you are thorough and perfectionistic.

It is very important for you to have secrecy in your work, and that can mean anything from protecting intellectual property rights, copyright, or just shielding your ideas from colleagues who are keen to gain from your ideas and freeload off your initiative. Be careful that anything you exchange online is encrypted.

You are more introverted at work as you are highly focused on what you have to do, and you have less time available to help others or engage in office banter. Others at work could be curious about what you are up to as you are inclined to play your cards close to your chest.

This month, you are more open and prepared to exchange ideas with new associates rather than the people you work with regularly.

This month details count, and you are super observant, looking to know everything and letting nothing escape your attention.

Restoration work of any kind is favoured, and so if you are looking to revamp a property, take on an ailing business to turn it around, or perhaps restoring a classic car or antique, this is a great month to start.

Scorpio Monthly Career Predictions Sept.'19

This is an opportune time to step into a leadership vacuum and make a name for yourself as someone who is decisive and strong. Your energy is focused on your business aims, career development and leadership roles. You get quite a buzz from bossing the situation right now.

This is a time when. management training or any leadership course can have more value to you, and you will become more involved rather than just taking notes and hanging about on the sideline.

Scorpio are the centre of the action this month – if this was a soccer match, you would have a high percentage of ball control and could well be named Man of The Match.

Scorpio are quietly ambitious, and yet this month the volume control on that ambition is dialled up with you being more overt about what you want and how you are going to grab it. In your business, you are more confident in pushing for grants, planning permission, lobbying local government and any activity aimed to give you an edge regarding regulation and controls (or how to avoid them). You have a great deal of optimism in professional affairs, and the bar is now being set higher, and you reach for ever greater challenges.

This is an outstanding time to become self-employed or start a business. Businesses connected to travel, trade, publishing and education are strongly indicated.

A good period to travel in order to demonstrate or explain who you are and what you do.

Sagittarius Monthly Career Predictions Sept.'19

Start breaking down those business plans and goals into plans for action – start analysing what needs to be done right away. You need to take advantage of a sense of renewal and reinvigoration regarding career. This is a very good time to begin a new career or look for a new role within your current job.

You may look to widen out your job description and take on more responsibility. This is certainly a time of action when you should be disrupting the status quo and looking for new challenges and directions.

In your business you need to be aware of the image of your project – you need to see yourself as others see you, and then you need to think about how to adapt that image to present something that is more exciting, dynamic and marketable. Just like the girls or boys in a pop band must have a carefully constructed image that encompasses everything from hair length and colour to what they say on Twitter, we can all take a leaf from that book. Today work life is increasingly competitive and we cannot self-sabotage by having outrageous social media accounts which could throw a spoke in the wheel of future professional development. This month Sagittarians have an increased ability to step outside of yourself and evaluate many aspects of your public persona, this detachment allows you to see what could be improved or overhauled. You may work harder to master aspects of work like you find hard like presentation or perhaps team leadership, and you can be highly disciplined about using new methods or techniques you learn.

This is a very good month for all careers which involve physical effort from dance to sports to construction as you get great satisfaction from a day’s work. You are fitter and stronger and can achieve more than usual. It’s a winning time on the sports field as long as you hold focus and do not let the nerves undermine you.

You are quite stubborn, and once you have dug your heels in, you will not easily be shifted; however, you do have a strong sense of what is fair, and so you will do the right thing even if it means not saving face in the short run.

The moon waxes from the 9th to the 24th of September making this period the arable ground for new ventures. Publishing, promotions, higher education and international trade are favoured. Logistical arrangements, journalism and organising local events can have pluses and minuses, in general, results are very unpredictable. A good time for payback regarding your more conservative savings and investments. Personal finances may get a boost with a raise or addition of employee benefits.

Capricorn Monthly Career Predictions Sept.'19

You are increasingly confident in front of an audience not only as your communication skills are enhanced, but you have a firm grip on your subject matter, and you believe in what you are saying. Your words are well received and make a lasting impression. You should get very good feedback and follow up for any interviews, presentations, or press releases you put out this month.

