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Aquarius Horoscope 2020 Predictions

your aquarius horoscope 2020

Aquarius Overview 2020

Will Aquarius find love 2020 ?

Will Aquarius get job in 2020 ?

It’s 2020, and Aquarians are going down the gold mine – a time to explore your hidden depths, to tunnel into the subconscious and bring back to the surface rocks to be shattered to release the gold from the ores. A time to free yourself from the subconscious chains that tie you to the past and to embrace a future where you dare to dream big and to seize the day. Like the headgear of the mine is a relatively small part of the mining operation, much of what is important happens out of sight this year. It is a time of introspection, dreams, self-mastery and reclaiming your destiny. Subtle changes within become substantial changes on the outside world as opportunities open up for travel, marriage, fame, recognition, and expansion – but the cost is your own willingness to exchange old habits for new to start dealing in a far healthier currency backed with confidence and courage. It all starts with prospecting deep inside so you find those veins of gold you can go drilling for, The outlook for your career and also your public profile is bright in 2020; Jupiter brings recognition, promotion, and a chance for your ideas to take off.

There are many new opportunities not only for expanding your business and improving your chances of being headhunted but for doing work that brings greater fulfilment and a sense of personal achievement. If you have been working in a job where you are simply ticking boxes, going through the motions and wishing for 5 p.m. to come as fast as possible, this is the year when you can reassess your options and start aiming for roles that you feel not only fulfil you but provide a more certain path towards goals that matter.

It is a good day to reach for the stars, aim higher, and think big – you have greater confidence, and the doubts that may have held you back in the past suddenly seem rather stupid.

Aquarians will have increasingly prominent roles at work and within your community – you may be chosen as a spokesperson or a coordinator. Some one may spot your ability to corral others and create consensus in disparate groups, and you may pivot to new and more challenging roles where you get to throw ideas about in large groups, present progressive ideas, and sell those ideas. You can be a torchbearer for new concepts. Many Aquarians may find roles in travelling to promote and educate others about new technologies.

There are some choices to be made regarding setting off family and career needs, and these will require some soul searching regarding priorities. Home moves become more likely this year as you enter a lengthy phase where you may move home frequently in order to follow dreams and climb the ladder career-wise. There are changes afoot that will disrupt your home life and bring changes to the deepest and most intimate parts of your life. Nothing can be taken for granted, but at the same time, the changes should not be seen as a threat; you are entering a time when some comfort zones need to be shattered, so they do not hold you back as you embark on new adventures.

Anything that has been simmering slowly on the back burner suddenly starts to boil faster, steaming away and demanding you attend to it. Uranus entering your fourth house is like a catalyst; it can set off a chain reaction that perhaps you had been keeping at bay, but which you can no longer hold off, your future demands these changes of you. Much of this year is a domino effect as nothing which happens is isolated, everything is linked, and so you cannot create firewalls between various areas of life. The unconscious may control us without us knowing it, but the unconscious is not static, over time it changes, we change, and those changes are often the earthquake that is waiting to shake up the parts of your life which are more visible. What is often hard to understand is that you are subtly initiating the vibrations that are bringing about these earthquakes; “Me, no way,” I hear you say, but you must acknowledge all your feelings and be totally honest as what happens now is often the direct result of anger, emotions, feelings and desires which have been suppressed. So own the events of now and see them as an expression of your inner needs and the manifestation of an innate wisdom and guiding force that operates above logic and reason for your best interests.

The more wedded you are to the status quo, the more rooted you are in the presence, the more you may see events now as a threat; however, if you have smelt the coffee and read the tea leaves, you may well see this as the push you need to do what you should have done for a long time. Time to dissolve the stranglehold of emotions, habits or people who are holding you hostage.

Time to recognise Stockholm syndrome where you identify so strongly with the elements of your life which stifle growth and development that you have begun to see these as essential props rather than hideous obstacle which need to be kicked away.

New people come into your life often in connection with family – i.e. new in laws may be the gateway to a whole new set of friends or business associates who can open doors for you. Often a new member of the family can bring with them unexpected consequences and access to a whole world that was either invisible or unattainable before.

When looking for a new home, it is worth keeping in mind that you may well move again in a few years, and so you would want to bear that in mind regarding what you choose – look at a new home as a stepping stone rather the final destination where you take root.

Relationships with both friends, family and love partners have their ups and downs, and the bonds are tested to see how strong they are – relationships need to evolve no matter how good they are, and you have to trust that they are heading in a good direction and that takes faith as you could feel insecure about the changes.

In some cases, new business or personal relationships can draw you into circumstances where you can achieve fame, wider circulation, syndication or access to secret information or technology; however, these relationships will make demands on you regarding making you compromise on deeply held beliefs and disassociating with elements of your past. You have these enticing opportunities just sitting there waiting for you to jump on board and coast to success, but there is a handbrake and releasing that brake brings a shudder as you sense there is no way back.

