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Gemini Horoscope 2020 Predictions

your gemini horoscope 2020

Gemini Overview 2020

Will Gemini Find Love 2020 ?

Will Gemini Get Job in 2020 ?

2020 is a year of magic, not David Copperfield magic where you can make an airplane disappear, but a magic which sees inner confidence growing and dissolving previously held beliefs which became obstacles and hurdles. Your world begins to expand with work more exciting and stimulating, health more vibrant with more knowledge and opportunities to improve health and resolve issues. You are expanding your awareness of who you are and what you can achieve, and you are pushing the limits. You have a chance this year to work with exciting and vibrant people who inspire you to grow as a person as well as improving your attitudes to work and belief in what you do. Belief is essential to work, and Gemini may find themselves in new positions or new jobs where you really believe in what you do and strive to do more because it matters so much. Travel in the course of your work is highly possible, and there are increased benefits and perks connected to your occupation.

In love, there is a richness and a desire to know each other better, even if you have been together for a long time, there is a rediscovery and a revived passion. Your communication takes on a new level of depth and intensity, and secrets are welcomed out into the open where they can be discussed, analysed, and resolved or at least outgrown to allow for a freer flow of love and greater satisfaction from sex life. Love is not a magic bubble or a puffy cloud that drifts across the sky; it is a deep purple velvet against your skin in a log cabin on a cold night. Gemini are known for being elusive and tricky to pin down; intensity is not your thing which is why you often do not get on with Capricorn and Scorpio, but in 2020, you are ready to swim in the deep and murky waters of love, diving down deeper and perhaps discovering some buried treasure on the sea floor. 2020 is about opening your eyes to things you were blind to before, things perhaps you did not want to see, but which could hold the key to the Rubik’s cube problems in your love life.

This year, you will be called to nail your colours to the mast; Gemini like to fence sit and stay neutral. You also reserve the right to change your mind, but in 2020, you are forced to look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “Who am I? What do I believe? What values and ideals will I make sacrifices for?” Some tough decisions will force you to confront issues you may have pushed to the recesses of your mind – things you may not want to think about, but now you must, and you must clarify your stance and stick to it.

However, ordeals and problems this year strike at the core of your personality, and in dealing with them with total self-honesty, you gain a more solid sense of who you are, and elements of your personality come to the fore. Gemini are able to be more focused, more persevering and more penetrative this year; you have a greater ability to persist against the odds, and you will prevail.

Gemini will have to choose sides this year; you cannot always play both sides or keep two tracks of a route going – decisions must be made, and in making them, you will have to delve deeper into situations (often rooted in the past) and make sense of them often with renewed perspective.

Communication can no longer be superficial; Gemini must delve below the surface and sense hidden meanings and agendas or you can fall foul of others’ less charitable intentions. Not a year of skimming the surface in all walks of life; more research, more in depth understanding, and more awareness of psychological factors at play is needed – this year it is chess, not poker, and you need your wits about you and a clear strategy, often second guessing your opponents and keeping one step ahead.

Ideas must be reduced and concentrated just like one simmers a soup until the flavours come out and excess liquid evaporates leaving the best of the taste – Gemini must be patient in this process, not a natural ability of yours, but something you need to develop this year to get the best of opportunities.

Uranus spend seven years in each sign, and it shifts into Taurus in 2020 which is an exciting event bringing new energy to a different sector of our lives. Uranus entering your 12th house brings an opportunity for freedom, not regarding breaking loose in the physical sense, but loosening the chains unconscious habit patterns have bound you with. This is a year to break the mould and set up new patterns in your life which take you forward not back.

Even if you think you are very happy with where you are, there is still room for improvement, and you can envision even greater potentials and possibilities.

Look out for unusual coincidences that can provide sudden opportunities to do things that you have perhaps given up on – reset your compass as the world is changing, and those changes create windows for Gemini which you are uniquely positioned to jump through.

The most private parts of your life are subject to upheaval and even dramatic changes – it is almost as if the extinct volcanoes filled with emotion and desire are stirring and those larvae are flowing, bringing changes to your life as your motivations alter.

Deep wisdom and even knowledge gleaned from exotic sources (random advice from psychics, tarot readers, clairvoyants) can prove useful in problem solving. Gemini must be more alert to signs and signals from the universe (i.e., coincidences, chance meetings, sudden unexpected events, recurring dreams, ears ringing), and you must draw on your innate understanding of the unseen and unexplained to decipher these signs and make useful sense of them in your life.

Your approach to others can be rather eccentric, and when asked for advice, you will have novel ideas, usually based on encouraging others to take more responsibility for their attitudes and perceptions – you are more likely to see that problems cannot be solved directly, they often need to be seen from a new angle before you can even start to address them.

