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Libra Horoscope 2020 Predictions

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Will Libra Get Job in 2020 ?

In 2020, Librans have the bricks and mortar and are digging the foundations for a new and better you. All the tools are in place, and the plans just need to be finalised. So be the architect of your future and start doing the designs for the lifestyle you want to be living. In 2020, the vital parts of the design are the foundation, and so you need to work on a solid self-esteem and high selfworth to make sure your new house will survive any hurricane that comes its way. 2020 is also about a gold rush; yes, you are prospecting for gold hidden within – character traits and abilities perhaps yet undiscovered or untapped which contain a wealth of ingredients for success.

2020 is about looking forward, but that does not mean you forget the past; in many ways, you have to rearrange the past in your head. Libra must change the way you interpret what has gone before, and rather than forgetting it and throwing it down the gold mine, you need to extract the gold from it – that means you need to have learned the lesson and take it on board. When we learn lessons, we break patterns, and Libra need to heed that. When you build the foundation for the future, you can be sure that positive aspects of the past breed more positive cycles and negative aspects of the past are resolved emotionally and psychologically lessening their grip on the future.

Libran are known for being curious and for thriving in situations where people make connections with each other, and this year is a case in point with you fostering new and vibrant connections with others, many of which have a spiritual or universal aspect to them. You will connect with others to pursue goals that are not necessarily material, but which are about personal growth and personal journeys. Sharing ideas about life, and the meaning of it becomes more important, and it is time to tap into your spiritual side. They say that, “Being spiritual gives the benefits of religion without you having to be arsed with rules.” I guess that means that the whole “I am spiritual” wave is a way of acknowledging that there is something greater, and that there is power in the universe without having to adhere to any dogma or believe in anything downright unscientific. So, yes, Libra need to tap into something spiritual, and yet you do need some rules or guidelines or something that encourages moral courage and spiritual discipline. So where you search for something this year to make your spiritual life complete or to add to your greater awareness, you will need to grasp onto a philosophy that offers some challenges and makes some demands rather than something like The Secret which simply promises everything you ever want for very little effort, blood, sweat, or tears.

Libra will be called in 2020 to ask, “What is worth fighting for?” and “how hard will I fight?” and this can represent a defining point for you. These two questions can act like a lens drawing light rays onto a focal point where they create a picture of complete clarity for you to take forward. Suddenly, the bigger picture, as well as the little tiny puzzle pieces make sense, and that gives you insight not only into your own destiny but to that of others and the world at large. You will be looked upon by others to give advice as they sense somehow that you have the answers, and in fact, you do. It is like the phone lines to your ‘new house’ are connected to the universe allowing you to tap into a greater wisdom.

OK, back to the material world. This is a very good money year for Libra, and you could see a major boost to earning potential. Pay rises, lucrative new clients or contracts, increased sales or reaching a new qualification level that represents better pay are all distinct possibilities. This is an ideal year to start a new business or expand your business from home. In work, you may begin to manage far bigger projects with greater scope to get noticed, head hunted or score a major coup for your CV/resume. If you were looking for funding, you might now find that you can generate enough cash organically to fund a major part of the business. This is an ideal time to get back into the job market or aim for your first job – be ambitious and think big, The essential part of all job success is a connection with what you do. The more your job is related to your purpose and quest in life, the greater success will be. If you work just for the pay cheque hating each minute and basically going through the motions, you may not reap the rewards of this year until you take a risk, quit, and start something that makes the 9-5 feel worthwhile.

There is a distinct link between success at work and your self-esteem and self-worth, and this creates a real challenge for Librans who are not working due to motherhood, illness, lack of employment opportunities, or any other reason. You may find that despair from lack of financial security and ability to earn leads to depression and a downward cycle. However, not only is there hope this year that you can get back into the job market and earn great money again, there is something else too: the universe wants you to put more value on what you do do, who you are as a person and to detach your self-worth from money. Think of all the positives there are in your current situation, i.e., more time spent with children, more time to read and expand your mind, more time to show empathy to others, more time to use your imagination creatively or explore hobbies. The quicker you accept where you are as part of a learning cycle and embrace the positives about it or create some positives, the more you improve self-worth, and with that your energy and ability to find work again go right up.

2020 is a time to develop talents, and so no being lazy and taking anything you do well for granted – it’s not enough to do it well and be good at something, you have to keep striving and pushing the envelope to take that talent and skill as far as it will possibly go. So seek criticism, even harsh criticism, and pit yourself against the best to see how you can do. It is only when we put ourselves out there and compete with people on the higher rung that we improve. So no sitting there being semi-satisfied and thinking it’s good enough – it can be better.

2020 can be a year of significant purchases – however, you should look to make expenditure that increases in value over time, i.e., art, property, antiques, etc., rather than a car for instance that loses 50% of its value as soon as you drive it off the forecourt. Pride comes before a fall, and so remember in success to be humble this year.

While financially this may very well be a year to remember, there is much going on beneath the surface which may go unnoticed but which is fundamental to happiness, family bonding, and well-being.

