Sunday, May 26, 2019

Aquarius Monthly Overview August 2019

aquarius august 2019 predictions

The lunar eclipse has you wearing your heart on your sleeve; you are more emotional and also more receptive to the emotions of others. You have greater empathy, and you are quickly moved to action by gut reaction more than logic. You tend to come across as erratic as you ride the tides of emotion and often get drawn into the sensitive side of a situation. You have to keep your head though, as there are always people ready to take advantage of you emotionally and they are like piranhas which have one heck of a bite when they sense a vulnerability or a way into your wallet via your heart. A good month for turning over a new leaf and all fresh starts are favoured regarding diet, a new job or a break with the past.

All your interactions with others have deeper significance – it is impossible to stay aloof and professional even when you need to for work purposes, your human side keeps coming through.

Don’t get too wedded to any course of action, being stubborn won’t get you anywhere and so smell the coffee and make the changes; do not shift into denial gear. Fight is often your first response, but pause, pick your battles, and choose flight if need be; avoidance is sensible not cowardly this month.

Mercury is retrograde until the 19th meaning that you have to be careful about assumptions you make about others close to you, often there are miscommunications, and you have to work harder at getting your message across and understanding what others are saying to you. After the 19th it is much easier to reach agreement with others and decide what the common goals are.

The moon waxes from the 11th to the 69th of August, making this the curtain call for new enterprises and aims. Networking, social events, attending seminars to mingle with professional peers and political aims are favoured. A good time to invest in plant and equipment and expand your business.

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