Friday, August 14, 2020

Leo Weekly Predictions October 2020

october weekly horoscope 2020 for leo

Leo First Week Horoscope October 2020

Between 1st to 2nd some long lasting worries will end. You’ll be admired by all for your achievements. All property related disputes will be favourably settled. You’ll try to enhance your usefulness by becoming more efficient. Between 3rd & 4th your economical status will get boosted up. Relations with the siblings will be full of warmth. May affect a basic change in your home or office set up. Between 5th & 7th you may come across many clashes and confrontation. In service you could be admonished by your boss or seniors. Govt. agents may also vex you. Health will also be not good.

Leo Second Week Horoscope October 2020

Guests may drop in between 8th & 9th. You may get a hike in your salary/position or in profit. May join a new job, and to cope with the changed ambience, you may require more energy. Between 10th & 11th October, you may try to solve your ward’s problem if you’re a guardian as their problem may concern you seriously. You’ll take steps to improve your professional steps as well. Between 12th & 13th the spouses will have very loving terms. You may like to start your new venture. Your some old endeavour may get its due rewards. But between 14th & 15th the due money almost reaching you will be held back. You’ll face some crises and bad news may further unsettle you.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Virgo Weekly Predictions October 2020

october weekly horoscope 2020 for virgo

Virgo First Week Horoscope October 2020

Between 1st & 2nd you may adopt some good practices and habits in your routine. You’ll not only organize your finance and income in a better way but may alter your entire living style. Mother Goddess’s worship will keep you much engrossed. Relations will be induced with a fresh warmth. But between 3rd & 4th you’ll get only mixed results. Yet you’d strive hard to get all that you aspire at any cost. Time will be spent in a joyful mirth and merry-making. Between 5th & 7th you may buy something new for the house. You’ll have a streak of added respect for the womankind.

You’ll achieve your targets within the stipulated time. Religiously you’ll be more curious and may like to learn something new in this field. Financially you’ll be much better off.

Virgo Second Week Horoscope October 2020

Between 8th & 9th remain aloof from others problems as your involvement in them will put you in a great loss. Mounting expenses may distract your life from your stipulated aim. Checking your spendthriftness is necessary. Between 10th & 11th you may finalize the changes you aspired in your office/shop or at home. Already received matrimonial proposals may gather momentum. May experience an internal enlightenment. Success in competitions/test will be assured. Between 12th & 14th the students will study devotedly. Your entire concentration will be on your work at hand. In service you may be a bit under pressure. On 15th be guarded about your tongue and temper. Financially you may feel a bit hard pressed.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Libra Weekly Predictions October 2020

october weekly horoscope 2020 for libra

Libra First Week Horoscope October 2020

Between 1st & 2nd a little domestic worry and tension will make you feel rather dull and morose. Be careful as your own trusted persons may deceive you. Between 2nd & 4th you’ll act with much positivity and enthusiasm. Domestically you’ll earn good respect, even at work place your reputation will swell. On 4th the Moon in its own sign will give you much mental relief. Between 5th & 7th you may get only mixed results. You may make fresh attempts to brighten your professional prospects. But the result of the previous exam may not be favourable. Many of your on going projects may get stuck up.

Libra Second Week Horoscope October 2020

Between 8th & 9th religion and spiritualism may rivet your interest in them. You’ll devotedly worship Mother Goddess. In business you’ll gain position and status apart from profit, as well. Close friends will be quite helpful. But between 10th & 11th you’ll lose control on your tongue and temper to make enemies. Between 12th & 14th guests may drop in and you’ll also think to start a new venture. You’ll like to ensure all good services so that you enjoy life luxuriously. Some help will resolve your disputes with the govt. On 15th the property related issues will also be resolved. May get a good news about your some relation.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Scorpio Weekly Predictions October 2020

october weekly horoscope 2020 for scorpio

Scorpio First Week Horoscope October 2020

In the beginning you may get only mixed results. On 1st you may need some help from someone which will be duly received. Your financial conditions may turn better. But between 2nd & 4th, the Moon’s sojourn in 12th may get you only unpleasant news. Health may also deteriorate. Some incident may upset you greatly. Your progeny’s some act may add to your worries. Between 5th & 7th you may plan a new venture.

You will find things quite malleable at home and office. You’ll discharge your domestic duties quite efficiently.

Scorpio Second Week Horoscope October 2020

Between 8th & 9th you’ll do your domestic work very methodically your added attention to your profession may enhance your income. Between 10th & 11th your friends and associates will be quite helpful. You’ll continue to become successfully progressively. Love with your spouse will be of high order. You may make a fresh investment. But between 12th & 14th you’ll face a quite trying phase. Someone else’s distress may trouble you so much that you may feel much upset. Spouses may have tiff on a minor issue. Wrong use of words may enhance the fight to alarming proportions. You may feel cornered. But on 15th your work efficiency may be further honed up.

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