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Chinese Horoscope: The Horse Personality

The Seventh Sign of the Lunar Cycle: The Horse

People born in the Horse’s year will be cheerful, popular, and quick-witted, although their changeable nature may cause them to be hot-tempered, rash, and headstrong at times. Unpredictable Horse natives will fall in love easily and may fall out of love just as easily if they follow their capricious heart instead of their head. Earthy and warmly appealing, Horses are very perceptive and talkative, and they have raw sex appeal rather than straight good looks. They are noted for their love of sports, outdoor activities, and animals. As agile mentally as they are physically, Horses are quick to respond to any stimuli and will perform better than most people in difficult situations. In fact, a high-pressure moment can bring out the best in the Horse. While other animals may freeze or second-guess their actions, a Horse will act by instinct. Whether it’s an earthquake or a fender bender, the Horse will be calm and guide you to safety. A person born under the auspices of the passionate Horse will have a strong, magnetic, and commanding personality that could be aggressive and even militant at times. Often, they will be drawn to careers that are driven by duty and helping others; some of the most talented emergency room doctors, first responders, and teachers are born under this sign.

In many cases, the high-spirited Horse may choose to leave home early in life. There will be little a parent can do to hold them back if they wish to go it on their own. If they choose to stay longer, their independent nature will goad them to start working young or to take up a career at a relatively early age. The Horse will enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship, despite its heavy workload. This sign is suited to such a life, as Horses are noted for their keen minds and ability to handle money, even though they are often adventurers at heart. Energetic, impetuous, and even brash, the Horse is a showy dresser, partial to bright colors and striking designs to the point of occasional gaudiness. Horses see fashion as an extension of their unapologetic personality and will wear what they love, whether it is on trend or not. Either way, the Horse’s confidence makes it easy for them to carry off looks that are brave by any stretch.

While Horses like their freedom and will undoubtedly relocate many times, they will accumulate a vibrant display of colorful decor for the home. Not one to choose a neutral vanilla approach, the Horse will decorate with vigor. Mementos from world travels, crafts for talented friends, and art that inspires strong feelings will all be popular fixtures of a Horse’s home.

The athletic horse person loves exercise, both mental and physical. It is the nature of the Horse to prefer being outdoors rather than cooped up inside. Horses need to explore, try new things, and push toward interesting terrain. Often they will quickly grow bored if things become too monotonous. You can spot a Horse by their swift but graceful body movements, animated reflexes, and rapid speech. Horses respond quickly and can make decisions on the fly. Horses’ minds work with remarkable speed, and whatever they may lack in stability and perseverance, they will certainly make up for it with flexibility and open-mindedness. Whether the Horse enjoys playing a sport individually or with a team, he or she will be motivated by a competitive spirit, especially when striving for a personal best. This urge to challenge and outdo others often unleashes a rebellious streak in the daredevil Horse. Ever the nonconformist, Horses will try anything once before making up their mind. Horses value their own personal experience over popular wisdom, even though it usually comes with a fair amount of risk (and heartache).

A native of this sign is often called the Casanova of the cycle. Horses love falling in and out of love, and they enjoy being where the action is. Horses enjoy dating and relationships much like another sport to play and master. The nimble Horse is just as skillful in love as in business.

hey appraise situations astutely and are able to manipulate people and events to their advantage, with an above-average ability to sense which way the wind is blowing. The original pickup artists, Horses often approach strangers and break the ice with an uncommon ease. While more introverted signs may admire a crush from afar for years, the Horse will walk right up and charm them into joining him or her for drinks this evening.

On the negative side, the Horse person can be impulsive and stubborn. Horses are known for explosive tempers, and although they quickly forget their outbursts, others may not be able to recover or forget. The Horse’s loved ones will shudder at their lack of restraint. Without so much as a second thought, Horses will publicize their opinions for all to see. Silly discussions among friends will quickly turn into all-out wars. A side comment while watching a game can escalate thanks to a Horse’s passionate nature. Subsequently, this lack of discretion and self-control may cost the Horse a great deal. This trait also often causes the Horse to lose respectability and credibility among friends and coworkers. Horses tend to rush people to do their bidding, are often insensitive to other’s needs, and become unhappy when others do not perform as quickly and as efficiently as the Horse can. Horses demand a great deal from others but are ill-prepared to surrender one iota of their all-important freedom. They can also be childish and petty in satisfying their whims and caprices.

