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Gemini Horoscope January 2017

Gemini January 2017

Gemini Sun Sign: January 2017

Mars will transit Capricorn and Aquarius, the financial and travel sectors of your horoscope, this month and a few puzzles in the background of your life will be sorted out regarding money matters, either dealt with by yourself or through the legal system. Don’t be surprised if you are offered the opportunity of a lifetime, one that could boost your income in the months ahead. With Jupiter in your 12th sector, banks, government departments, hospitals, places of confinement, nursing homes or other institutions feature and you may find yourself making new plans for your future.

Your flag of social injustice may be raised over issues concerning career, home and family matters on the 9th and you may have to battle out those things that are just and unjust. You will be concerned with your values, beliefs and possessions and may tend to excessively identify with them regardless of what others may think. On the 15th seeking new and different people, strange environments and new haunts may interest you and you may become the leader of any groups you are involved with in order to push through new policies and ideas. Changes in your attitude and habits on the 21st will certainly surprise your family and friends and you may decide to do something very different with your life.

On this day you may just wish to enjoy yourself in your own little world and let the real world go by. Mercury and Jupiter join forces on the last day of this month and doing you own thing is important to you; getting away with a good book, watching videos or visiting an art gallery or museum may take your fancy.

Your sense of reality may be somewhat weakened by your sense of beauty and appreciation of people and things. During this last week of the month, a few wonderful opportunities to improve your status and security will be made available to you. Business or career goals are apt to be blessed with a little luck enabling you to go up the ladder of success without too much effort. A secret surprise may also have you in an excited spin. Be extra careful with overindulgence of alcohol and drugs as serious repercussions could occur.

Gemini January 2017 Love & Relationships

A month to negotiate or settle emotional indifferences and, with Venus and Neptune clinging together from the 13th, people of the opposite sex who are different from those you usually meet are attractive to you now and you may learn a great deal from them. You’ll have greater emotional rapport and understanding with new friends rather than your family on the 14th and you should try to compromise with family members if they go against your wishes.

You feel assured by your partner that your foundation is firm on the 15th and if you think there is a need to make any changes in a relationship now is a good time to do it. Overall, relationships of all kinds are favoured this month because of the warm, friendly vibes you are emitting. Your sincere and honest attitude will attract others who are the same and if you are single you may find a new love may enter the scene, or you may have an affair with someone at work or a neighbour, especially around the 23rd when Mercury and Mars connect. Flirting comes easy to you this month and you’re in the mood for secretive romantic communication.

Your relationships with old friends and acquaintances seem to bore you; you are looking for a new challenge and new types of encounters. On the 26th your relationships with children may require some heavy discussions and you may take a greater interest in what they are doing.  During the last week of this month, religious or spiritual reading material may interest you, or you may have more to do with groups and charities. You feel friendly toward anyone who is worse off than yourself.

Gemini January 2017  Career & Finance

Get-togethers with others are pleasant at this time and don’t be at all surprised if you find out a few hidden secrets about others. You will be better off financially from the 13th as your ideas will attract extra cash or you may pick up a second job. Plans for your future social life will be taking on a more dazzling shape; make the most of whatever comes your way. On the 14th you and others around you will be organising and on the ball and you will be enjoying the fruits of your labours.

You may have a number of social invitations coming your way. Don’t over-indulge or go overboard when mixing business with pleasure on the 21st as it may cost you in the long run. Sporting invitations and social activities will be fast and furious from the 28th onward and you are on a winning streak. Keep ahead of appointments and don’t be late throughout this month; you may have a tendency to forget things as your itinerary will be full of things to do.

You will be able to get out, relax and enjoy the company of others to the fullest if you wish to during the last week of January. Keep a sense of proportion when shopping at sales; your impulsiveness may be overwhelming. On the 31st negotiating loans and credit facilities will be easy for you and requests will be granted.


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