Sunday, July 12, 2020

Sagittarius September 2020

sagittarius horoscope 2020 for september

Monthly Horoscope 2020: Sagittarius in September

This month is ideal for travel and also for mental exploration. There is a great need for escapism, and if that cannot be achieved via physical escapism, you will seek it via fiction, philosophy, or even spiritual pursuits.

This September could be the ideal time to discover the treasure in your back garden, and what I mean by that is that you may well begin to enjoy some of the wonderful historical or cultural assets in your town or county that you usually do not take much notice of. This is an ideal time to become more aware of the museums, galleries, castles or exhibitions locally which you can take advantage of. Often, you do not have to travel very far to have a unique and exciting experience that is quite an escape from the humdrum. On the other hand, you could travel thousands of miles and spend vast amounts of money to do essentially the same thing you do when you are at home. It is not so much where you go, but what you gain, and so whether you go far or stay close, make sure that you do something that is out of your comfort zone and which teaches you more about people, the past, and your place in the world.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Scorpio September 2020

scorpio horoscope 2020 for september

Monthly Horoscope 2020: Scorpio in September

The emphasis is back on career, reputation, and your role in the outer world this month. This is a better month for pushing ahead and working on your goals, and you will have a far better idea about what to do and how to do it.

Younger Scorpio may find that their parents are influencing their career decisions this month and this can be welcome, i.e., when they help you get a job via their connections or insider knowledge or a hindrance where they expect you to follow in their career footsteps. Either way, parents will play a role in your life direction as they will help you or actually force you to rebel and follow a new direction which can be very successful.

There is a stage Mother syndrome this month where some parents expect you to live out their dream and are overbearing in their attempts to steer you – this will force you to set some boundaries and learn where the parent ends and you begin, and this can be a watershed time for you.

Libra September 2020

libra horoscope 2020 for september

Monthly Horoscope 2020: Libra in September

This is the beginning of a phase in your life when you will question rules, norms, laws and social direction; you will also question your own motivations. Depending on your stage in life, it could be somewhat of a midlife crisis; I have heard of people having these kinds of crises at any age from 26 to 70. The main thing is that this creates an impetus to review goals and plans, to do a life audit and to think about how to reinvigorate your hopes and dreams with new plans.

They say that life expands in proportion to one’s courage, but I would say it differently – life expands in proportion to the ideas you have and the chances you take. Adventure does not always have to be physically orientated or even related to getting out in the big wide world; sometimes adventure is generating ideas in your own room or reading books which inspire you and open you up to new possibilities. Thankfully due to the internet and the increased connectivity of like-minded people across the globe, it is now possible to increase your awareness and male connection with others who share your interests or passions, no matter how much of a minority or way out they may be, and this is indeed an adventure. The world is changing at a faster pace than ever, and Libras can feel this in their bones and are eager to be part of it and to experience it with others; this can feel like a mini revolution in your life.

Contact with a diverse range of people is important right now as sharing is part of this journey you are on; this is not a sole crusade to be experienced very personally; it is a crusade about truth and awareness which is best experienced with others on that same road.

Many changes in your social circle can mean you have to act as go-between, and there is some pressure for you to take sides – this can mean you take a little break from your regular bunch of friends to avoid these machinations. You have a desire for harmonious relationships, and this conflict within your social circle jars with you, so do not be drawn in.

This is a preparation month rather than a launch month and so hold back; recheck; fine tune and hone your work or your presentation.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Virgo September 2020

virgo horoscope 2020 for september

Monthly Horoscope 2020: Virgo in September

This is a very busy month of great mental activity, meeting new people and travelling extensively in your local area, state, or region. This is an excellent time for Virgo beginning studies or starting a teaching career. You can take on board a lot of new information not just regarding facts, but in terms of learning new procedure, new routines, new routes, or new IT systems.

There are brand new opportunities for career, funding, and personal development. This is an impulsive time, and not all the decisions you make will be ones you want to stick with as new information is coming your way all the time and your attitude and priorities are changing. You are highly opinionated and can express yourself in quite a forceful way – you are more likely to be honest than diplomatic, and so you could be treading on some toes, but not in a nasty way, just because you are forthright.

This month is ideal for sporting achievements and bodes well for all careers or hobbies that are physically demanding from dance to swimming to karting. Virgo are very competitive in September, and even in new situations you will be eyeing up potential competition and starting as you mean to go on – you mean business.

September is a preparation month rather than an implementation or launch month and so take this month to get everything thoroughly prepared, researched, and organised.
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