Not one to bear a grudge or thirst for vengeance, the Horse has a forgiving heart and can forget grievances once his or her flaming temper has burned itself out. However, the Horse is often forgetful, absentminded, and given to jumping to conclusions. Horses have to be nudged gently if they are to act with decorum and not appear uncouth, inconsiderate, or too impatient to have their own way. They must learn that sometimes a simple “please” or “thank you” can be more effective than a demanding request that sounds like an order. Most Horse natives know what they want and will have no difficulty identifying their goals, both in the short term and in the long term. However, their methods of achieving those goals may be controversial.

The intelligent Horse will want things done their way. The performance- and success-oriented Horse always has their sights set on some target. Self-centered by nature, Horse natives like their home and environment to revolve around them. With their remarkable powers of persuasion, Horses will set out to sway people to their way of thinking. Snapping their fingers and clicking their heels, these trailblazers could talk you into anything once they begin to turn on the charm. People find it hard to resist the Horse’s positive and self-assured outlook on life.

To be able to really understand the confident Horse, you have to know one thing: they firmly believe in the primacy of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” as the U.S. Declaration of Independence puts it—chiefly their own! If you happen to share these values, well, the Horse won’t stand in your way. Horses are not possessive, suspicious, or jealous. They only become aggressive when they fail to get their way after trying every angle. Their selfishness rarely extends to the monetary or material side of life. It would be more accurate to say they are selfish with their time, affection, and concern for others, and they are unwilling to modify their ways to suit the group. They don’t always set out to be deliberately inconsiderate or contrary; they just cannot wait for others to catch up with them or match their mental speed and physical activity. For these reasons, unless the Horse develops the virtue of patience, he or she is likely to be an outstanding performer but a poor teacher.

Horses’ inconsistency stems from their constantly changing moods. They sense nuances that may go unnoticed by everyone else, and they modify their behavior accordingly. In other words, they go by the feel of things. They often cannot understand why others are not as “in touch” as they are.

Some things are just so obvious—but don’t ask Horses to explain their hunches and uncanny deductions. They can’t. Theirs is the amazing ability to improvise while the game is in progress. Frequently, they will play several games at the same time and be more than capable of holding their own.

Once they make a decision, they do not hesitate to act. You will either find them dashing about doing 101 things or passed out from sheer exhaustion. More than most signs, the Horse finds it difficult to unwind and may suffer from hypertension and insomnia. It will be important for a Horse to stay physically active to assist in helping their mind shut off by the end of each day.

Horses keep odd hours. They are unable to stick to a schedule not of their own making and have a lack of respect for standard procedures. When an idea strikes them, they will work around the clock without eating or sleeping. Then, when things are slow in the office, they may take a day off to pursue something more interesting. Horses always need a stimulating job in order to display their competence and to provide the challenges they crave.

As one who can think up innovative strategies, the Horse native loves to devise dynamic new approaches, solve tricky problems with amazing practicality, and rapidly master difficult procedures. Horses are dependable in that they are able to find the quickest, easiest, and most clever solution no matter what the situation. So if you have a Horse working for you, give them variety and plenty of rope, and send them on impossible missions. They do their best when given their autonomy. But for goodness’ sake, keep them busy, because their performance will suffer when a job is undemanding.

When you talk to Horses, emulate them by coming to the point quickly; otherwise you will lose whatever fragile hold you have on their attention. Even if the answer is no, give it to them directly, without disguise. They are quite able to revise their plans when they meet with opposition.

Horses have a resilient streak of optimism, so disappointments tend to bounce right off of them. Stringing them along just brings out the worst in them. They will not take offense at frankness and will appreciate your being blunt and not wasting their time or trying to deceive them.

It would be unfair to ask Horses to restrain themselves or bottle up their feelings. They have to express themselves. If they are forced to hold back their emotions, they may openly revolt—or break out in a rash if they are the silent type. Suspense and straitjacket procedures frustrate them.

In matters of the heart, the Horse can be a fickle soul. That amazing stranger you met last week? Old news. The one you thought was accompanying the Horse on the big trip to Maui? Best not to ask for the whole story. The Horse’s heart can have a terribly short attention span. After all, Horses see little harm in flirtations. Long, drawn-out entanglements hold no appeal for the Horse. Despite all this, the animated and affable Horse is said to be very susceptible to the perils of love. Consequently, they may have many affairs that end unhappily or several engagements that are broken off. Horses should be encouraged to wait until they are more mature before making a long-term commitment. While the Horse may be perfectly willing and able to move on quickly from breakups, others often have different ideas about how to end a relationship.