The foundation is critical to any building, and when it is not solid, that building is always shaky and vulnerable to attack. This year, Libra must look to analyse where you feel most vulnerable and trace that insecurity back to the foundations – you can then fill in the fissures and cracks. 2020 is one of life-changing personal and psychological developments and even red pill moments where things fall into place and make sense. Often information and understanding of one small aspect of our past can act as a key to unlocking aspects of our personality that are uncontrollable and which operate semisubconsciously undermining so much of what you do. 2020 is about looking to the past, not to wallow or indulge, but to see it through adult eyes and to review what happened with the tools you now have at your disposal like the internet, YouTube, etc., which can help you understand things philosophically and psychologically, rather than in the highly vulnerable and subjective way you experienced things as a child. This can alter perspectives and free you from any pain and compulsions stemming from childhood and extending a long shadow into adulthood.

Librans may take an interest in ancestry and exploring their roots this year; you are more interested in your culture and background, and you may write and read voraciously on these subjects. They say to understand the now you need to know the past, and while that is true in your private life, it is also true in the way you understand global events, and so you may become fascinated by history this year, and that can help you understand current events more clearly.

2020 may be an intense year of research and study and is perfect for those undertaking doctoral studies. This is also a key year for those who work on environmental studies and green technology. Many Librans may gravitate to work in green industries and sustainable development.

This is not the best year for a major home move, i.e., moving to a new country or new town as you may take longer than usual to adapt, and you may experience greater homesickness.

Metabolism and recovery are slower this year, and you are more susceptible to illness, and so looking after yourself and achieving balance is vital. Do you know that even eyesight benefits from time spent outdoors and sports activities? Every health issue you can think of boils down to having the right dose of work, play, activity, rest, and a variety of foods, and so while stricter diets are great, just having variety in your life is a good start. Sustained energy release and supporting your stamina is essential in 2020, and some great supplements to take are iodine (seafood, seaweed and dark leafy greens), Vitamin B12, Gingko Biloba, CoQ10, Magnesium, ginseng and acetyl L-Carnitine.

Changes to your tax status and other changes which influence money that comes to your from others, i.e., alimony, tax credits, dividends, can be subject to change this year, and those changes can have many knock-on effects that can waste time and energy. But, as I said, this is overall a very good money year.

2020 is a time to sit back and let the past catch up with you a bit; take a look back to clarify and tidy things up. Time to finish what you have started and to finally put to bed what you have no intention of continuing with. More energy is channelled into the most private parts of your life this year, and your intimate life, as well as your imagination, is richer. Rewards do not come as instantly, and often it is the inner growth you experience which offers the most value for time.

libra year ahead 2020

Regarding love, this year the fantasy element of your love life comes to the fore. There is more experimentation in your marriage and more use of the imagination to create sexual games, scenarios, and role play to bring out passion and bypass inhibition. In love it’s “Strawberry fields, nothing is real and nothing to get hung about …” Love life should be a place where you can throw off the clothes and conventions that society has draped on you, where you can indulge in alter egos and conjure up new personality traits that never see the light of day. Love life is a very private thing for Libra this year, and while you may want to try things with your partner or even on your own, which you have never tried before, the secrecy element is very much part of the turn on. So great sex is about what is secret and even taboo.

Sudden secret sexual liaisons can take your world by storm and add quite a bit of excitement, and yet it can also be a roller coaster – you need to be there for the ride not for the destination, and it is all about living in the movement as if nothing else matters.

So whether you are married or single, you have a great deal of sexual energy which needs expression and not just in a robotic, ‘sex is a chore’ kind of way.

You need to have the full menu of foreplay, affection, banter, erotic stimulation, ambiance and finally the great sex. Your own inner fantasies that play out in your head add a dimension to sex that takes it up a level, and you have a greater ability to use that imagination to fill in all the gaps or failing there may be in your sex life.

You are very eager and dynamic in relationships and always looking for ways to drive things forward; at times, you may seem a little insensitive by your need to take the lead. It is not about being in control; it is about being positive in love, and that means positive about mending relationships, improving sex, working on the intimate connection, and being a team that tackles life together. Librans may discover something intimate about a partner you never knew, and that can reaffirm your affection and commitment to them.

Single Librans will be very inventive about the way you meet new partners, and there is a wealth of excitement just waiting for you. Affections are impulsive, and many new relationships start on the turn of a dime and move along quickly. You have little patience for long drawn out ‘getting to know you’ periods; if you like someone, the attraction becomes intense fast, and you want to get to the next level in double quick time – why wait? Librans should not sit and wait for anything they want in love; go and grab it with both hands and make it happen. You can, as the planetary energy favours all positive action in love.

Karma attractions to another can be quite destructive at first; however, the deeper aspects soon begin to bring dividends into your life as the stresses and strains of what starts as a hectic relationship iron out.

Whatever you do this year, it is wholehearted, inventive, and electric. You are successful in business and with money, yet material goals are just a small part of a year that is significant in terms of how you feel about you and your sense of value and worth. The real gold is the pot of gold inside you; that store of energy, love, indestructible drive, and optimism.

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