Bridges will be burned, but often it will not be dramatic; you may not even notice until sometime later that something which was once a crutch has slipped away. Many things which you have repressed or denied wash ashore and will be there shining in the sun for all to see – you need to own those things, discuss them, and do what you have to do to bring those things into the mainstream of your life or let them go. While you may think they are a big deal, they may thrive in the dark recesses of the mind, but exposed to sunlight they wither away. Many of these ‘hidden things’ could be lost gems which will generate great creativity as you take hold of them, polishing them up and using them to spur you to greater heights.

There is a draw to secret associations and highly exclusive groups where rare or covert information is shared – but these may not end up being in your best interest.

The past is a storybook which needs a new cover and a new blurb; you cannot rewrite your past, but you can repackage and relaunch it in a positive style which turns it into a bestseller and the perfect prequel to the next successful phase of your life.

gemini year ahead 2020

This is a very good year for your work world with Jupiter in the 6th house, and you can experience more exciting and challenging assignments day to day, as well as better conditions and benefits from your work. Work is more fun and brings greater fulfilment and purpose. If you have been unemployed due to pregnancy, illness, redundancy or any other reason, this is a year where you will have opportunities not only to get a job but to find work that is suitable for your current lifestyle and allows you to expand skills allowing you to get onto a career path that is desirable. All Gemini must capitalize on skills and take these to the next level this year, and so be ambitious and push to the next stage even if you think it is beyond you. Go for it as this year you can achieve more than you ever expected. If you have lost your confidence while you were out of the job market, it can return with a vengeance as you soon get back on your feet and find it really was not as daunting as you may have thought.

2020 brings outstanding possibilities for health – the only danger is that your health may suffer due to complacency and inaction. If you have a diet and fitness plan, your results this year can exceed expectations. Gemini do need to develop and plan a strategy, or you will be inclined to just forget about health and allow the year to slip by without doing much about health issues.

Meal plans and food diaries are vital as excess quickly creeps up on you and two takeaways per week soon become three with a few afternoon cakes thrown in, and you think, “I’ve hardly eaten, why do I gain weight?” A food diary will soon solve the mystery of an expanding waistline, and you can take action.

Medical procedures and operations this year go well and recovery is fast.

Regarding diet, variety is key, and it is time to start investigating those weird and wonderful vegetables and fruits in the international section and expanding your repertoire. Time to start searching for kale, carob, wheatgrass, hemp, and chlorella.

Gemini have a greater interest in health and healing in 2020, and this is a very good year for those in both traditional and alternative fields with some crossover too, i.e., those in traditional medicine are more open to all alternative therapies from dietary ones to spiritual ones, and those in the alternative field can become more scientific and professional in their methods and approaches.

Gemini may also be interested in healing connected to religion or a faith based method. You have a greater grasp of the mental and emotional drivers in health, and with that understanding, you can expand your approach creating practical methods that work holistically.

Gemini may also be more interested in medical missions and volunteering your expertise in far flung places.

There can be new interest in religions like Christian Science, Aetherius Society, Charismatic movement, Universal Medicine, etc.

This is a good year to expand your small business – you can hire the right people and draw high profile clients to you who can effectively do your marketing my singing your praises. Working with others closely can only improve your confidence and reinforce development within your field. You are great at spotting the details which if handled correctly can make the most of your service to clients. Those in service industries are set for a boom in trade and also being able to take on more exciting work, thus expanding your experience. There is a degree of beginners luck as you achieve early success in new fields which serves as a message that you are on the right track.

2020 is perfect for new jobs and new roles with your current employer which present a big improvement. You can be recognized for your unique contribution to a project, and a special talent you have could be recognized by a boss who wants to offer you a chance to develop that talent further.

A new pet may be a surprise addition to your family life and one that changes your life for the better.

Integrity and honesty in all matters and fairness with employees are vital, and more than other years you can be called to account for double standards or perceived hypocrisy regarding workplace decisions.

This is a year where your master plan needs constant tweaking, adjustment, or even scrapping altogether as it is too restrictive and not idealistic or creative enough. Logic alone cannot be your guide; you must tap into the universal drives, your intuition, and your expanding awareness of life in all its colour and with its intricacies and inconsistencies. Geminis’ ability to thrive in circumstances that are vague, shifting, with conflicting information and highly charged emotions is tested. There can be unusual circumstances, coincidence, and also secrecy surrounding your career path – while you can achieve great fame or public recognition (often quite suddenly) during this phase, this can present dilemmas and can be a double edged sword.

Regarding fame and greater public awareness of you or what you do, there are many ups and downs and a constant struggle to get your real message across clearly; your intentions can be misrepresented or your actions misconstrued, and so you need to keep working hard at creating clarity and as much transparency as you can around yourself. Fame right now has a big price, and it may be better not to court it.