Horses know which side their bread is buttered on. They won’t get caught in a one-sided contract unless it happens to favor their side. They have a multitude of friends, and they make more and more each day. But they learn never to rely too heavily on any of them. When Horses are off and running, they like to travel light, so they may feel that too many commitments will weigh them down.

Quick to warm up and reach top speed, a person born under the Horse sign is equally quick to lose interest. Neither can they sustain a long siege. They certainly won’t break down your door like a Dragon or stalk you like a Tiger. They will leave you some information and call another day when you are likely to be more receptive. When the winds of change start to blow, the smart Horse will be the first to alter course.

While they may not be particularly diligent workers, don’t assume a Horse has quit something because they have walked away. You can never be sure when a Horse will resume work on a long-shelved project. The Horse mind is like a jigsaw puzzle; if and when they find a piece that will fit, they use it.

Like their best friend, the Tiger, Horses will sow some pretty wild oats. But reminding Horses of their blunders will be useless. If there is anything this person dislikes, it’s to dwell on their mistakes. With a cheerful but sincere “mea culpa,” the Horse will shrug and chalk it up to experience. You can’t expect the Horse to win them all! Next time, they promise to proceed more carefully.

The Horse is full of sass. These animals can be tart and saucy, pert and pretty, while also nimble on their toes and quite intelligent. The original multi tasker, a Horse can work out, write emails, juggle text messages, and carry on a conversation all at the same time. Their ideas for relaxation can be similarly taxing. They work off their energy with play that could seem like hard labor to the rest of us. Did someone mention climbing Mount Everest? Give them two minutes to pack—you just welcomed another member to the expedition.

Horses love to get things done. They would be in ten places at the same time if they could. Sometimes it seems like Horses are competing with themselves. No one else can do so much so quickly.

Horses may look attractive and will usually smell good, but underneath it all, they have depth to match their agile bodies. They make friends easily and will take their romantic involvements lightly. Their homes are practical, easy, well-located stations where they can refuel and take stock of their situation, but you won’t find them parked in one place permanently.

They will love fresh air, greenness, and outdoor sights and sounds. Horses refresh themselves in a thousand ways. The ocean’s roar, the rustle of the trees, the magic of the woods, and the majesty of the mountains will all call to the Horse’s sense of adventure. When they take off, they aren’t being unfaithful or unreliable; it’s just their nature to respond to such exciting challenges. If you love a Horse and want to keep him or her, don’t fence them in.

Horses will accumulate wealth but not security. They don’t care for security, so they won’t miss it all that much. They do have an inclination to oversell, stretch the truth, or ad lib with little white lies—none of which, in their eyes, is a fault; it’s more of a by-product of their creative imagination. They are not timid about taking the lead, and they will run themselves ragged before stopping to listen to advice.

Asians believe that whatever unbridled passions the Horse possesses, they will be multiplied many times over when he or she is born in the year of the Fire Horse, which comes once every sixty-year cycle. The last Fire Horse year was 1966, and the next is 2026. In days of old, when liberated and overly assertive women were frowned upon as troublemakers and were difficult to marry off, it was considered unlucky to have a daughter born in this year. Legend has it that the Fire Horse will consume everything in its path and wreak havoc wherever it goes. Good or bad, Fire Horses cannot help but bring attention to themselves.

The Horse, like the Dragon and the Tiger, is identified as a strong masculine sign. However, the fame and fortune of the Fire Horse, as well as of other Horses, seldom benefits their immediate families, especially because they usually leave home early. Leonid Brezhnev, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, and Otto Preminger (all born in 1906) are but a few examples of Fire Horses. Aristotle Onassis gave his year of birth as 1905, but some historians put it as 1906, for he is said to have made himself a year older when he left home to get a job. When Theodora looked into his biography and phenomenal lifestyle, she was inclined to believe he was a Fire Horse, not a Snake.

A Horse born in the summer will lead a better life than one born in winter. The best part of the Horse’s life will come during middle age, when they are sufficiently mature to grudgingly accept the shackles of responsibility.

The best partners for the Horse will be the Tiger, Dog, and Sheep. The next-best matches will be the Dragon, Snake, Monkey, Rabbit, Boar, Rooster, or another Horse.

