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Pisces Horoscope 2020 Predictions

your pisces horoscope 2020

Pisces Overview 2020

Will Pisces find love 2020 ?

Will Pisces get job in 2020 ?

Pisces are looking out at the garden and seeing great potential – you can envisage trees where there is a fence, tulips in the spring, beds of brightly coloured summer flowers, golden conifers and the fragrance drifting into you home on a summer breeze. Indeed you are looking ahead with eager anticipation but also with knowledge of the work required. A time of planning and vision – you are filled with exciting ideas and are thinking about how with some imagination great things can bloom, transforming what was once barren, dull and uninviting. Jupiter’s influence inspires the adventurer in you and time is rolled back to a period in your life where you felt anything was possible, where you leapt at challenges, where set backs were part of the great quest of discovery and when you embraced life. You can feel it is going to be a good summer: a summer of clear blue skies as far as the eye can see. If you have felt as if you horizons had become rather narrow and life has settled into a steady but less than inspiring routine, you can now begin to expand again, all around you the world is bursting into colour as new people, perspectives and creative ideas dawn.

Pisces often work in the science where you put your imagination to work grasping concepts and making the leaps of faith on which great discoveries are often based upon. This year is ideal for Pisces who are involved in anything cutting edge from science, to art to alternate avenues of thought as your mind is wired to crossing the Rubicon in terms of prejudice and perception and freeing itself of the chains of conventional thought.

2020 represents many new outlooks, new perspectives and new information that can change your life from the inside out. I am often asked why positive thinking has limited results and that is because one is not always ready to plant new ideas no matter how positive. Just like when you plant a new shrub in a pot, you should get rid of the soil or any roots of old plants that may have died and put in some brand new compost to give the new shrub the best start.

So, when you embark on thought patterns that you hope will change your life, you must first prepare the soil and rid yourself of old regressive and negative habits that can impair the growth of this positive plant or seedling.

With Jupiter and also Uranus active in the intellectual houses of 3 and 9, education, writing and academic pursuits are heavily indicated. This is a perfect year to begin studying a new field with a view to expanding your mind or with a view to writing or teaching that subject. If you have ever wanted to get into teaching or to return to university to get a PhD or follow a career in academia this is the time.

Even if you are not studying you may look to take a year out to do something totally different from your usual life. There is a need to thrust yourself somewhere less safe, by that I don’t mean entering a war zone or anything extreme, I mean being less content with comfort and looking to enter a world where you are once again pitted against the odds and where changes are demanded in terms of attitude and approach. You will look for more risk, not physical risk, but intellectual risk. You want to go places and have experiences where others jolt you out of complacency and where you face some pressure, but where you also begin accessing latent energies and talents that had perhaps become dormant as your life, as it was, no longer pushed you.

2020 may be year where you discover your own genius and when I say ‘genius’ I place a wide interpretation on that word. Genius is about ideas that break the mould, that set new standards, which pave the way for others and that send a shockwave through conventional thinking. Pisces are the ideas people of 2020; let the others work on the details, you are able to shine light into the dark and other will follow you with your torch. In many cases those Pisces who have had issues with autism or dyslexia can finally click and find that your unique way of understanding and communicating can be just what is needed when the mainstream way comes up against a brick wall.

Much of your individual growth, your communications and also your efforts at work are inspired at a deep level, perhaps a level you are a little uncomfortable with as you have not felt ructions from such depths before.

You are radically individual and you trust your senses even when you feel they may get your into trouble.

2020 is a year of many long distant travels by sea and air – you will develop deep connections with people and places you knew little about before. It is also a year of many short distance journeys, often sudden. You are rarely in one place for long and you may begin to do work which requires more travel or which involves you working in a fast paced, dynamic work environment.

Writing, communicating and broadcasting are a major part of this year and those of you wishing to become involved both professionally or starting up by yourself on YouTube or kdp should hurry up and get going – no time like the present. If you are already involved in publishing or the media, your star will rise, although you may also court controversy as you have this need to test boundaries and be outspoken and unconventional. You are bound to attract attention and a wider audience; but be prepared for some surprises along the way.

If you have ever wanted to write a book this is the time: books on travel, science, sci fi, dystopian, speculative, anthropology, politics and law are most favoured.

Relationships of all kinds get a boost as you are above petty concerns and are eager to see positives and take matters into the future rather than dwelling on the past. Positive new associations can take the pressure off existing relationships, you are fulfilling inner needs in many new ways and that means your world is expanding, making the old issues and problems seems smaller in this new context. In fact Pisces are seeing everything, not with rose coloured glasses, but through a different filter – you are zooming out and when you zoom out all those crazy little problems and jagged puzzled pieces that fit nowhere suddenly seem less important as that big picture comes into view.

Many important things happen quite suddenly in 2020 – you cannot always be prepared and in some ways it is best not to be as you react best on impulse and when forced to make quick decisions.

Pisces are a curious sign, you love to observe and mull over events always seeking meanings that are not obvious. This year that curiosity is piqued and you are mentally restless and constantly searching for new paths to explore.

