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Sagittarius Horoscope 2020 Predictions

your sagittarius horoscope 2020

Sagittarius Overview 2020

Will Sagittarius Find Love 2020 ?

Will Sagittarius Get Job in 2020 ?

“It’s a kinda Magic.”
2020 is a year where Sagittarians can rely on a little magic. One dream, one soul, one prize, one goal, one golden glance of what could be – the atmosphere around you is more electric and also more supportive; you feel more plugged in to a grand scheme. Sagittarians are magnets for new situations and circumstances which offer more than you ever imagined.

Flashes of light show the way as your intuition fires up and guides you onto surprising routes where you are joined by people who before seemed opposed to you, but who you now see are on the same mission. Inner contentment and peace can be found more easily now via both the people you meet and circumstances you find yourself in. The day will dawn of sanity as Jupiter acts as your guardian angel offering you spiritual protection, and you can rid yourself of self-destructive tendencies, deeply ingrained fears, and the burden of guilt. The bell that rings inside your mind is challenging the door which your own fears and anxieties have kept locked to you for so long. The magic is in unlocking, releasing and shining light into the dark places in your life.

No mortal man can win this day – and Sagittarians are more concerned about humanity, spiritually, and inclusivity as you embrace the world and experience the fulfilment that comes with that. You see what is similar rather than what is different, and you revel in the joy and sorrow of others as you perceive the interconnectedness of being. You have heightened empathy and awareness, and you are more sensitive to anything unseen, making you aware of psychic or clairvoyant power you may have. Sagittarians who work with energies regarding healing practices or counselling will have an enhanced awareness of the flow and exchange of the energy, and you have more of your own energy to give.

Sagittarians can very well experience abundance materially right now, but you may reject that and find that you can live quite happily with less.

Sagittarians may eschew the conveniences of modern life to embrace a lifestyle that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This is a year where you may like to do something like spending time living far from city life in a retreat where you grow all your own food and live in harmony with nature. Communal living and the search for utopian living can be a theme.

Sagittarians are politically more attracted to socialism and other systems which seek collaboration and cooperation over competition. Even if you are a hard-headed business person, you may still look to investigate how better you can work with the local community or plough resources into green energy or local charitable causes. You will not look to do this alone as you will work with other businesses to encourage a better approach across the board, joining together always being preferred to you being a lone voice.

While you can get by with less of the material, you will seek more regarding your interactions with other people, and you want those interactions to be on a deep level rather than mingling at parties for social butterflies. Sagittarians may be more involved with people on the edges of society or people who are going through major life transitions and grappling with deeply buried emotional complexes. This is a fascinating year for those of you involved in psychology, sociology, anthropology, and outreach projects. Sagittarians may branch into work that involves developing schemes to help the homeless; you may start a charity to get addicts off the street and into rehab, or you may help crack sex trafficking rings – whatever is hidden, you are there to expose it. Sagittarians will look, in 2020, to find the truth about subjects others prefer to ignore or simply do not care about. You care, and you think that the forgotten voices need you to highlight their cause. Sagittarians may also whistle blow or seek to blow dirty secrets out of the water. Feeling armed with integrity and with truth and justice on your side, no fight is too big, and you revel in causing blushes, bruised egos, and embarrassment or even downfall to those in power who abuse that power.

Sagittarians find that deeds speak louder than any words, and often situations you uncover leave you lost for words or unable to articulate adequately what you find. Your understanding is often so much broader than what you can express, and so you will hope to show by your actions how moved you are and how motivated you are to create change. This is a fabulous year for photographers, documentary makers or any career in which images rather than the words tell the story and convey the message. You can express your vision artistically, making meaningful what is perhaps not logical; you may even seek to circumvent censorship or control by expressing a truth via art.

You are more likely to get involved in activities that have no immediate or obvious benefit, and yet you will always be inspired as you know that these activities do indeed count; they represent energy and love thrown out to the universe in a positive way that will contribute to your own inner healing and healing the world over.

Daydreaming becomes a vital part of life and escapism into your fantasy world where nothing has to make sense and where everything flows along at a happy pace is essential for relaxation and your general well-being.

Philosophy and alternative science hold a great fascination for Sagittarians, and you are about to get a whole lot more into natural medicine and metaphysics. You may go on retreats where you meditate and learn more about millenarianism; you may join with others to do a tour where you promote progressive ideas, or you may just spend more time on your own pondering the universe.

Dream interpretation and past life regression can be very helpful to you right now and can trace links to past lives or forgotten memories in this one which unlocks secrets, emotions, and memories that have become like chains which hold you back.

Sagittarians are concerned with not only the meaning of life but the meaning of your life, and you will be looking for ways to measure your worth and what you put back in. You are more likely to see yourself as a steward, someone entrusted with resources that you must take care of for the next generation. Putting money aside for your children’s education, investing in property, taking out life insurance are all things that become more of a priority. You will also be far more concerned about being green for the sake of your children’s generation – you are very future orientated and not willing to take a self-live for now and live for me attitude.

sagittarius year ahead 2020

For all my talk of hippie ideas and universal values, Sagittarians can work long and hard at practical goals. You have vision, yes, and you can also roll up your sleeves and get stuck in with the grind. In your career or in your business, progress is slow but steady; no doubt you may not be trailblazing, but you are making a good impression and ticking all the right boxes.