The Horse will not fall for the Rat, who will not care for the independent Horse’s shifting ways. The Horse could also experience significant conflict in dealings with the rigid Ox. The Ox will demand consistency, and the Horse cannot, and will not, comply.

In the end, Horses will follow their own superior instincts and find their own destiny with little or no outside help. Relying on their own abilities, they will be masters of their own fates.

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Chinese Horoscope: The Snake Personality

The Sixth Sign of the Lunar Cycle: The Snake

Philosopher, theologian, political wizard, wily financier—the Snake person is the deepest thinker and the enigma of the Chinese cycle. Snakes are endowed with inborn wisdom; they are mystics in their own right. Graceful and soft-spoken, Snakes love good books, food, music, and the theater, and they will gravitate naturally toward all the finer things in life. Many feel that the most powerful and charismatic people tend to be born under this sign.

A person of this sign generally relies on their own judgment and does not communicate well with others. They can be deeply religious or psychic; on the other hand, they can be totally hedonistic. Either way, they trust their own instincts more than any outside advice. More often than not, the Snake will be right!

Like the Dragon, the Snake is a karmic sign. A Snake’s life ends in triumph or tragedy as dictated by their past actions. And although Snakes will deny it, they are very superstitious behind their sophisticated front. People born under other signs may defer payment to the next life (if one so chooses to believe), but Snakes seem destined to pay their dues before they leave. Perhaps this is also of their own choosing, as a person born under this sign is unusually intense and will seek to settle scores, consciously or unconsciously, in everything they do.

Natives of the Snake year are not likely to be bothered by money problems. They are fortunate to have what they need. Should funds be low, they are extremely well-equipped to remedy the situation. However, Snake people should not gamble; they will come out poorer in the end. In the event that they do suffer sizable losses, it probably will not happen a second time; Snakes learn fast. They can recoup with amazing speed, and as a rule they are prudent and shrewd in business. But to a Snake, money is just a means to an end. Snakes are considered ambitious because they strive for control through power and authority. However, a Snake who experiences poverty or extreme deprivation in youth may never fully get over it. They could become fanatical about accumulating wealth and could turn into a covetous and miserly person.

By nature, the Snake person is skeptical, but unlike the Tiger, Snakes tend to keep their suspicions to themselves. They treasure their privacy and will have many a dark secret locked up within. Elegant in speech, dress, and manners, the Snake person dislikes indulging in useless small talk or other frivolities. Unsurprisingly, even if you search endlessly for any clue of this person on the Internet, you will come up with nothing. How can it be? Although friends and mentors may urge a Snake to publicize themselves more for work or to connect better with the community, the Snake will stick to their guns and choose a life of selective attention. They feel it is best to live under the radar and have complete control. While Snakes can be quite generous with money, they are known to be ruthless when they want to attain an important objective. They have no qualms about eliminating anyone who stands in their way.

Some Snakes may have a slow or lazy way of speaking, but this does not in any way reflect on their speed of deduction or action. It’s just that they like to ponder things, to assess and formulate their views properly. Generally, Snakes tend to be very careful about what they say, and they will write and rewrite correspondence until they feel it is fit for the historical record. It is never safe to draw a line and predict that this is how far a Snake will go. The Snake’s computerlike brain never stops plotting, and a Snake can be viciously unrelenting. Remember that the Snake is one of the most tenacious signs of the Chinese zodiac.

Snakes are possessive and very demanding in their relationships. At the same time, they view their coworkers with a certain distrust. They will never forgive anyone who breaks a promise. Snakes are also prone to being neurotic, even paranoid, where their personal fears and suspicions are concerned.

When the Snake’s anger is roused, their hatred can be limitless. Their antagonism is silent and deeply rooted. They will express their displeasure through icy hostility rather than a volley of hot words. The more lethal types will prefer to crush their enemies totally. Time is of no consequence to a Snake; they will wait patiently for years for the opportunity to strike at their foes. There is no predicting the Snake’s movements. The Snake’s mind is calculation itself, and a Snake has the staying power to wait until the time is ripe for revenge. For those luckless souls who incur the wrath of a Snake, self-exile to Siberia may not seem like such a bad prospect.