You work well in dynamic situations and where you need to think on your feet and respond immediately to changing events – it is not only that you have to make decisions based on sudden changes in information, you may also be asked to comment on or interpret events.

Your reasoning skill are strong, and even if your boss surprises you with a sudden change of heart or new direction, you are ready to adapt and get going.

Materially this is a comfortable month where you feel in control of finances and more certain of where things are going. Projections and forecasts you make now will prove to be accurate. Changes you make to your financial structure right now can benefit you for years to come, but you should still be prepared to make minor adjustments before you settle on a final plan.

Events often happen to help clarify your position – a sudden happening may help you decide what really matters and thus cement a decision.

Your mind tunes easily into differing levels of awareness meaning that while you can operate logically and be business-like, you can also pick up subtle emotional signals and even body language of others and use what that reveals to you to quickly adapt your tone and approach. You can use interpersonal awareness to mirror and to get on a level with almost anyone. You are more willing and able to see things from different point of view with a psychological and also a spiritual awareness.

An excellent time for creative cooperation with others especially regarding artistic management and organising/participating in entertainment-related events.

Aquarius Monthly Career Predictions Sept.'19

You are assertive and have added confidence in yourself, which makes you more effective. Whatever you do, you know you are doing a damned good job, and you deserve respect.

You are good at managing the variables in any situation, which means you always find something which you can manipulate or minimise in order to keep the whole shebang on track. You can mix both traditional and more exciting innovative techniques with some exciting results. This is a very productive or even breakthrough month for those of you who work in science or engineering.

This is an excellent month for teachers and also for those of you who teach more informally by giving lectures from your home in connection with healing techniques using energies and chakras or philosophy and symbolism.

Those who investigate ancient civilisations or arts can also have a month where you make some important discoveries and “aha!” moments.

This is a great month for developing theories or models, these can be mathematical models or economic ones which help encapsulate a cycle or pattern with a view to predicting future outcomes. A very good time for economic or financial analysts.

A month of fresh perspectives and new insights into problems. You have a greater appreciation for concepts you previously threw out as crazy or impractical. September is about what is original and being the odd one out can often be to your advantage.

You like to be in control right now, but you have the wisdom to acknowledge what you cannot control, and you are not fearful of that element of unpredictability. You will not let uncertainty hold you back; in fact, that very uncertainty makes you realise how important it is for you to act.

Pisces Monthly Career Predictions Sept.'19

There is quite a lot of enthusiasm around you and it is easy to garner support and find colleague and associates who are ready for action and eager to jump on board with projects. Things tend to get done quickly this month as those about you are more motivated and driven. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole in September and so you and those you work with can achieve goals that seem pretty ambitious on paper as you can punch above your weight such is the team spirit.

A good time to extend you networks and to start working those networks – a great time to set up an event and invite folks from your network, colleagues and members of other networks to share ideas and explore greater cooperation.

Pisces can work hard to get groups to reach consensus, you are great at moving people subtly in the same direction mentally just like a sheep dogs herds the sheep.

In work it is better to be seen to be working hard, showing initiative and embracing leadership than to actually be knocking on your boss’ door begging for a promotion or new opportunity. Make sure you are noticed and observed in action, be more high profile in the office, offer to do things that are not in your remit and that way you attract attention in a positive way that can lead to doors being opened. Be a strong team player and do not take a back seat this month, step up and be willing to be a key player in the team, not only in terms of direct decision making but in terms of enthusiastic implementation, boosting morale and generating ideas.

As the month goes on you may find that you do more work alone; perhaps your role in the team has been stablished and you now have to go and do you bit independently. You can work long hours in libraries, in storage rooms, backstage or looking through archives – often you find yourself trawling through information or items in obscure places just to find something highly specific.

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