Consistency and diligence are key in 2020; make your plan and work on that plan without taking shortcuts or thinking you can buy into success. Effort and commitment are key to any plan, not to mention patience which you need a large dose of. The great thing about 2020 is that the trajectory is up, perhaps not up as fast as you would like, but there are no sudden unexpected failures. Problems are generally foreseeable and can be avoided if you act in time and don’t shove your head in the sand like an ostrich.

True validation comes from within, and the lesson of both the Saturn transit to your second house and Jupiter in the 12th is that true self-worth is about the strength, faith, and belief you have in yourself and your ability to thrive rather than just survive, and that is your gift Sagittarius. You can generate extraordinary positivity and hope, and you can summons these as coping mechanisms as you move through this year.

You have a wonderful ability to see the funny side in 2020, and your sense of humour gets a boost, helping all of you who not only do comedy as a living (a popular career for Sagittarius) but who write, present, or broadcast. You have a greater ability to bring out the humour in any situation and make people laugh. You have a way of seeing information in a slightly different way which not only allows you to see the funny side, but also to see a truth others have missed.

You may often doubt your perceptions this year as they may seem at odds with what others are doing or saying, but maybe you are having a red pill moment and waking up to realities others are still too asleep to see.

Groups activities are both motivating and a faster track to success. Sharing costs with those who have similar publicity or marketing needs or even sharing resources can be a great way to get more for less. It is all about recognising where there are similar needs or where others may have underused resources which you could hire. Do some investigation and be bolder about approaching others – you may just have what each other need.

2020 is an excellent year for team sports, and you may even travel with your team. Sagittarians are more motivated when you exercise and compete with a team or in a group, and so a gym membership may not be as worthwhile as joining a club. Even in slimming, do not try and go it alone; join a slimming club or weight loss group. You can even create your own groups on Facebook to compare and encourage each other: sharing recipes as well as ups and downs. Like everything this year, life has more meaning and events more clarity when you are involved in a group effort.

Daily routine is anything but routine in 2020, and you will have to work in more flexible ways. Sagittarians may look to go freelance or to work from home more often. You may increasingly use technology or virtual assistants and outsourcing to do tasks you used to do yourself. It is possible that many Sagittarians will be the person in your company in charge of implementing new technology, and you may travel to attend courses on how to switch over or adapt a workplace to a new AI or computer system. IT, especially internet security and anti-hacking knowhow is an ideal field for Sagittarians looking for a new job or a first job. You may acquire knowledge and then go from company to company travelling across the country teaching IT staff about new systems, new threats, and how to combat them.

Sagittarians need to embrace unorthodox work routines and practices – to get things done fast and effectively, you often have to be highly ingenious and inventive, and often what seems off the wall and utterly bizarre is just what you need to solve a problem.

You may find yourself working with people who are eccentric and highly creative and yet also highly strung. This is a year where agents or talent scouts can find the next big thing in music or arts.

Alternative health methods like yoga and other mind-body therapies have appeal. In general, Sagittarians are quite experimental with health and are eager to embrace way out remedies or potential cures – you will defy convention and not be put off by detractors.

Sagittarians love to express themselves in love, and that means you will be more affectionate and also more creative in love this year. You will not allow things to drift, and you will devise new ways to make your marriage or relationship more enjoyable, more conducive to romance, and more sexually exciting. You are highly idealistic in love, but you are not just going to sit back and expect everything to happen by magic; you are going to be there with your magic wand whispering abracadabra making sure that the stage is set for that magic to take place.

In new love, you want to be the centre of attention, and so if you find a new girlfriend or boyfriend is just dragging you around to all the places they enjoy going just like a child carts their favourite bear or bunny around, you will get angry, and the relationship will hit the buffers. Love and new relationships mean being affectionate, having quality time together, and really getting to know each other as well as respecting each other’s needs. Hanging out as a pair simply is not enough if nothing deeper is being developed.

Sagittarians are highly compassionate in love, and you are willing to make many sacrifices for the sake of the relationship. This year is ideal for Sagittarians who are helping a partner deal with loss, depression, or addiction as your level of empathy is heightened, and so is your patience in dealing with emotional dramas.

In new relationships, you need to be very careful to manage your own expectations as it can take quite a while to see where things are going, and that is why you shouldn’t be looking at wedding dresses or wedding rings just yet – try and live in the moment and enjoy things for what they are rather than wrapping yourself up in some elaborate future romantic plot. I say elaborate as Sagittarians are inclined to be elaborate this year in that you are highly expressive and also quite complicated emotionally.

There is the need to give your all when you feel yourself falling in love; you want to surrender all boundaries and fall hard, but you should keep a little more behind the curtain. Retain some scepticism and hold onto your heart just a little.

Remember to love someone for who they are and not who you believe they can be with your help – you have a desire to save people, but not everyone wants to be saved or reformed.

In marriages and long-term partnerships, this year can see an increase in your ability to work together as a team, greater levels of forgiveness and cooperation, and also the ability to increase earnings as a couple. Romance and affection return, and there is greater comradery and mutual support given. Old hurts and grievances tend to heal, and while you may not be turning a new page as such, you are reconciling differences.

A good year to resolve any outstanding difficulties with an ex. 2020 is a year where you let go of fears and find new ways to deal with anxieties; there is greater faith in a grand plan, and events bring harmony and clarity to confusing matters.

2020 allows you to see what has been holding you back, and you can power through those old barriers and capture a newly discovered self-confidence and with that a big helping universal thrust towards your true destiny.

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