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Capricorn Horoscope 2020 Predictions

your capricorn horoscope 2020

Capricorn Overview 2020

Will Capricorn Find Love 2020 ?

Will Capricorn Get Job in 2020 ?

It’s not that far from paradise, thanks to Jupiter in 2020, as the wind is right, and you can sail away and refine your hopes and dreams. Sailing away to where you have always wanted to be, to find your unique place on the canvas of life. Fresh energy and hope rush like wind into your sails, and your friends and associates are your crew on the voyage with them adding their weight to the momentum of your yacht. While your own life compass has once again connected with key aims and drives which magnetically pull you in their direction, you are more aware of the swirling tides of opinion and gusts of social change which are so important to anticipate and adjust your sails to take advantage of. There are wonderful journeys to be made for the Capricorn who shows awareness of new trends and social currents, but you must see beyond what looks like dark clouds on the horizon and hold your nerve during the storms which rock your boat. Vision and goals are your fuel as you experience no shortage of stops on your voyage across the sea, and there are many new contacts to be made at each point as you assemble an eclectic mix of fellow travellers with whom you share your ideals, ideas, and dreams.

2020 is about expanding your awareness and getting to grips with the wider context in which you operate both socially and regarding a business; no man is an island, and I used the analogy of sailing in the opening as it is so apt to your life this year. Sailing is like an exciting adventure as you are on a voyage across a great expanse of water, and you cannot quite see your destination yet, so you have to rely on your inner compass, i.e. your vision and your ability to look up at the sky and find pointers like the Southern Cross or Polaris. You must begin to use your intuition, your ability to harness the energy of groups, your wisdom in knowing what clues matter and which are red herrings, and also your stamina and power of concentration, and you can go far in achieving the goals you set.

In 2020, goals and dreams matter, and it is vital to set yourself personal goals. New goals which reflect who you are becoming are important, not just random bucket list items picked up along the way often as a result of peer pressure. That is why knowing yourself, knowing who your true friends are and surrounding yourself with those who value your journey and your aspirations is vital. Those who you share your voyage across the sea with are just as important as that destination you steer towards. Allow your compass to swing wildly until it settles on magnetic North; something inside you will begin to pull you in the direction of your destiny just as a compass always seeks out magnetic North, eventually. 2020 is a time when important life directions begin to become apart, and you are drawn along paths which will ultimately connect you to a destination you will make your own.

Capricorn are often the go-to person in the community, neighbourhood, and office for support and advice – you not only have great street cred dudes, you can inspire others and set them on the right course. You can amass a following if you blog or vlog about health, motivational or social issues as you have great social relevance, and you can quickly increase your influence.

This is a year that could really make those of you who want to get ahead in politics or who work as political activists and strategists as you have an enhanced ability to tap into the collective conscience and call others to action.

You can invoke the sleeping giant regarding public consciousness and get folks aroused about issues and excited about what you have to say and your plans about how to fix things or take them forward. It is not just about your journey; while you may be at the core, you are taking a whole lot of people with you as your vision right now is bigger than just you. You are an agent of change.

While others look to you as the guru quite often in 2020, your own awareness is constantly expanding via the new people who come and go in your life – yes, many may be ships that pass in the night, but something can be gained from all of them. Expectations are high this year, and while that can lead to some overinflated hopes that fall short, you will not become dismayed as you will already be working on the next big thing, which will undoubtedly be bigger and better anyway.

Your ever-expanding social circle and overflowing diary is bit of an oldfashioned guzzling jalopy or should I rather say Bugatti as your social life is pretty nifty this year, nothing old school about it, and at times you feel a bit worse for wear. You have to watch out that you do not become caught up in the various entanglements of your friends and associates as these are like quicksand which quickly envelopes you and sucks you down.

