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Taurus Horoscope 2020 Predictions

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Taurus have their window to the world wide open, and you are looking to expand and launch yourself socially, being more active in the mainstream of life. You are concerned about events well beyond what actually affects you, and you can absorb inspiration from a number of people and events not connected to you. Your power comes in feeling that you are part of something bigger and more important that yourself, and often this feeling is vital in helping put your more personal concern into perspective.

Now the very exciting news for Taurus is that Uranus enters your sign this year. Yes, in 2020, Uranus, the planet of electric energy, change, independence, eccentricity and rebellion enters Taurus. Now being an earth sign and a fixed sign to boot, Taurus are pretty resistant to change; in fact, your ability to dig in and grind it out in every arduous circumstance is legend, and that is why it is Taurus who have been the sign that has produced thinkers and leaders that have changed the world as you are not easily swayed off a course. However, sometimes this quality which can bring you so much success and power can lead you into an emotional and mental quagmire; where you put up with far more than you should, making being long suffering a lifetime theme. Uranus will bring you power over the next seven years to “tear it up, shake it up, break it up, baby”; you will feel things pushed to the point where you will take action to break away from what will become clear are situations which are self-defeating and broken. The exciting thing about Uranus is that it makes fewer demands on you than Pluto when bringing about change. Pluto brings far reaching changes, sure, but its changes are more destructive with some horrible dilemmas built in which make you unsure whether things are better or worse. The change Uranus brings comes suddenly and often unexpectedly – it can come from within, where you suddenly snap and do something you should have done years ago or from without where a situation or person is a catalyst for change. So, in the next seven years, things will happen which you never expected, and you will be released from circumstances that held you back, and in other cases, you will make choices, often ones that surprise yourself which kick-start new phases of growth, independence, and opportunity. In some cases, you will find that your assumptions about a person or an outcome were totally wrong, i.e., you may have held back from doing something because you feared a certain outcome and yet when it did happen, the outcome was not at all what you expected. So, your assumptions will often be proven incorrect.

Uranus tends to thrust some spanners in the works to encourage change, and so it is best not to be passive but to begin to actively sort the wheat from the chaff in your life and start seriously working on some changes as they are often easier if you initiate them, rather than allow the planets to initiate for you. Use the energy deliberately and wisely; try not to let it act on you or the results will be more shocking initially. However, if you are active or passive, changes that you did not expect will jolt you out of complacency and into new phases which offer you emotional expansion and increase your scope of opportunity.

What you can expect with Uranus entering your first house – new relationships both romantic and sexual which challenge your status quo; associating with more stimulating and exciting groups of people. New places to go, more freedom to express your true self, the power to make decisions to change your destiny, changes in health for the better and more excitement. If your life has been dull, boring, and routine – Uranus “is like bad medicine.

Bad medicine is what I need. Shake it up, just like bad medicine” Except it’s not bad, it’s good.

Uranus as well as the Jupiter trine Neptune in your chart, mean that Taurus can act with greater intuition and understanding of the subtle forces at work in life which if listened to can help with timing and your ability to read situations. Uranus, Jupiter, and Neptune encourage Taurus to ditch the usual rules you follow about reason and rationale and tap into that Taurean sixth sense which is very much there even if not often enough used. As Uranus is linked to your 10th house of destiny, career, and life direction, changes you undergo or initiate can change everything about where you were headed.

Nothing should be seen as inevitable; everything in the next seven years is up for grabs, and you can take yourself off one set of tracks and fly in another direction totally. Stop railroading yourself into a dead end future; stop thinking that the unsatisfying relationship or job you have is the be all and end all – change your perspective, throw out your flight plan and wing it. In the next seven years, the rule book must go and so must anything that failed in the past.

On another note, Uranus in Taurus brings a massive boost to any of you starting scientific or engineering careers or courses of study. Those entering politics can also have a meteoric rise from here.

Restlessness is key to this phase, and while common sense is a hallmark of Taurus, there is such a thing as too much common sense, and this is a time where you can embrace concepts that do not make sense but which feel right – time for thinking regarding the untried and untested, the unchartered territory of your life and also of life in general. Taurus have the ability now to be free thinking, radical, and visionary in a way that can enhance your life and that of those around you. Instead of using your stubbornness to resist change in your life, use that stubbornness to resist the pressure of others to hold you back and stop you from making the changes and having the growth you need.

