Monday, June 3, 2019

Virgo Monthly Overview August 2019

virgo overview august 2019

The lunar and solar eclipse bring greater self-awareness often as a result of criticisms which are initially rejected outright, but later when you reflect, you see that although the delivery was cruel, there is some truth in it, and you need to adapt to it or take it partially on board.

There may be an event that you were not expecting that can relieve you of a worry that was playing on your mind. Things may work out in a sudden but unexpected way to your benefit. You may uncover information that casts a whole new light on a problem or mystery that was baffling you – this could be something you feel a connection with or something totally unconnected to you.

You are more psychically aware, and you will notice little signs from the universe or small coincidences which act as warnings or good omens. You are more aware of the interconnectivity of life and the way we interact with spiritual or psychic forces daily without even being aware of it.

You will protect your privacy more, and in that vein, you should be careful of what you post online, not only the content but the metadata intrinsic in what you post photographically or via mobile upload, which can unwittingly divulge your location or other innocuous details you do not want to fall into the wrong hands.

This month can be both fun and financially successful if you aim multiple arrows off into the air – that means putting quite a few new things into motion. Do not expect them all to be successful or to be complete; what is important is that the feelers are out there as a sign to the universe that you are open to opportunity. Even the ventures that appear to come to nothing can actually provide valuable information or further leads for study and research.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket; the aim now is to have a range of options open and a plan in motion.

With your positive attitude, you can thrive where others fall by the wayside, especially if you have a set of strong principles that informs your choices.

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