Deception or self-deception can be a problem for Gemini. With Neptune Square your return Sun which rules your 3rd house, information you receive or any communications that come unsolicited need to be treated with scepticism; often they confirm what you want to believe and are thus very seductive, but be careful. All information and evidence you see must be checked and backed up; no single source information should be relied upon.

Gemini must be careful with any new skin care products, drugs, or supplements. Your body is more sensitive to allergens, and so you should do a test or sample before you go hell for tilt into any new treatment or supplement. Even alternative methods, i.e., acupuncture can have a powerful effect and should not be taken lightly; do your research and use only reputable practitioners, preferably get referrals. Organic or natural cures must also be tested before use to make sure they suit you – there is massive variety in the natural cure and treatment world, so much so, that you really need to know what you are after and which is most appropriate for you. Think about why you are taking something and what benefit you hope to achieve rather than taking a range of things on a pot luck approach; this can among other things be very expensive.

Energy levels can fluctuate this year, and you are best where you can work harder or less hard according to natural rhythms rather than being in a work situation where you are very tied down regarding times, days, hours and the routine.

Gemini need to satisfy a need for more satisfaction on a spiritual level, and you can find yourself more attracted to philosophy, religion, or affirmations as a way of bringing some universal inspiration into your life. You are more aware of the impact faith can have in your day to day life, and you will find yourself reaching for quotes or writings that evoke themes of karma, power of attraction, inner peace and healing, and the power of thoughts and emotion to attract good or bad into your life.

Can a sexual mismatch be make or break in a relationship? Gemini may think so this year, and if a partner either recent or more long term is pushing for something you do not want to do, or alternatively stubbornly resisting anything new, this can be a watershed issue in the relationship. You are more specific in 2020 about your values and about where you stand morally on many issues including sexually, and that means you will not cross certain lines. It is your body and your decision what you do with it, and that can make you quite resolute in refusing anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Gemini are also more clear cut in likes and dislikes, and you can take for or against something instantly, developing very strong and inflexible feelings. In relationships, it is you who take the lead in financial decisions; you seem to have more ideas about what the priorities for the household are and where the money brings the greatest value.

In love, relationships founded on shared values and also strong values do very well and can be resilient in spite of other factors. Where you both have a strong sense of yourselves, you are able to encourage each other and bring the best out in each other. If you are both insecure, there can be jealousy and a pervasive competitiveness that undermines cooperation and also enjoyment.

Gemini need to shine the love spotlight once again on interests you share and things you enjoy, and these should be the small everyday things rather than the expensive bucket list things. To reignite love where it has become stale, you need to rediscover those little things that give you cause to laugh and smile every day and which can be generated from within rather than having to spend a great deal of money to achieve. Gemini need to develop more appreciation of the tangible things you have which are good, rather than daydreaming about what could be and developing a longing for vague, unattainable things that you think would make you happier. Obsession over diamonds in the future can make you forget about the gold dust available every day. A friend recently said to me, “When I look back to my life 10 years ago, I cannot understand why I was unhappy; it was great!” This is because in hindsight we can perhaps see what was really important and good about the past, but in the present, we miss it as we fail to acknowledge and appreciate it.

Relaxation is vital in romance; you will not meet someone if you are trying to do so in an environment where you feel uncomfortable i.e., if you hate clubs or dinner parties or blind dates, then these will not work for you no matter how much you try and like them. Think about the activities you most love doing, be it languages, musical theatre, following a sports team, animals, etc.

Look to find more social activities or even evening courses at the local college in connection with these that will expand your social circle with friends of similar interests, and those friendships could develop into love, with that solid base of shared interests and likely also values to form a foundation.

Power issues in relationships come to the fore and must be addressed as this is not a time when anything can be pushed aside to deal with another day.

What is exciting in marriages and longer term relationships is the rediscovery of what really matters, what attracted you to each other in the first place and why you both said ‘I do’. If, as a couple, you have been bogged down with the material world, i.e., the job, the car, the holiday and the rat race, 2020 will throw you some curve balls which suddenly call into question everything you thought was important, bringing your attention to what really is important and what must be dusted off and polished up like the family silver to bring it back to its former glory.

There is great creative power this year which can be expressed via art, intense love affairs, close involvement in your children’s aspirations or via event planning. Art is often highly inspired and reflects that connection with the ethereal that you are more willing to acknowledge and explore this year.

Some very important things are happening in 2020, but they are not the things which you planned or even thought would happen, in fact, many of these things are invisible and occur on a feeling level, and yet they are very real to you and give you a chance to evaluate and assess what is 18 karat gold in your life and what is a veneer. Self-actualisation via the discovery of hidden talents arises out of situations that are challenging and often restrictive. Gemini may find the pot at the end of the rainbow had not gold inside, but the clues to where the next rainbow will be.

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