The Snake exudes sex appeal with little effort. The original femme fatale or the brooding stranger whom you can’t look away from may very well be born in the year of the Snake. The cool, serene, exotic beauty of this sign mesmerizes people. This sign’s coolness is the kind you cannot fake. You either have this kind of cool or you don’t, and the Snake’s appeal in this arena is that they simply do not care about what others think about them. This drives people crazy with frustration or obsession. Either way, it will not change how the Snake interacts with the world. They are confident and collected as they roam around, giving the impression of indolence and a love of leisure. But the Snake is far from slothful, and the Snake’s brain is never at rest.

Despite being finely tuned and high-strung by nature, Snake people are characterized by beautiful complexions. The Snake is usually not plagued with pimples or blemishes, even when they don’t take particular care of their skin. It seems that tension tends to affect the Snake’s digestive and nervous systems more than the epidermis. Underneath their flawless good looks, a good many of these natives succumb to stomach ulcers or nervous breakdowns from containing all that stress internally.

The Snake will opt for well-cut clothes, fluid and classic in design. This sign loves jewelry and chooses accessories with care. If they can afford it, Snakes will buy the real thing—designer brands, high-quality materials, gemstones of the highest rating, watches with excellent resale value, and handbags with their papers in order, of course. Besides being beautiful, these purchases are an excellent form of investment in the Snake’s eyes. No cheap gold plating or imitations for the Snake; it’s the real thing or not at all. You won’t find the Snake decked out in worthless junk.

The Snake’s good taste and love of timeless design will naturally extend to the home. This sign has an innate talent for decoration and a need to be surrounded by beautiful things. Over time, the Snake will bring together an impressive collection of art, accessories, and furniture that delight his or her sensibilities. One has to respect the patience and hard work it takes to put together such a seamless home. Even more than accruing stylish physical items, the Snake enjoys creating a mood, especially when entertaining. The Snake will be especially concerned with the right lighting for their home to cultivate the right set of vibes. Candles will always be on hand, arranged in artful and flattering ways. Drapes will be chosen with the right weight to let the appropriate amount of light in.

A Snake’s standards for a partner will be similarly high. The Serpent admires power and the influence money can bring. When a Snake cannot wield them alone, then the next best thing is to partner with someone who has them. At any rate, no matter how rich or powerful a partner is, the Snake will not be content to ride someone’s coattails or loaf about. That is not how the Snake is wired. The source of the Snake’s attraction is admiration and respect, and without a feeling of reciprocated appeal, the Snake will only feel unrest. The Snake is one of the most competitive signs in the zodiac and will motivate themselves as well as their partner to realize every opportunity and every last ounce of their collective potential. After all, life would become fairly boring without new puzzles to solve.

The Snake is difficult to read when it comes to politics. Perhaps it is their strategic mind or their incredibly accurate accounting in life, but Snakes do not like to commit to one party or cause, certainly not publicly. Self-preserving Snakes are happy to keep their silence and go along with the crowd if it serves them well. They will play their cards in such a way that no one will ever really know where they stand. They always possess that mystique and cool ambivalence. Snakes may often play both sides, placing their bets on both red and black so their bases will be covered. More altruistic signs will find fault with this approach, calling it one of low integrity. The Snake’s friends often feel taken advantage of when they learn that the Snake was not so much an ally as a friend by circumstance. But it’s nothing personal; Snakes always operate with a bit of distance, delaying any real commitment because of their cautious ways.

So you can understand why the Snake seems a bit puzzled by those who complain openly about any kind of slight. Snakes always secretly feel that a person must work with what they have and not waste time lamenting what could have been. Very much the type to set their own agenda and make their own rules, Snakes can be formidable opponents when challenged and will seek to destroy those who cross them.

Contrary to common belief, the Snake is not always a raving beauty. If you analyze a Snake’s face feature by feature, you will find they have some flaws: the nose may be too large or the eyes set too close. But it’s the total effect that counts. Whether you call it charisma or inexplicable energy, Snakes have their own unique formula, and when it all comes together—it’s magic!

All Snakes have a sense of humor. Of course, they may have different brands. Some prefer a dry wit; others are sardonic, scintillating, or even diabolical. Nonetheless, it’s there. The best time to observe this is when the Snake is under duress. In a crisis, even when weighed down by enormous troubles, the Snake can crack a joke to lighten the atmosphere.

In Asia, the snake is often regarded as a supernatural creature endowed with a touch of the sinister. This is because it lives a long time and renews itself by shedding its skin for a new one each time the old is outgrown. This particular trait symbolizes its ability to be reborn and to emerge from conflict with restored vigor.

