Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Virgo 2019: Career and Money

Virgo Career & Money Yearly Horoscope 2019

Finance, as we mentioned, is a major (and happy) focus this year. Jupiter in your money house is expanding your net worth. Assets that you own will increase in value. Happy financial opportunities will come to you and you’ll have good financial ideas. You will end the year richer than when you began it.

Jupiter is your family planet. His position here in the money house gives many messages. It shows good family support, as we have already said. A parent or parent figure is very active (and in a positive way) in your financial life. It shows good fortune in residential real estate, the food business, restaurants and industries that cater to the home. It also shows, as we have mentioned, spending and investing in the home and family. Most likely you will be earning money from home – perhaps by working from home, perhaps by entertaining at home or having business functions in the home.

Jupiter in the money house brings good luck in finance. There is a feeling of optimism and faith here. You catch the lucky financial breaks and there is luck in speculations.

By October 11, as Jupiter moves out of your money house and into your 3rd house of communication, most of your short-term financial goals will have been achieved. And even though long-term goals might not have been realized, you will have made progress towards them. (We seldom achieve long-term goals in one year – progress is success.) So the attention will shift to communication and intellectual interests – to the life of the mind. This is as it should be.

There are many short-term trends in finance. Venus, your financial planet, moves quickly. In a given year she will move through your whole horoscope. These short-term trends depend on where Venus is and the aspects she receives at any given time, and are best covered in the monthly reports.

Venus will make one of her rare (once every two years) retrogrades this year – from March 4 to April 15. This is a period to avoid major financial decisions, purchases or investments. Sure, shop for necessities, but the big things need research and homework first. This will be a time for financial review, for seeing where improvements can be made, for gaining mental clarity on your financial affairs. Once this happens, decision making will be much easier.

There is a Lunar Eclipse in your 6th house of health and work on August 7. This often indicates job changes, which can happen either within your present company or with another one. The conditions of the workplace change dramatically.

Your 10th house of career is basically empty; only short-term planets will move through there this year. Moreover, the bottom half of your chart is stronger than the top half – on a long-term basis. (Of course, during the year short-term planets will energize your upper sector for a time, making you more ambitious, but the bottom half is stronger overall.) So there is more focus on the home and family – on your emotional wellness – than on the career. Career will tend to the status quo.

You’re generally an ambitious person, but this year less so than usual. However, there will be many short-term career trends that are best covered in the monthly reports.

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