Acceptance and tolerance of restriction and dogma are low; your ability to lead and inspire others is high.

Nervous energy can increase, especially if you are still fearful, passive, and rejecting of the universe’s call to action. Mental health issues, anxiety, or depression could be manifestations of the transit, but they are red warning lights calling you to acknowledge that things are not right, that you are not satisfied and that there is a better way. Suppression of anxiety or depressive symptom via drugs or even alternate techniques is not a solution – change regarding your social circle, your daily routines and your approach to life and to those closest to you is needed. Independence in thought and in deed is the start of any solution.

Taurus need to be bold and reject criticism that comes your way – be true to you and see opposition as the desperate thrashings of those who have little to gain by you taking control and asserting your individuality and independence.

Your energised psychic nature can be used for healing work, and it can also be used in careers where you try and tune into undercurrents and combine rational analytical tools with wider analysis of world events and your gut feel to make stock trades or business decisions. Taureans in fields like astrology, tarot, psychic readings, psychology or hypnotherapy can be more effective and can gather greater confidence and also wider experience. This is also a very successful period for those who are in social work or care industries as your empathy is enhanced as well as your ability to impart both comfort and positive vibe. Taurus have the ability to inspire others right now – you can see what they cannot, and you can communicate what you see in a way that others can digest and use practically. Others may develop a great trust in you, and you must use that wisely; in some cases, your words have far greater impact or far reaching effect than you imagine.

You are a keen judge of character this year sensing insincerity in others a mile off. You can also sense danger and either offset or avoid it. This is a lucky time for Taurus, mainly because you are present and alert in a practical and also psychic sense.

2020 is a wonderful year for positive visualisation when it comes to the body and personal health matters.

Your imagination is boundless, and you can develop a wealth of creative ideas which is perfect for artistic careers and any venture where you need to be ahead of others with grander and more meaningful modes of expression and encapsulation of ideas.

Taurus are looking for more excitement, and the routine and administrative aspects of life will have less appeal – I see escapism, some over indulgence, some laziness, some procrastination, and some avoidance. However, the more you adjust your life to be on a wavelength with your true yearnings and leanings, the less you will resort to these other tactics which are truly stopgaps that melt away when reality becomes more meaningful.

taurus year ahead 2020

2020 is a very successful year for Taurus regarding getting approval from the public and partnering with others in business and other ventures. In general, you work better with a partner or a foil with whom you can bounce ideas off and who can help put meat on the bones of your ideas.

This is a good year for marriages as you are more compassionate and also understanding and forgiving. Let’s be honest, Taurus and Cancer have some of the best memories in the zodiac, and you do hang on to past hurts, rebuffs, and wrongs for so long that you have to scrape the mould off. That is why Taurus and Cancer get divorced and have such acrimonious divorces despite more traditional texts telling you you go together like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong. However, this year Taurus are all about the future, and if they cannot forgive, they will move on as even Taurus do not want the baggage of old relationship hurts. 2020, it is a great year for positive new romantic relationships that aid your self-development and personal growth.

When we are in a bad place, we tend to attract others who are either also in a bad place or who can seize our Achilles heel and want to keep us in that bad place. However, this year the partners you meet sense within you that need for change, and they want to foster it and go on that journey with you.

Existing partners or significant others may also sense a sea of change in you and may back off – Taurus may be shocked at how easily people do back off when you show some force; it is not as big a battle as you think – often it is not a war but a few strategic strikes that send a message that you can no longer be messed with. It is also about your vibe – you can show a person you have changed in non aggressive ways, i.e., but not reacting, not allowing them to feed off your anger or pain, by standing up for yourself and expressing views more assertively, by taking control of your life and being decisive.

Jupiter in your 7th house makes this a good year to solidify a relationship and move in or get married. Dating can be very successful and lead to a permanent arrangement.

If you are going through a divorce, things should be settled this year, and you should both be able to draw a line under it and move on. Taurus should easily be able to find someone new. In some cases, finding someone new can be the wake-up call you needed to realise how detrimental your old or current relationship was.

In business, this year is successful for negotiation, especially where there is much legal work and due diligence to be done. Financially, you must manage expectations well as you are inclined to a certain over confidence that could lead you to expand too quickly, to overestimate revenue and underestimate costs; make sure when applying for loans you are not too optimistic when submitting your proposed budgets and accounts. In general, Taurus need to be careful when borrowing or going into debt.