A new love relationship could be a gateway to new beliefs and ways of living, but you have to let go of what came before to be able to embrace what could be, and is there no way back. Relationships can put you at odds with your family, and you may have to go with your heart and bank on their coming round eventually.

aquarius year ahead 2020

This is a great year for marriage as Jupiter brings a status change with you becoming a married man or women which does have so many implications regarding tax, perhaps benefits, societal role and even libido. Marriage also often means moving out of home or getting a new home together and so that ticks the changes on the home front box. Marriage is all about changing and adapting to each other, you lose parts of your old life to build a new life together, it is a very forward thinking time when you are likely to feel optimistic and make far-reaching plans. So marriage is very much on the cards for Aquarius as it is satisfying so many of the planetary demands that are being made on you. Work-related travel can mean less time at home and new friends with the possible neglect of your old contacts – your day to day life tends to change and so do priorities. There is the subtle shift in focus towards associations and activities that are future orientated. Additional study and research can also mean changes on the home front as you may build a workshop to tinker with ideas or you may spend more time at home in your office beavering away with books and ancient manuscripts or you may invite like-minded people into your home making it a centre for debate and development of penetrative new ideas – if a revolution is being planned, Aquarians are going to be at the centre of it with your home as the bunker. This is an ideal time to start a home business, especially where you do more than just work with a computer from your home, i.e. use your kitchen to make food products, run workshops from your home or create an organic garden to teach others how to grow organic food. Home run businesses have an added possibility of success where connected to saving energy, the new age, spirituality, holistic healing, science or mathematics.

While Aquarians are known as the Rebels of the zodiac and you often rebel against authority, this year your relationships with those in authority including your father can improve and become mutually beneficial. You may be spotted by someone with power who sees a spark in you which they want to nurture and work with.

Throughout 2020 you feel the need for action; you are restless and constantly thinking about what is next and how to push the envelope; as soon as you achieve one thing, your mind is immediately on the next, no time to rest on laurel and bask in glory. While you may feel as if you are on a runaway train at times, as events which you set in motion often overtake you, you are excited about what could be around the next corner.

I spoke about the mine and about delving into hidden depths. Aquarius have a lot going on at the deepest levels of consciousness and awareness this year. In fact, what happens at a psychological level is of vital importance. If you have ever wanted to explore your consciousness and heighten your awareness, this is the time. 2020 is a year when psychic abilities can surface, and you can begin to work with energies unseen to find answers and guidance or indeed to heal others. This is a perfect year to explore techniques to transmute fear and anxiety and to reclaim that energy dissipated by worry and stress to a power for growth and for good. You may read extensively or attend courses designed to help you listen to and understand your inner voice and master your karmic lessons.

This is a very karmic year for Aquarians, not everything can be understood from a logical or factual point of view; you need to develop a holistic awareness which may even be helped by past life regression to truly understand where the energies are coming from and how to cope. As the South node passes through Aquarius conjuncting your Sun as well as your return Mercury and Venus, you may experience periods of feeling defeated and battling to muster the energy to act; often satisfaction is hard to come by, and you may forsake ongoing projects to rush onto a new tangent. You may experience the doldrums when suddenly the wind dies, and you are left in the middle of nowhere looking about wondering where momentum will come from to get you going again. Major circumstances could appear to thwart you, and just when you have gained control and power, the rules of the game change and you find yourself again trying to regroup and consolidate. The key to tackling these issues is knowing what to let go of, learning the lessons, leaving negative behind but not leaving everything behind.

Aquarians need to evaluate what constitutes failure and perhaps changing your definitions to redefine failures as lessons and pointers. Confusion and discontent are brought by Saturn entering your 12th house, but if you spend time on contemplation doing some serious spring cleaning of the psyche, it can clear the way for some steady progress and for eliminating the thoughts and feelings that are enemies to your happiness and future. Face your fears, conquer guilt and lessen the power they have over you.

Like a shedding of the skin, this phase is like a shedding of what is old and outworn so that the new can shine through. Individuality is reclaimed, personal identity is remoulded and Aquarians remake themselves in your own image, rather than continuing to play a role. It’s your movie Aquarius, and when you play a role that is true to you, you attract a cast that supports you and tells an uplifting story where goals are attained, and destiny is glimpsed.

2020 is an excellent year for mental work – your mind is alert, and you are great with figures. Your memory is enhanced, and those who work in accounting, maths and engineering are especially receptive to new methods, and you make keen analysts. Study is favoured as is the attainment of professional qualifications. Debating skills are enhanced, and you are highly persuasive. You can make serious progress on large scales projects connected to infrastructure and land development.

Health and energy are enhanced in 2020. You have extra energy available and also the added insight to tackle long-term mental issues connected to anxiety and stress. Dexterity improves and this is a good year to work on flexibility and movement. Exercise routines should be varied and should focus on the strength and suppleness of each part of your body.

In every health issue, you need to look at any suppressed emotions as you cannot recover physically until festering negativity is tackled and replaced with positivity.

Denial is tough this year, and so it is not a great period for strict diets and following calorie restrictive diets. The best health advice is regular physical activity (not necessarily exercises), fresh air and a great variety of fresh foods. Time to spend more time in the veggie department investigating new produce to introduce to your kitchen.

New relationships are often more about you than the other person; what I mean by that is that new love relationships can play a role in shaping a new identity you are developing and may as such be part of a phase rather than the start of a long-term commitment. Aquarians who have been with partner for a long time, may marry. However, Aquarians looking for love can attract excitement and great fun via love, but not necessarily stability.

Time to go through your mental dumping ground, the unfinished business and perhaps even the forgotten dreams and rediscover the veins of gold while you extract the silt and get rid of it for good. Time for allowing new beginnings to dawn while you watch other people or emotions fading away in your rear-view mirror.

So be unafraid to bore deep into your subconscious, look down those dark tunnels and don your hard hat with your torch as you investigate. Drain the toxic waters and carve out those precious minerals which you can bring to the surface and mould into beautiful objects which dazzle and shine. 2020 is a time of greater appreciation of what shaped us positively and also what continues to bind us into patterns that no longer work. You can assume the limelight with greater confidence and reap the rewards. This is a year when you can experience greater fulfilment – you feel worthy of recognition and success, and these things come naturally to you.

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