Friday, June 7, 2019

Taurus Monthly Overview August 2019

taurus overview august 2019

Your attention may be drawn to issues around your home from repairs to improvement to discussions with your landlord or committee about rights and responsibilities. You may move from a flat to a house and have more freedom in your home to do as you wish or from renting to owning your own home. You can increase the authority you have over where you live.

Taurus can be called to make decisions about their parents; you may have to assume the head of family role and take responsibility for some far reaching decisions.

Mercury is retrograde until the 19th of July, making any time after this ideal for the decisions mentioned about, no need not to research before that, but final decisions should be make after that. The solar eclipse on the 11th can crystallise issues to do with home and family and provide the impetus for any changes that are needed, plus give Taurus courage do provide leadership and do what needs to be done.

Risk evaluate everything you do on a personal level – especially when you may depend on others for finance or support later on.

Between the 11th and 26th are the best times for new starts and enterprise – if communications, logistics, travel or trade are involved wait until after the 19th for Mercury to go direct. The waxing period as just stated is ideal for scientific and other progressive and ground-breaking goals, and there can be success with mathematics, economics, or philosophy (i.e., social sciences).

Again a very good month for collaboration with others on artistic (especially music and fine art) projects and humanitarian goals.

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