It is a good year to settle disputes and end legal battles, and while you may not always get the compensation you think you deserved, you must weigh that up against the ongoing health, energy, and monetary costs of keeping any dispute going – let it go and move on; energy this year must be directed to the future, not the past.

Good publicity can come your way, and your advice can be increasingly sought and relied upon – there may be consultancy work in the offing.

Long distance travel undertaken this year is often more about work and learning than pleasure; indeed, travel can come with extra responsibility and be more sobering than fun-filled. You may not have the energy for very long haul trips and may find that simple pleasure or staycations are much more fulfilling (and cheaper). The best holidays are short haul, fun destinations.

This is a very good year for adult education and/or mature student learning although you may swap around a bit until you find something which really clicks and works for you. Regarding all long-terms goals, the best advice is that failure is PART of the process not the end of the process. Taurus should be prepared for some tough but vital lessons regarding life goals and aspirations – take them on the chin, learn as much as you can from the mistakes and setbacks, and get going again ASAP.

More public visibility this year means you have to be more careful about what information about yourself you put out in the public domain – you must be sure to be consistent and not hypocritical (which is harder than it sounds as people perceive hypocrisy very easily these days). Set high standards for yourself, and keep your integrity and stick to your principles – you cannot lose doing this. You may be held to a higher standard than others this year and so be prepared for that and do not go along with what others are doing just because they are getting away with it. Karma can be more of a bitch than usual in 2020 and so make sure you get on that bitch’s good side.

Taurus have a great deal of energy; much of it can be wasted getting fired up about subjects that are not immediately beneficial to you, but on the other hand, you can gain a great deal of excitement from involvement in wider social and political affairs. Your desire to know things is exploding with you reading voraciously and listening to more opinions than ever. This is a great year for would be journalists, historians, and anthropologists as you can digest and understand a large volume of information. Travel in connection with work comes at short notice and is often rather hectic, unplanned, or even speculative. In fact, this is a ‘have a go year’ where Taurus experiment more and dive into new things just to get a taste and see where it takes them. In marriages and relationships, Taurus can get their hands on the steering wheel and decide on the direction – you will have more say in decisions, and you will also a have a more subtle power to direct both of your futures. Some of the decisions you make can impact you both as a couple for many years to come, and so be mindful of long-term consequences to anything you do.

Taurus are more strong-willed and determined when it comes to relationships – you are not easy to push around or break, and you are less yielding and easygoing.

Mars conjunct Pluto in your 9th house brings the ability to make breakthroughs regarding aspirational and professional goals – you can smash targets and achieve recognition for your efforts. You can be quite ruthless, and so this is ideal for those of you in cutthroat industries.

In some cases, Taurus can be attracted to extreme ideologies as this taps into so many themes in your life and can offer solutions, excitement, escapism, sense of being involved in something bigger than yourself – but you must stay in control; nothing that takes away your power is worth it. Do not let yourself be part of another story – you are the only story in your life, and you must be in the driving seat not carried away on a wave.

2020 is highly creative and very visually and literarily inspired and artistic, and yet Taurus are best working with a partner who can keep your feet on the ground and give you worthwhile feedback and input. More than ever, you need quality criticism that helps you focus, edit, and improve – Taurus may be inclined to surround themselves with false friends and sycophants, and you must chase away this fog and seek out clarity from those who know what they are talking about. Delusion and illusion are problems for Taurus, and you need a solid base of family and friends who can help you see the wood from the trees.

This is a year when you feel rather dreamy and romantic. I have already said that it is a terrific time to meet a partner who is good for you and good for your future. However, you can be a little deluded and have bad judgement in love, and so while you are hankering over Mr Wrong, Mr Right could be there beside you being ignored. This said, you may have a few false starts in love before you crack the case, and so be wise in love and do not get carried away by your own image of what someone could or should be – keep it real and keep the rose coloured glasses off so that you can see the good from the bad from the faulty in love.

2020 for Taurus is a little like a trip to Vegas – it’s exciting and full of bright lights which have you spinning and wondering what to do first, second, and last. Is it poker, blackjack, roulette – you fancy your chances at winning, and you want to play; you want to embrace the gamble of life and come up trumps or not, you will thrive on the thrill. You have the chance to throw in one hand and get dealt a new one this year, a new hand you can and will play differently. The dice are rolling, and Taurus are also ready to roll with changes that will make your life fabulous not just functional. Lady luck is ready to get on your side if you just get off your backside.

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