Health gets a boost and is in general robust. You need changes of scenery, sunlight, exercise and stimulation. Ill health this year can come as a result of stagnation and resistance to the universe’s call to action. Restriction is to be rebelled against and expansion embraced. Test yourself, set targets and goals both physical and mental. Diet should include more organic foods and fresh produce and you must ensure you are not deficient in any minerals.

pisces year ahead 2020

Pisces are highly strung in 2020, you find it hard to relax and you are super alert, almost to the point that you do not get enough quality relaxation and switch off time. You must avoid deep fried foods, refined sugars, spirits and high glycaemic carbs. Make sure you get enough magnesium and avoid diets that leave your starving hungry – getting too hungry is not at all ideal this year. Eat more pumpkins seeds, mozzarella, chia seeds, oats, eggs, lamb and tuna. Eating foods like acai, blueberries, almonds and seaweed can also do wonders for anxiety and your heightened nervous energy levels. Light exercise is great: Zumba, dance, yoga, Pilates, golf, swimming and water sports are the best way to keep fit.

Relationships with friends and the way you move and shake socially undergoes scrutiny as well as some wedding and replanting. You may find you no longer fit in with certain types of people, you are more discerning when it comes to associates and will gravitate away from people who do you or your reputation no good. Pisces are happy to take on greater responsibility for friends where you feel the friendship has value and deeper meaning and in those friendship you will go to great lengths to aid and protect that friend.

Lasting friendships are forged, old friendships renewed and less time is spend with casual acquaintances – it is all about quality not quantity when it comes to friends.

In terms of the groups, clubs or professional bodies you belong to, you can become more involved in administration and also the financial side of things, from becoming treasurer to book keeper.

Pisces are not great networkers in 2020 – there is something rather callous and almost grubby about the ‘you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours’ kind of routine in many networks and your ideals are too lofty for that. You will tend to join established and reputable organisations, rather than link to loosely defined networks.

Promotional work and advertising are successful pursuits as part of your business or as your career. The legal side or ethical side of marketing, advertising and international trade (i.e. fair trade) can be a concern or focus for you. Pisces may also look to educate people on legal rights and access to justice.

Four planets in your first house this year means an abundance of energy, but also a great degree of changeability, as needs desires and priorities keep shifting. A mutable influence on the whole means you are highly adaptable, but possibly a little unreliable.

Pisces are often highly influenced by the needs and emotions of those around them and so this can be a balancing year where you can spin your attention 180 degrees and get focused yourself, becoming more au fait with your needs as a person and also more clear on personal goals and objectives. You are highly experimental and often it is more about testing out theories ideas and plans rather than having one set idea that you work on exclusively.

Siblings can be the catalyst for changes in your life. You may travel more often in connection with a family member who you are helping out or working with. If moving house pay close attention to who the neighbours are.

Try and get on the right side of neighbours as they can be a hassle in the coming year.

Pisces are definitely in the mood for love an yet your mood keeps changing and you can drift away from one love interest just as a cloud drifts away and morphs into another cloud. You don’t mean to love ‘em and leave ‘em, but you just lose interest fast and something else becomes more enticing. You may dabble in dating sites and go to various clubs and do’s checking out the talent. Pisces are being seen at the coolest places in town this year and you may get a chance to hob knob with the arty types and international jet set, but although you look available you are pretty much surveying the scene and not willing to commit. In fact the ones you play with are rarely like the one you end up settling for.

You deeper needs are often satisfied via intellectual and spiritual conversations and connections with others and the love and relationship sector of life is where you look for some certainty, some down to earth practicality and even some reliable and comforting boredom. You demand freedom in relationships, but you almost enjoy it when a partner is a little possessive and sets down some boundaries – but you will never admit that.

In marriages and long term partnerships there is more fire and passion – debates and discussions are more robust and fiery and neither of you is as easy going as usual. Most of these flare ups are just that, ‘flare ups’, raised tempers that quickly calm down after a full on, gas mark 8 frank exchange of ideas and opinions.

You are fun loving and more eager to look for ways to spice up your sex life and your leisure time. You will be the one making weekend arrangements that involve getting away from it all or indeed doing something that both challenges you all as a family and helps you bond. Pisces are very active this year, physically and in terms of being a play maker. Never content, always restless to explore, you encourage diversity in your home life and romantic life. Although you get annoyed when your ideas are questioned, you have to admit you have not really thought everything through, but hey, thinking stuff through is not very spontaneous is it?

You are not always tactful or diplomatic in love in 2020, but you are warm blooded, whole hearted and spirited, you have a great deal of desire and your sexual energy is totally charged up. You tend to favour sex which is spur of the moment and passionate. You are turned on by humour and a naughty playfulness where you feel you are being bad, sex that is too serious or which become involved and regimented turns you off.

Often in new relationships you prefer those who oppose and challenge you rather than those who hang on your every word.

You are hard to understand this year – one moment care free and easy going with GSOH turned up high, the next thing fired up, intense and gunning for a fight. Certain things really wind you up. You won’t be fenced in and if anything gets too serious or dull you are out of that door (although you may be back soon.)

Relations with in laws will improve and this is a great time to meet your partner’s folks and develop a good rapport with them.

This is a highly fluid year where you reshape your identity. A greater connection with what you perceive as a higher purpose or calling gives you a spurt of energy and creativity. Faith in a unique or even divine purpose and a higher calling ease stress and opens doors for you.

A year of fun, adventure, new experiences and a total shake up of what has become routine. Embrace what is unpredictable and enjoy. Start buying those flowers and shrubs, tilling the soil of your unconscious, adding the compost of ideas and then lovingly picking locations and planting those creative seedlings. Allow nature to guide the development of your garden, do not prejudge how it will all look, enjoy every phase and welcome the odd thundershower and heatwave as it is all part of the divine process.

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