So while Jupiter in your chart is all up for sailing down Party Animal Central in Monte Carlo Bay, Saturn in your own sign of Capricorn is pleading for focus and restraint. This year, you need to strike a balance between feeding your need for higher levels of engagement with others in business and socially and maintaining discipline regarding having your own bubble of calm in which you remain focused, keep observing and keep a firm grip of the rudder. You have to immerse yourself in what is live, happening, rocking and rolling, and yet you must detach and keep impartial as it is not about the party, it is about the journey.

With Saturn entering your first house, issues connected to the body become hard to ignore – whatever age you are, there is a sense of getting old (I hear 25-year-olds talking of feeling old, I mean seriously?) and that can be a positive thing as there is nothing like mortality to get the wind up regarding us taking better care of ourselves. You are pretty realistic when you look in the mirror or at the scale, you know deep down what needs to be done, and you are ready to do it no matter how hard. Saturn brings great perseverance, and so you are equipped right now to embark on demanding health care or exercise regimes. I do not just mean demanding regarding physical input, I also mean demanding regarding discipline like quitting vices for good, going cold turkey, starting a much stricter dietary regime, perhaps quitting all artificial ingredients in food and body care products. Diets and health initiatives need commitment and often military-like planning, and that is why Capricorn are so great at getting this right in 2018 as you have that cast iron mind-set where you choose a course and stick like glue to it with the help of detailed lists, plans, and research. Dental and bone health are vital this year, and so that means ensuring you get enough calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D3. Never take calcium and zinc together as they limit each other’s absorption. Floss teeth and avoid sugar. Never brush teeth right after a sweet or carbo rich meal as sugar softens enamel which can be brushed away. Bone and teeth are a Capricorn’s weakness, and so with Saturn in Capricorn this year, looking after teeth and bones is more important than ever. Use toothpaste with Xylitol to help remineralise your teeth. Polyphenols which can be found in strawberries, blackberries, plums, spinach, artichokes, cocoa, and cloves are excellent micronutrients which can help issues like stamina, osteoporosis, weight management, and cardiovascular health. Taking Betaine hydrochloride before meals can increase your body’s ability to absorb key nutrients and improves digestive function.

Frustration at obstacles is part of this year, and that patience and persistence for which you are so famous will have to be called upon – but it is not just about being patient, it is about using that waiting time and those passing storms to prepare better, analyse your maps and to get that boat into perfect nick before you can set sail once again.

capricorn year ahead 2020

Validation and confidence must always be sought within, and while you will garner support from friends, cheerleaders, and who align with your cause, when push comes to shove, you must dig deep and tap into your faith in you and what you stand for. Goals that do not matter on a deep level fall away, but those which do matter cling to you and will not let you go even when you want to walk away. Sometimes this year, the mission comes looking for you – you are the one it chooses, and you are the man/woman for the job.

Feelings of self-doubt and problems with self-esteem will be worked through – one person you cannot hide from now is yourself, and you are going to be there in the mirror, in the rear-view mirror, in your dreams and on your shoulder demanding love, understanding, nurture, and attention. So while 2020 is very much about social interaction, you are not there in the fast track of life to lose yourself and forget your problems; you are there to come face to face with them and to conquer them becoming a better you, the best you, and the you, you were always meant to be. “If you are not who you think you are, and you’re not who I think you are, but you are who you think I think you are, who are you? So stop defining yourself by what you think others think about you.

You can be all or nothing this year as you often leave it all out on the pitch and have to give yourself time to revive. The power of attraction works more strongly for you as you can project positivity out there like gusts of wind which return to bolster your sails.

You are charming, but you should never force; there is a desire to persuade, but use a light touch, especially in love – put the suggestion out there, but do not pursue it at length or nag, arouse curiosity, and then leave it be. Capricorn although reserved in love, are very loving people just waiting for that right person to indulge in your love, affection, and passion. Your loving nature is simulated this year, and you are so eager to give that love that the one danger is that you choose someone unworthy just so you have an outlet for your abundant affection.

