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Leo Horoscope 2020 Predictions

your leo horoscope 2020

Leo Overview 2020

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Will Leo Get Job in 2020 ?

The rocket is on the launch pad, and you are ready for lift-off in 2020. Leo are all set and ready to go. There is a sense of excitement and anticipation in the air and a certain electricity coursing through your veins. Things cannot be rushed, however; preparation is essential, and you need to make sure your base is solid and super secure. 2020 is about building on what you have, having more faith in what you have done, and taking that to a supersonic new level. Your focus and determination are sharpened, and you have greater stamina and also the will to fine tune and weaponise talents. You can rely on support from family, your fan base or your followers to propel you into orbit.

A time to prepare for great success, visibility, and even fame. Love dalliances that begin can quickly turn into firm friendships and solid relationships which provide great structure and security in your life. While the outside world is filled with fireworks, family and love keep your feet on the ground. The greatest achievements right now are rooted in faith, principle, and often years of conquering self-doubt. Time to turn a lifetime of dreams into an overnight success.

2020 is year of increased ease and comfort on the domestic front – you may relocate to a bigger or more convenient property or have changes done which improve your current living situation. If you have been unhappy with where you are living, you may suddenly begin to settle in and find things that make where you are a cool place to be. If you work from home, this is the year to expand your home office and make it a proper working environment with everything you need from electronics to air con to a coffee machine – no more makeshift home offices with rickety chairs and chaotic filing cabinets, smarten it up and improve your efficiency and the general experience.

Working from home still needs to look professional even if you do not entertain clients.

This is a good year to invest in property, i.e., buying a holiday home, having an extension, doing improvements or investing in a property portfolio via an asset manager.

Family life is a key element of 2020 regarding your spiritual and emotional well-being. It is time to settle disputes that may have raged for many years and also to encourage others to do the same. 2020 should see many important family events and landmarks, and so what better time to bury the hatchet and focus on the positive things that are happening.

It is not only about forgiving individuals within your family circle, especially parents, it is time to let go of any negativity that you drag about with you like an albatross around your neck. Leo must identify and free themselves of resentment and anger which stem from things in the distant past as these cast longer shadows than you realise. What is in the past should be resolved, with counselling if needed and put to bed, and if situations are ongoing, you need to be the one to grow out of that situation by playing it differently and moving away from its influence psychologically if not physically too. Family should be supportive and nurturing, and that support will play a greater role in your life this year. However, in some situations, you can never achieve that from your biological family, and so you must free yourself from their negative influence and find a new ‘family’ of friends, colleagues, or fellow followers of a cause to recreate that emotional structure of a family network around you.

Families expand in 2020, and this can mean having a baby or marrying someone with children so that your family grows suddenly. Leo who are only children or from small families may marry into a big family and experience that hive of co-dependency, drama, gossip, support, and insider jokes.

Leo’s sense of self gets a boost this year, and you can experience greater belief in your talents and unique attributes. You feel more stable psychologically, and even great pressure, chaos, or opposition from the outer world cannot rock your boat as much as it may have at other times. You are able to draw on faith (which can have a wide range of meanings in the context of your life) and also philosophy to solve problems. While this is a very busy year regarding your home and work life, you will begin to love solitude and time to read and indulge interests that are esoteric and which give added insight into life’s struggles, problems, and yearnings. You can create a bubble of calm around you which can repel negativity and pressure from others, and while at other times in your life, you may have needed guidance or advice, you will find that you now have all the answers you need, and all it takes is some quiet time alone for these answers and insights to filter through to your consciousness.

Attention to detail and perfecting skills and refining talents is key to success this year. While there are great possibilities brewing in the ether, Leo must make sure you have prepared well. This is not a year for new activities, but rather one in which you take what you have and build on it with more determination and confidence than ever. You need to believe in where you are and what you have already achieved and ask what next? How do I push this to the next level and really smash it? There is often the temptation to walk away and look for something new to fulfil you, but this would waste an opportunity, and so you must grab what you have and run with it.

