Sunday, June 2, 2019

Libra Monthly Overview August 2019

libra overview august 2019

This is a very sociable month, and yet it is not just about having fun; it is about social life being purposeful. You may look to network and expand networks, or you may look to promote your aims by arranging balls, fetes, reunions, or coffee mornings. Librans are keen to promote or set up charitable organisations this month – it may be something which starts in a very small way in response to a gap you see in care provision. While there are ample support groups to quit smoking or lose weight, you may find that there is a dire shortage of other sorts of support or discussion groups, and this is where you may step in. The theme in your life this month is uniting with others to create a whole which is so much greater than the sum of the parts – you will be aiming to bring folks with similar aims, wants, or needs, together to create a united force which can generate ideas, support, enthusiasm, and unity via which energy many wonderful and spiritual aims can be achieved.

This month is ideal for Librans who are politically and socially active, and yes, Librans more than any gravitate to politics – you have an enhanced ability to coordinate efforts, bringing various interest groups together and orchestrating a big push for a cause. Yes, you can unite with other voices and get heard, and it will be down to your initiative.

This is a month of many new friends, and yet they may not be lasting solid friends; they may be there to serve a purpose, and are of a time and space rather than set to go through life with you, and so be careful of what emotions and feelings you attribute to these relationships.

Libra will look for pleasure emotionally in creative collaborations with others; artistically, you are very keen on taking risks and stirring up some controversy.

Mercury is direct from the 19th of August; expectations should have been adjusted before then, and you can now see what needs to be done and which activities are core to the projects or effort you are involved in. Start nailing people down and following up on emails and any communications or jobs you have outsourced. Get on the back of your colleagues and employees and make sure they get the memo, know the deadline, and are knuckling down. You need to know who is reliable and who you can count on, and so put your associates to the test, and see how they perform.

The moon waxes from the 11th to the 26th making this the best time for new activities and ventures. New businesses connected to sports, toys, or entertainment should hold back on expansion or launches this month. New technology products may face very stiff competition, and so perfection is needed.

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