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Aries Horoscope January 2017

Aries January 2017

Aries Sun Sign: January 2017

The Sun will start this year off in transit through your sector of career, worldly ambitions, public image, your position and reputation and interests. During this month you will endeavour to push ahead and achieve your highest goals.

You will find lots to do with your spare time as invitations and opportunities bounce off you through friends and acquaintances.  If you are contemplating a change of job or looking for a new one, this is an excellent month to pursue your desires.

You will attract new opportunities and lucky days are predicted. Be prepared, a big expense or bill may land on your doorstep this month from the 24th onward and you may have to juggle the purse strings to cope. Stress may be a challenge in many areas; be extra careful with all personal and private affairs.

Finance, entertainment, friendships and family responsibilities do not mix in a positive sense this month and strict control is required over important projects, business or family matters. Some outstanding, long-term controversial personal or home matters will remain in limbo but not for long, so be patient, things are not as bad as they seem. Although you may wish to complete many personal interests on the side, you may not know exactly where to begin. Others will be helpful with answers or solutions to your personal, family or business problems; listen to their advice. Be honest in your dealings with others, otherwise you may shoot yourself in the foot and cause yourself a little embarrassment.

Aries January 2017 Love & Relationships

Venus will transit Aquarius and Pisces this month in your sector of friendships and secret negotiations or associations. Personal relationships will be in for some intriguing moments and you may have to keep certain emotional matters under wraps for some reason.
Home and your environment along with emotional and personal matters will be a little hectic or demanding. A problem on the 8th in your love relationship or at home will be difficult to settle if you don’t compromise. A power struggle may arise between you and your partner between the 9th and 13th. Such an encounter may provide the impetus for self-analysis, which, though you may not enjoy it, will be useful in the long run. Fortunately, Venus strikes it hot on the 15 th influencing a fabulous time with friendships and relationships and social times.

This will be an excellent time for rearranging your love life, overcoming difficult emotional situations, kicking your feet up, entertaining those close to you, or just plain having a good time. ‘Let bygones be bygones’ will be your motto.

This is an excellent month to join a favourite companion on a weekend trip or to strengthen a longdistance romance. An important telephone message may set the stage for a thrilling emotional encounter or stronger ties on the 21st. If you are single, you may look for new relationships that you feel less dependent upon. Moody people will not appeal to you—look to those who are enthusiastic and good-humoured. Confidence and insight is needed if you wish to maintain harmony on the 28th and you may prefer to escape to some very exciting and unusual places with your loved one. You’re in the mood for an exotic month of pleasure and luxury. You’ll easily attract others to you if you are truly, wholeheartedly selfless.

Aries January 2017  Career & Finance

Stand by for a month of assorted social and travel activities; you may be the centre of attention for some reason. You might receive an invitation to an official reception, fete or jubilee with an opportunity to make new friends and acquaintances and may socialise with people with whom you have professional ties with a view for future advancement. An enjoyable month for business and professional matters, especially around the 15th—you will have the ability to inspire confidence in others.

A new creative interest or hobby has the potential to bring financial gain on the 23rd and some may start a home-based business. Financial security is improving and opportunities await you through new developments for advancement. Luck at the racetrack comes in buckets; yellow and green are your lucky colours for this month. Any conflict involving friends and money will be resolved in your favour, providing you keep to your promise. Real estate, investments or saving plans will prosper; some will be granted a loan or receive a long-awaited windfall.

Your mental processes are speeded up this month and you move more quickly now. Try to make room for a lot of spontaneity and flexibility in your schedule at this time. Family, friends and acquaintances lean on you heavily for advice or assistance; give them all the help they need.


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