By now, you must have gathered that it is no mean task dealing with the Snake. What makes it even more tricky is the fact that under all that serenity, Snakes are always on guard. Their outward calm never betrays their true feelings. They possess the wisdom to plan their moves well in advance. They have willpower and will maintain their position to the bitter end. They can be very evasive and elusive when they choose, and just when you think you have got a grip on them, they wriggle free. Needless to say, the Snake makes the perfect politician. They can negotiate anything under the sun when they put their mind to it.

The Chinese believe that Snakes born in the spring and summer will be among the most deadly of the lot. Winter Snakes are quiet and docile because winter is when they hibernate. A Snake born during a hot day will be happier and more contented than one born during bad weather.

Snake people are passionate lovers; they are also reputed to have roving eyes. Actually, this is a false reputation they have acquired because they are always sensual about anything they undertake. They may exhibit the same fervent, relentless ardor in chasing a coveted business deal as in winning the object of their affection.

Snake people usually lead dangerous lives full of excitement and intrigue, especially those Snakes who have an insatiable lust for power and the limelight. Wrapping themselves around the object of their desire, they can squeeze and crush the life out of it. Needless to say, once they attain power, they will not willingly let go.

The best partners for the Snake will be the dependable Ox, the dauntless Rooster, or the illustrious Dragon. They could do well by teaming up with the Rat, Rabbit, Sheep, and Dog, too. The Snake should steer clear of the defiant Tiger, who may not appreciate the Snake’s discerning ways. The impulsive and equally demanding Horse will make only a mediocre match, and the clever Monkey may challenge the Snake with their own brand of cunning. Two Snakes can cohabit peacefully. The Boar and the Snake will not find much in common; the Snake is sleek and sophisticated, the Boar too honest and mundane. They have entirely opposite makeups.

In times of confusion and trouble, Snakes are pillars of strength because they maintain presence of mind. They can deal with bad news and misfortune with great aplomb. They have a profound sense of responsibility and an unsinkable constancy of purpose. If these traits are coupled to a Snake’s natural hypnotic charisma, he or she can reach the highest realms of power.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Chinese Horoscope: The Dragon Personality

The Fifth Sign of the Lunar Cycle: The Dragon

The mighty and magnificent Dragon of mythical folklore never ceases to enchant us or stir our imaginations. So it must be said that some of its magical qualities, illusory or not, are contained in those born under its sign.

Dragon people are magnanimous and full of vitality and strength. To them, life is a blaze of colors, and they are constantly on the go. Egotistical, eccentric, dogmatic, whimsical, or terribly demanding and unreasonable, they still never lack for admirers. Proud, aristocratic, and very direct, the Dragon-born establish their ideals early in life and demand that others meet the same high standards they set for themselves.

In Chinese mythology, the formidable Dragon symbolizes the emperor or male. The indestructible Phoenix is the symbol of the empress or female. Thus, those born in the Dragon year are said to wear the horns of destiny, which represent power and duty. A Dragon child will tend to assume burdens and responsibilities, even if he or she happens to be the youngest in the family. Often, older Dragon children can bring up their younger siblings with more authority than the parents.

The Dragon is a veritable storehouse of energy. Their impetuosity, eagerness, and almost religious zeal can blaze like the fabled fire the Dragon emits from its mouth. Dragons have the potential to accomplish great things, which is fortunate, as the Dragon likes to perform on a grand scale. However, unless they contain their enthusiasm, they may burn themselves out and end up in a puff of smoke. This is the most likely of the signs to become fanatical over an issue to the point of obsession. Whatever Dragons do, good or bad, they will never fail to make headlines. The Chinese call the Dragon the guardian of wealth and power, making this a prosperous sign to belong to. But then again, the Dragon is the sign most prone to megalomania. They just do not take defeat gracefully. The powerful Dragon is difficult—at times even impossible—to oppose. Dragons tend to intimidate those who dare challenge them. An angry, spurned Dragon could be like the big, bad wolf at your door. They’ll huff and they’ll puff until they blow your house down.

But the Dragon is likely to be loyal to his or her loved ones, despite having a strong temper and dogmatic ways. Whatever differences a Dragon may have with family members will be forgotten or set aside when they call for help. The Dragon can put aside resentments and come to the rescue promptly. However, the Dragon’s family can also count on receiving a severe lecture once the crisis is over. Dragons seldom mince words, stating their views as if they were imperial edicts. Although they may rave about the virtues of free speech and democracy, don’t buy it. Dragons feel themselves to be above the law and don’t always practice what they preach.