You will use relationships as an outlet for your creativity, which means you will be far more imaginative in the way you dress, entertain, flirt, and stimulate your partner romantically and sexually. You are eager to surprise in love, and you can be more spontaneous – indeed Capricorns often like to plan in detail, but you are about to discover how much fun spur of the moment is especially in love. Great things happen when you do not overthink. Love life for Capricorn is in the ideal chocolate mousse, rich, decadent tasty, and very satisfying, but this year it is more like a flambĂ© as the rum catches alight and the dancing flame fascinates and entertains arousing a primal nature.

Capricorn want to set their love life on fire in 2020, and the same old chocolate mousse just isn’t cutting it. You have a great deal of energy to be satisfied in the romantic realm. Your passions are stronger and intense – you are also more demanding; you give more, and you expect a dividend. New relationships get off to a cracking start but can just as easily crash and burn, and then just when you think it was all a waste of time and energy, they suddenly come back to light again. Romantic life is exciting, but it is also like a wagon ride with wild horses, the direction of which becomes out of your control, something you would normally absolutely hate, but this year you are happy to be hurtled along not quite knowing where it will all end, but enjoying the rise even if bumpy.

Relationships, especially new ones have a lot to do with escapism and new forms of self-expression; a new relationship could be connected to a new avenue of interest you are exploring. You will tend to romance with people you have only just met and who know nothing at all about you, so that you almost have a blank canvas to reshape and redefine your image – you can be a new and different person with this new lover. You may resist introducing the new person to your friends and family because you want to keep him/her part of a secret life and part of a new you that may evaporate when you are in familiar territory again. Secret love affairs are possible as you look for an escape route from any circumstance which has begun to confine you, limit you, and in turn, squash your spirit.

Marriages must be adaptable this year; no matter what the pressures and expectations, there has to be some imagination and mutual escapism through loving and enjoyable activities. Couples that play together stay together, and there must be an element of fun and a certain immature playfulness to keep the relationship happy and strong.

There could be a surprise pregnancy, and so watch out for that. Children in general bring great pride regarding special achievements or talents they display; however, they are much more testing regarding the way they push the boundaries and test your limits.

Capricorn are looking to reject what is stale and to take on a more playful and even eccentric mode of being in love; personal inhibitions that may be very present in other areas of life are thrust off in love as you look to express deeper aspects of yourself and hidden needs.

In 2020, some aspects of life do get a whole lot more serious, and that may be to do with having greater responsibility at work or a very public role in which you must appear stern and proper. This only intensifies that need to make your recreation time or romances more electrifying and even bizarre. You are a thrill seeker this year, and that may also draw you to extreme sports or more outrageous hobbies.

Women and your relationship with them feature strongly, and they can be more helpful and supportive than usual, especially in connection with personal and sexual issues.

Capricorn have much energy and also a disciplined enthusiasm for business projects and ventures. You have a great desire to do something concrete about anything which had been in planning mode. With a great sense of timing and a spirit of adventure, you can make things happen – the bigger, the better, as you are super ambitious. You are competitive and ready for a challenge, but you will not jump in without planning and due diligence; it is not about just doing it, it is about doing it right.

In 2020, your Capricorn ambition is stimulated; you have added guts and also an increased sense of adventure. You have can sense the divine without losing the taste of the soil or the feel of the grass. You can grasp what is yet unreal and lacking form and begin to make sense of that and to translate that intangible something you sense into something very real, material, and workable. This is a remarkable time for business people, entrepreneurs, and inventors – Capricorn are often found in business as they are great managers with awesome money smarts. Capricorn also have great artistic skill when it comes to architecture and engineering projects, and all this gets a shot in the arm this year.

Your blend of optimism, faith in your ideas, and hope for positive outcomes along with great stamina and an increasingly good ability to attract towards you people who can cheer you on and work effectively with you aid your success in business, sporting, and personal goals.

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