There is added pressure at work and also a greater volume of work. You will have more responsibility, and within that are opportunities to learn and develop more confidence. You should take on things which scare you or intimidate you as 2020 is a time to put doubts and insecurities about your ability, your technical ability, or management ability to bed. Look at where you feel unsure or where you lack skill and start looking for ways to improve in those areas. Areas where we have a weakness or doubts can often turn into our biggest strengths if we are prepared to work at them. Often that doubt we have is actually a big signpost to where you should apply effort, and so look to jump into discomfort zones and put yourself under some pressure to deliver, and you will be amazed.

Leo will have more personal accountability, and so you need to be transparent and keep record meticulously. New roles at work may mean a big step up regarding the admin and procedure you are responsible for getting right. This year is a more serious one at work (with not as much time for laughs and joking about), and yet it is also more financially rewarding and also more valuable in terms of career advancement.

When things do not go your way at work, you should not feel despondent or unfairly treated; you should see events as part of a plan. Leo who are impatient and who have a low tolerance for criticism and following the rules will have a hard time initially this year until you train yourself to see the bigger picture and find more value in stepping stones, rather than looking to rush to the next stage as fast as possible. Listen and look to give of your best in everything, no matter how mundane or pointless it seems as there is value in it which may be invisible right now.

Health is a very important part of this year. Leo need to take particular care of teeth and bones. So first up, you need to be sure you are getting enough calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D, and it is worth having a quick check for deficiencies. If you are a female Leo over 55, you could ask for a bone density check.

Younger Leo need to take care with extreme sports or if you are a very active sports fan for shin splints. Take care in all ventures not to break bones. If you are a gym or yoga fan, do more exercise to strengthen your core muscle groups.

Leo is also associated with the heart – dental and heart health are linked, and so make sure you floss, use mouthwash and brush regularly, in addition to taking coenzyme q10 and a vitamin C and zinc supplement.

Neglect of health in any way, i.e., too little water, bad posture while working, long periods wearing high heels, too much pre prepared food, lack of a variety of exercise, wine every night, etc. can start to take its toll, and you may get a wake up call which forces you to take action and introduce positive new habits. Leo are encouraged to manage their day to day lives better, freeing up time by getting rid of fluff that does not really add value. Be more efficient, and make time for cooking, exercise, fresh air, and sunlight, which can actually all add to your productivity and so are well worth making time for. This is an excellent year to begin new health regimes which you can and will stick to, and the best way to start is slowly: aim to walk more, exercise just one day a week, eat meat only on odd days, buy fruit juice instead of soda, get a new chair, spend 5 mins on a yoga stretch each day – it does not matter what you do, just add one simple fuss free change to diet and exercise each week, and by the end of the year, you will have 52 positive new habits.

leo year ahead 2020

Leo’s dissatisfaction with the status quo is a driving force this year; you almost want to create some drama to create impetus for change. Uranus squares up to your ascendant meaning that comfort zones are suddenly not very satisfying, and you are happy to get a bit uncomfortable in order to draw excitement into your life and open yourself up to the universe to receive energy for change. Sudden insights and changes (which start externally and manifest in internal questioning) can make the direction you were following feel pointless, and you are inspired to look for new ways forward that you previously had not considered.

The North Node moving through Leo is an important spur to review your dependence on others. How independent are you? What does independence mean for you? You may be financially independent, but you could still be stuck in a rut of pleasing others to ensure that you get positive emotional feedback that you have become reliant on. This year, you are encouraged to be more assertive and decisive in relationships even at the risk of disrupting the harmony temporarily. You need to have enough self-love and self-respect to walk away and take a chance on the outcome – while you operate in a zone of fear or resistance to change, you will never have the requisite personal growth to enjoy love relationships to the full.

Be impulsive and more confident, and if you have not yet discovered that Leo love to lead, then this is the year to step out of your shell, go it alone, and express yourself fully with no regard for the naysayers and detractors.