Sometimes it can be terribly difficult for Dragons to be civil, affectionate, or honey-tongued. They would much rather be rough, rude, and utterly inconsiderate when provoked. But don’t try to give them the same medicine. Somehow it just won’t work, unless you happen to be another Dragon and decide to do battle. Then we can all sit back and watch magnificent fireworks that will make the Fourth of July look like candles on a birthday cake.

In spite of sitting on a volcano of emotions, the Dragon is not sentimental, overly sensitive, or very romantic. The Dragon takes love and adulation for granted. But although Dragons may be stubborn, irrational, and overbearing when irked, they can forgive you the moment they get over their outburst. And because things are supposed to work both ways, Dragons expect your forgiveness for their errors as well. Dragons may even neglect to apologize at times, which may seem callous, but then Dragons really have no time to explain themselves (at least that’s how they see it) or to be bothered by grudges or trifles. They just want to get on with their work.

While Dragons may be strong and decisive, they are not cunning or manipulative. They shun easy adaptability and tricky negotiations. When the contest is to be decided on strength alone, the Dragon will conquer hands down. Often, though, Dragons are overconfident, brash and deluded by their wonderful visions. Accordingly, they neglect to pay attention to potential upsets or underhanded plots that could overcome them. Instead of sniffing around to nose out what schemes might be brewing, they prefer to plunge right into battle, refusing to retreat even in the face of overwhelming odds. Too proud, they disdain calls for assistance; too sure, they rarely keep anything in reserve. Too intent on going forward, they forget to protect their rear and flanks. Too moral to bend, they refuse to lie or compromise. Further, they are unable to decipher information presented indirectly, as in clever innuendoes and insinuations. They also generally fail to spot the evil and subversive intent of their enemies. To the Dragon person, having a purpose or special mission in life is essential. They must always have a cause to fight for, a goal to reach, a right to wrong. Otherwise, how can they keep that inner fire burning? Without their pet projects, rallies, and other impossible schemes, the Dragon is like a locomotive without fuel. They fizzle out and become dull and listless.

The Dragon has the same affinity for success as the Snake, but because Dragons express their views more openly and their failures are more likely to involve some form of physical exertion, they are usually spared deep psychological struggles. Being a doer, the Dragon will undertake solo crusades, lead demonstrations, confront leaders face to face, or collect a million signatures on a petition. Utilizing every tool they can get their hands on, Dragons will do their best to galvanize change. They will document, publicize, and bring people together with relentless energy. Dragons will voice their feelings and act with passion. This method of belching fire and brimstone effectively rids them of any inner neurosis that could otherwise result. Bottling up feelings can only result in regret for the action-oriented Dragon.

The Dragon is a hero at heart—the kind written about in legend and folklore. They will be die-hard believers in equal rights. Double standards and discrimination will arouse their wildest passions and greatest anger. And no matter the Dragon’s size, social upbringing, or financial means, don’t underestimate them. When a Dragon is determined to beat you at your own game, they will win or die trying. They’ll never stand idly by and accept their fate. A Dragon is the stuff empires are built on, like the leaders of old. Cross them and the sky will fall.

To tell the truth, the Dragon is strictly a no-nonsense person. Dragons show this by the way they dress. Practical, functional clothes appeal to them—no frills or flimsy laces, no buttons or bows. Clothes that go on and come off easily and provide them with maximum comfort and movement will be the top choice. A Dragon hates unnecessary restrictions and limitations. Actually, they may even prefer a uniform. A neutral mix of clothes that require little thought but fit the functional needs of work, play, and comfort will tick all the boxes for the Dragon. This makes joining the ranks of the military or another institution that is built on tradition an easy match for this animal. This way—starched, crisp, and superbly efficient—they can pop off to work every day without the bother of having to decide what to wear. Dragons make excellent teachers and can inspire others to follow their example. Being natural educators and instructors, they are always clear about what they want from others and how things should be done.

The Dragon rarely overdecorates. This animal believes that brilliance lies in the mind and will shine forth without any adornment. Dragons’ homes will similarly be thoughtful and efficient. Many will be drawn to the clean lines of industrial, highly modern design or will adopt a minimalist approach to putting together a home. The simple, even sparse quality of such furnishings will bring peace to the Dragon, who wants the home to be a place where they can focus easily with nothing to distract them or that requires meticulous maintenance. Dragons have very high self-esteem and feel they do not need the help of big brands or fancy accessories to help raise their profile. A Dragon doesn’t expect to be treated like royalty (just close to it); but they do want your respect, and material possessions are not typically part of their strategy.

