Saturday, June 1, 2019

Scorpio Monthly Overview August 2019

scorpio overview august 2019

The eclipse shines the spotlight on career, and this is a month where there will be developments in your career and life direction and where you can take advantage of the energy to create some movement in a direction of your volition. Scorpio can enhance their reputation and build a platform for further development regarding the public side of your life. You may come to prominence right now regarding your profession or the causes which you espouse, or you may gain more leadership and authority.

Success right now is strongly influenced by karma and can often be the result of seeds planted many years ago which are now beginning to grow. I have some ivy in my garden, and despite looking after it really well, it took about 3-4 years before it really did anything and then it went mad, and so with Scorpio years of slow progress, even very slow progress can now translate into some fast-moving career action.

While Scorpio are often shy, you are now rather buoyed by the public recognition you get, and you feel quite at home in the limelight and in any role that involves pushing yourself and your work forward.

This month indicates changes on the home front again, and this could mean a time of house moves as a result of a new life direction. Scorpio may decide to move further from the city to experience better quality of life or perhaps into the city to save on transport. House moves right now are generally related to a shift in priorities and outlook on life.

Parents may decide to go flexi-time or change jobs so that they can spend more time with children.

Other people can be a big distraction, and their general disorganisation tends to seep into your own life. It can be really hard to bring some matter to a conclusion, and people who are defeated and should be backing down just want to have one last shot, probably to save face.

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