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Virgo Horoscope 2020 Predictions

your virgo horoscope 2020

Will Virgo Find Love 2020 ?

Will Virgo Get Job in 2020 ?

2020 is a journey on the Orient Express with you experiencing views across the expanse of opportunity, watching high mountains of expectations, seeing forests of social opportunities and glistening lakes, deep with renewed understanding. 2020 is a year of the journey both physical, mental, and spiritual, and your view of yourself, life, and your possibilities will expand as will your optimism and awareness.

Virgo will travel more in 2020, especially by boat and train, and in your suitcase, you have a wide-angle camera lens ready to take in a far broader perspective. You are eager for adventure and also thirsty for knowledge about people, places, and how everything fits together. It is about casting yourself into the world and losing yourself as everything opens up into a vast expanse where at times you feel lost, overwhelmed, tiny, and insignificant, but where after a while this infinite and mysterious energy draws in on itself creating a stunning, rock hard diamond within your heart that is indestructible, and which you can keep forever. 2020 is not just about the experiences had, it is the lessons learned; not only the obvious lessons, but the knowledge you absorb about the world, your place in it, and your personal power.

According to the equations of quantum mechanics, more power than is stored in all the coal mines, oil fields, and nuclear weapons in the world is sitting in the space inside your toaster, and Virgo are about to discover that the knowledge, power, energy, and enthusiasm you may have always envied in others or strived for is actually within you waiting for you to unlock it. But unlocking that power is not about introspection this year, it is about the journey, the quest, and opening yourself up to as many new experiences regarding people, places, and literature as you can. No more a face through a window, you are the world, and you are where the action is, not just looking on.

Virgo are known as the specialists of the zodiac who develop in-depth knowledge and use skill and precision in their work; however, this year you have an opportunity to learn a broader range of subjects, often subjects that are more philosophical and spiritual rather than practical or logical. The question to ask is not what new information can do in practical terms, but how it alters the way you think and approach life.

While you may travel frequently, you actually do not have to go very far to find excitement as day to day communications and interactions with others are set to become more enjoyable and supportive. Virgo may experience a stronger sense of community, and you may get to know neighbours or local businesses by becoming more involved in your community regarding projects or activism. In businesses, you can grow by word of mouth, and you can become a vocal and inspiring voice for local business concerns. Often Virgo become a voice for a group or for those who have no voice because of their social position or because they are too timid.

It is not about knowledge for knowledge sake, but how you use it, and Virgo who use knowledge to empower others and raise awareness of social issues can find that your voice is magnified. This is a time when bloggers or vloggers can gain a very extensive following very quickly with syndication or interviews with major networks. So, if you have an idea, especially an idea that can help others with start-up businesses, entrepreneurship, self-help or legal/human rights issues, this is the time to write that book or blog and start promoting it.

Virgos love reading, but this is a year of writing and publishing, and so if you have ever wanted to write a book, the luck is with you right now, and so you should get cracking as the words will flood into your head and the wealth of personal experiences you have can colour in the outlines you begin drawing.

Communicating and using a wide variety of platforms to either promote your ideas, your products, or influence people will be a major focus, and setting up websites, editing, content writing, and monetising your sites both video, audio, text, or social will take up a lot of time. Even if you have never used social media platforms, this is the year when you will experiment with them and find out how they work and which works best for you.

Virgo may travel to trade fairs or be involved in setting up international deals – this is a year of lucrative trade and increasing geographical reach. If your business is young, you can expand and experience very strong sales growth this year.

2020 brings closer relationships with siblings; if you have been close in the past but have drifted, you can now develop a stronger relationship again that is mutually beneficial. There is also the chance to bury the hatchet and start a fresh page with a sibling. In some cases, Virgo may travel a long distance to reconnect with family members.

This is a good year for planning as you will tend to think big – you will realise that many of the limitations you thought were there are actually selfimposed limitations based on perceptions of reality distorted by modesty or lack of confidence. Your plans tend to be more successful as you will draw more factors into the picture, creating a multi-dimensional model which is flexible and ambitious.

The one danger this year is that you are somewhat insatiable and restless, and you may jump from thing to thing gathering more experiences and information which ultimately becomes confusing, and your focus could become the accumulation and relentless stimulation rather than the assessment and absorption of it all.

Having fun matters, and it is your job this year to have fun as it is via the enjoyment of life that you release that eternal spark within that cannot only inspire you and imbue you with energy for life, it can reveal a new direction or life path. It is vital that you make time for hobbies which are not connected to your main line of work, as it is thus that you expand your individuality and increase enjoyment. Fun is the anecdote to stress, and so while you may work hard, you need to play harder to combat that stress.

Relaxing and switching off mentally will be a hard ask, and techniques like meditation and yoga may not work as well – competitive sports, walking, hiking, or countryside pursuits alongside social or cultural interactions are more helpful. You need distraction rather than meditation to calm.