A feature of this year is avoiding the rebound – Leo who have recently quit a relationship should embrace living alone. It is a vital phase which will enhance all future relationships if you can resist the temptation to rush into another attachment. Learn to cultivate harmony and happiness around you without reference to another person or any other form of external approval, and you will achieve inner peace, satisfaction, and balance in all future relationships.

The first half of the year is the most active and busy with a great deal of energy available. You will tend to be both courageous and also impatient, and you can get a great deal done in record time. This is the time to do the heavy lifting regarding the year’s goals; do not let events dictate to you, you make the play and set the agenda.

Your level of sexual energy is on amber to red hot – you have strong desires which can bubble over into dramatic outbursts if you do not get some satisfaction, and so do not be self-denying; make time in your love life for intimacy. The great thing is that good sex does not have to be part of a long drawn out romantic process; you can enjoy a spontaneous bit of hanky panky as much as you would an evening of roses, candlelight, oysters, and tender kisses. In fact, Leo really do not need oysters or any other aphrodisiac; you are right up for it. Love and sex in the first part of this year are more Bon Jovi than Barry Manilow.

The first part of 2020 (until July) is more about doing rather than thinking, and you can even be lazy about details or logical analysis. The impetus is for action, grabbing the reins and putting your foot down; you are inclined to act first and think later, and yet things should go your way as you are more daring. You will rely on intuition, and when you get the feeling, you will go for it and jump right in often against better advice, but this can often serve as the perfect ice breaker as you can do things which at other times in your life you would have been too cautious to try. You are inspired and feel as if you are guided by a higher force; often signs from the universe or coincidence and deja vu convince you that you are on the right track. This is a perfect phase for exploration of options, trying new things, making enquiries, and putting yourself out there to be noticed. Dreams and hunches often guide you, even when your decisions seem pretty random to others.

The second part of the year is the time for thinking everything through and coming up with the plans. This is a period when you are mentally sharp and can iron out any details you skipped over before. This is a time ripe for communicating, and that can be in connection with publishing, client contact, connecting with distributors, submitting plans, or arranging finance. Any problems created during your expansive phase can now be worked around, and a polished end product can be created.

Leo are a bit of an open book this year as you tend to say what is on your mind, and you are very open about your feelings – this can make you vulnerable and so you should think before you speak and be a little more strategic about what you talk about.

This is a year of new alliances and new enemies. Your success and your more forthright attitude can create a stir and ruffle feathers. You are making waves, and so you should, but you are also upping your game, and that is making some people you know nervous, perhaps even your partner.

Romantic partnerships are set for a phase of creative change – ego conflicts are often the area of initial clashes, but deeper problems can soon emerge, and there is the energy and will to deal with these dynamic relationships where you are committed to each other. Compromise does not come easy, but when it does, it has a healing quality. The great thing about love for Leo this year is the revival of passion and feeling. Yes, there are conflicts, but the heat of battle is what is needed to stoke those fires of desire once more and get everything slap bang in the open where it can be debated and talked out.

New love relationships start suddenly and move fast – they are vivacious and entertaining. Leo are more likely to be attracted to Aries, Sagittarius, other Leo and Scorpio this year than other signs. Leo enjoy being challenged in love and want a partner who shows guts and energy and who is up for anything. While love life in general is like a 4th of July fireworks display, things get into a rhythm, and the fire gives way later in the year to a comfortable groove where you feel you have reached new understanding and the relationship is more solid (in the case of marriages) or becoming solid (in new relationships).

There is a great deal of creative potential in 2020 – the power to discover new options, open new doors, gain mastery over problems and rediscover what it is to be you and to love being you. It is a year of evaluating where you are and building on what you have but possibly taking it in a new direction. You can initiate and then propel yourself along this new course learning fast and being able to adjust to any problems as they come along. Armed with courage, a spirit of adventure, and renewed self-love is anything not possible?

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