Sunday, August 25, 2019

Pisces Love September 2019

Pisces Love & Relationship September '19

pisces in love september 2019

Pisces have a taste for the exotic in love and a new love interest may be someone you would not usually consider. Spiritual values and similar views on life are a uniting force in relationships. Pisces who are involved with a partner who despite many differences are united in terms of world view can find much to chat about and debate and many good decisions can be reached which you are both on board with.

This is a month where couples should look ahead and plan. Be it planning an aspirational family holiday or trip for 2019 or thinking about university for the children and how to pay for that, you need to come together right now to think about the big issues facing you both and how to navigate them.

Couples must have joint goals, as often without these a relationship will flounder. So, if you are your partner have become rooted in the now and focused on just about managing day to day, this is the month to think ahead and establish some motivating goals that you can both work towards and which can give meaning to an otherwise uninspiring lifestyle and bring your together in a positive vision for the future.

Relations with the in laws improve and they may help out in some way to relieve pressure. An ideal month to send the kids off to gran and grandpa while you have a short romantic getaway.

September brings greater understanding of key problem areas which affect you and your partner or perhaps just you in terms of relationships. Events can help you understand the darker side, but your ability to shine light into those dark areas with some positivity and forgiveness is also enhanced. You have a better grasp of how the extremes often play into an overall dynamic. You understand the yin and yang, the dark and light, the good and bad and how they are cannot exist without eachotehr to balance out.

Aquarius Love September 2019

Aquarius Love & Relationship September '19

aquarius in love september 2019

This is a great time for new relationships where you are the Alpha or the leader; even if you are not usually the assertive one, right now you will start relationships where you are indeed the force that decides the direction and makes the play. You enjoy initiating new love relationships, and you aim high.

You may find love at sporting events, at the gym or sports club. As you have more energy, you are spending more time doing sporting or competitive activities, and the endorphins generated give you a surge or sexual confidence.

This is not a time when you are easygoing; you are not afraid to say NO, and you are also not afraid to demand more of your relationship. It’s not about keeping the peace, it is about being real and saying what needs to be said, not to produce conflict, but to bring honesty back to the table.

You may get invites to special events courtesy of your partner. In marriages, it is time to show your support for your partner’s career ambitions and so be enthusiastic about their success and be their biggest cheerleader.

You want more out of the relationship, but you also need to be ready to put more back in and so stand up for your partner and rally to their defence or their aid.

Single Aquarians should embrace single life and enjoy the independence. Work on yourself and develop your own uniqueness and distinct personality away from the love arena. This can be an excellent time for Aquarians who have recently come out of a long-term partnership or marriage of many years or even decades to redefine yourself and understand your own personality again.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Capricorn Love September 2019

Capricorn Love & Relationship September '19

capricorn in love september 2019

You are very intense emotionally this month, and you react with more passion to literally everything. Nothing is water off a duck’s back; you are more observant and also more likely to ask questions and follow up vague comments. You tend to want to scratch the surface and can be more intrusive into your partner’s business affairs and what he/she gets up to when they are not with you. While you are somewhat suspicious, this is not all about suspicion, it is about being more aware and having a fuller picture of your partner. You are driven to understand the person closest to you better, and you will seek information in order to do that. Even if you have been with your partner for ages and think you know everything about them, recent changes and moods may create anxiety that you feel can be resolved with keeping a closer eye on them.

Capricorn can be very helpful in encouraging a partner to recognise a health problem and get it investigated and sorted; these problems may be mental health, male or female menopause or dietary issues. You are the one in the relationship who pushed for positive change and who decides that you cannot both be ostriches sticking your heads in the sand pretending problems will just go away.

This is a time when you can find what was lost in love. It is also a time when nagging problems are now on the agenda, and plans are being made to deal with them. You never accept anything at face value in September, you are incisive and investigative and that yields results.

New relationships tend to be with complicated people – but you absolutely love the challenge they pose. Love must be a conundrum to keep you interested right now, and the more you feel you can work with a partner, the more exciting the whole prospect of a relationship seems. You are attracted to people who are not really your type but who seem to need the kind of magic that you feel is at your fingertips right now.

A good time to expand your circle of friends, especially by involvement in clubs and professional associations. People you meet in this context can provide a path to love.

Sagittarius Love September 2019

Sagittarius Love & Relationship September '19

sagittarius in love september 2019

Sagittarians are quite provocative in love. Let’s be honest, regarding romance you prefer a theme park with roller coasters and ghost train to a walk in the park. Sagittarians always need to feel that there is another chapter to read, another twist in the plot and even better a sequel, as when the story says THE END, that is where you lose interest, and that is why Sagittarians will gravitate to challenging partners who provide some pushback and who like to stretch boundaries.

This month may throw the dice, gambling with some galling or outrageous behaviour; in new relationships, you may start looking for buttons to push and testing where those boundaries are and how hard you can push them.

You want to see your new partner’s true character, and you will subtly engineer situations which strip away a façade and expose true feelings and motivations. It is amazing how often a small argument or altercation can reveal a person’s nasty side – granted, no one is at their most loving in an argument, but the level of nastiness or toxicity in that person can be quickly detected. You want to test new lovers to see if they pass and if they don’t, you are ready to dispose.

In marriage, you tend to know just how far you can go, and it will be clear that you are not to be messed with. You have this odd need right now, in love, to pre-empt situations, when you sense tension (you are very sensitive to emotional undercurrents this month) you will look for ways to release it and bring anything hidden or secret right to the surface to be dealt with.

This is a time where one on one relationships are more intense and also more private – you are less inclined to talk to others, even your closest confidantes, about romantic issues, things are kept between you and your partner, and you do not welcome outside input.
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