For single Virgo, this year is perfect for new relationships – you will tend towards older partners or ones that feel mature and established. New relationships can get deep quite quickly with you both providing a stabilising and anchoring force for each other. It is a very good year for marriage and also for starting a family. Virgo look to romance with long-term potential, and this is not a year of playing the field or treating romance like a spin of the roulette wheel, where it's all about the thrill with small odds of success. You will not waste time on relationships that prove unreliable or in any way dishonest.

virgo year ahead 2020

Virgo could be faced with a dilemma in love: you could have the choice between what is a “sensible choice” in love and where your heart is pulling you. In order to adjudicate these feelings, you have to ask yourself how you are defining “sensible choice”; the financially secure choice may not be the sensible one. The sensible choice may not be the exciting one, but it is the one which takes you closer to being the person you want or need to be, the choice which takes you forward and validates you as a person. The perfect choice is a partner who brings out your uniqueness.

Marriages get a helping hand from Jupiter in 2020; Neptune lingering in the 7th house for many years has taken its toll on love relationships, demanding sacrifice, creating confusion, bringing ups and downs, and yet the work and commitment you have put in and all the blood sweat and tears pay off with things on the up in 2020. Good karma and reward come to couples, bringing a welcome breather and a chance to get back on track. The bond you have feels stronger and deeper, perhaps more significant. Couples who have a strong faith they share can have a very fulfilling year, and your faith is deeper, and it not only sustains you but attracts positive things, generosity, and kindness towards you.

There are much greater honesty and openness in relationships which means that resentments and problems can be brought out into the open, aired, and dissolved, rather than lurking in the background where they surreptitiously scupper the relationship and feed into paranoia. There is a certain back to basics mentality in love where you strip away everything and work back up from the skeleton. Forget about what you want and need to be true; look at what is true, and then start being positive about what is there and working with it.

This is the year when Virgo can hone and perfect technical skills which require practise and concentration, i.e piano., playing, dance, chess, craftwork, or sports. You have greater focus and commitment to apply to these disciplines, and you will reap rewards. They say that success is 90% hard work and 10% talent, and Virgo are about to put that to the test and make that hard work the difference between you and everyone who comes up behind you.

2020 is a year when you may see chances opening up to move abroad or take a few years out to work in a far-flung location. Any reservations can quickly be overcome, and you will find that you are increasingly drawn to this possibility.

Virgo should be careful about new business partnerships as the partner you choose could be a dreamer who talks big and sounds convincing but cannot deliver – you may waste much money, throwing good after bad with this person. Do be careful in any situation where a business colleague tries to convince you to part with large sums of money with little factual evidence to support the potential results.

Money tends to be easy come easy go in 2020, and businesses are more profitable. You can gain more influential and big spending clients, and you may get a raise. Tips tend to flood in, donations are generous, and income from royalties or monetisation of internet sites grows. However, you can be impulsive and also rash in the way you spend. You want to spoil yourself; you enjoy luxury and material comforts, and while it’s great to have a spend, you may be unwise in your choices. It comes and goes just as fast; this is not a year where you will save. Make sure you force yourself to pay off debts with the extra cash and reinvent wisely in your businesses. Money spent travelling is well worth it as long as you have a goal and an itinerary.

Virgo have a sweet tooth in 2020; you are more tempted by food, especially fine foods and party foods. If you must have sweet things, it is best to avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup (it does have many aliases and so be aware of those), aspartame, and artificial flavours. There is an increasing variety of healthy snacks with no gluten and healthy organic ingredients, and so you can be good while being bad. In sports, energy is often directed to the skilful side rather than the athletic side, and so while you have enthusiasm for physical activity, you may focus on how you do it better which may not necessarily involve burning extra calories. Your interests are wider this year, meaning less time for singular activities like gym work or running. So, you may spend fewer hours upping your heart rate, especially as daily routines are very different this year, as you will be spreading energy and time over a wider range of activities, mental and physical.

This year, Virgo are letting themselves off the hook; yes, you are taking a break from micro managing, from fussing about details and obsessive worrying. You are inclined to have faith in a bigger plan and to leave things to chance, with the feeling that all will work together for good. Your positivity is quite natural and does not have to be contrived via affirmations and positive thinking that is only skin deep (i.e. words you say rather than words you really believe). You will do more to love yourself, and thus you can love others with more compassion and understanding. You seek less perfection in yourself and are thus more tolerant of faults in others. You have a greater degree of trust, and in a strange way that frees your imagination – probably because you spend less time agonising over details and more allowing your mind to wander aimlessly with no other mission but to explore and see where things lead. Obsessions and rules go out the window; it is no longer about doing things perfectly, but rather about seeking balance and easing fears of failure and guilt over perceived shortcomings.

If your energy has been directed to developing in a direction determined by those you seek approval from, this year you will move towards a direction that will seek to fulfil you, and you will look to grow towards your real true self rather than a contrived identity. Freeing your trapped creative spirit with new hobbies and activities can be the first step to unlocking the real you, a you which will fulfil and generate happiness from within rather than just looking for platitudes from without.

An open mind is the only ticket you need to travel beyond your current location geographically, emotionally, and intellectually. You are ready for new insights, new circumstances, and escapes from comfort zones which have become prison cells. It is a time of a revolution in your life, almost a metamorphosis where you cast off an old skin and embrace a new you, a truer you, and a more exciting dynamic way of living that brings energy towards you rather than sucking you into a spiral of self-criticism and people pleasing.

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