Despite having as many faults as virtues, the luster of the Dragon shines on everyone. Dragons are not petty, nor do they begrudge favors. They may grumble a lot, but they cannot resist helping the needy or coming to the rescue of those in trouble. This may not be because they feel real compassion or even genuine concern; more often than not, Dragons help out because they have a profound sense of duty to all.

Somehow, the Dragon will always have a notable contribution to make. You can count on their support, for they will not let you down if they can help it. Dragons will exhaust all their resources before they admit failure. An extrovert and lover of nature, this person will be an active camper, an inveterate traveler, and an excellent talker. Dragons have the makings of top salespeople, and they and their band of loyal followers will always be promoting something.

The weather at the time of a Dragon’s birth will greatly affect his or her life. A child born during a storm will lead a tempestuous, hazardous life beset by danger or spectacular experiences. One born on a day when the sea (the Dragon’s ancestral home) and the heavens are calm will have a protected existence and a more amiable nature.

The Dragon native will either pair off early or prefer to remain single. A Dragon can be happy leading a solitary life, as work and career will keep them well occupied. They will seldom lack friends or admirers to keep them company as well. Dragons will feel that their life is plenty full, no matter how romance may favor them.

Dragons are not spendthrifts, but they are not misers, either. They are generous with money, but they are never too concerned about their finances unless they happen to have a money-making ascendant like the Rooster or the Rat.

This person is super-positive. Nothing will keep them down for long, and even when they are down in the dumps, they will snap out of it faster than anyone else. Their buoyancy often defies rhyme or reason.

For a sign that never accepts defeat, Dragons provide their own worst opposition. They will dash headlong into a disastrous situation when they are convinced they are right. Pompous and self-destructive, you say? No, not really. It is just that this person must follow their plans and ideals regardless of the consequences. After all, they were put on Earth to raise standards to superlative heights, and the more you try to change their course of action or steer them away from trouble, the more headstrong they may become. They live up to their reputation for taking the lead even when matters become most unpleasant.

Whatever else is true about them, a Dragon will be an open person; you can read them like a book. It is difficult for Dragons to pretend to have emotions they do not feel. They rarely even bother to try. They are not secretive, either, and they cannot keep a confidence for long. Even when they swear not to breathe a word, they will blurt it out when they get angry and sparks begin to fly. It is not in the Dragon’s nature to censor their messages, especially when their feelings get the better of them. They will confront strangers, send messages meant for a few to the entire community, and not think twice about the long-term effect. You say the Dragon promised to keep their thoughts (and yours!) a secret? What secret? How can you bother them with such a trivial thing at a time like this? Those who are raising a Dragon or are in charge of public relations for one have a terribly difficult job on their hands. The Dragon is spontaneous and outspoken—a powerful and unpredictable combination.

The Dragon’s feelings are genuine and always straight from the heart. When they declare they love you, you can be absolutely sure they are sincere.

Should a person belong to the rougher variety of Dragons, they could be very abrasive. Their direct, brusque manners and callousness could well antagonize people. But generally speaking, they will inspire action. Things they want done immediately should be attended to personally, not in writing or over the phone. The Dragon’s presence provides the magnetism to swing people over to his or her way of thinking. Dragons motivate everyone they come into contact with. Dragons will need no motivation—they are more than capable of generating their own momentum.

It will never be hard to place your confidence in the truth-loving Dragon. They seldom waver, cower, or shift responsibility. They possess little or no self-doubt. With their natural pioneering spirit, their endeavors will either be stupendous successes or unbelievable exercises in futility. They must drive to the very edge of the precipice and take a good look for themselves. Just hold your breath, keep your fingers crossed, and pray that they have good brakes. Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” concisely sums up how the Dragon ticks. The Dragon is an original, and they will chart their path however they please.

Of all the animal signs, the Dragon will be attracted most to the irresistible Monkey. The Monkey will similarly be drawn to the Dragon’s majesty, and they will make an unbeatable team. A Dragon-Rat union will be an equally winning combination, as the Rat is crafty whereas the Dragon is strong. They can do great things together. The Dragon will likewise make a good match with the cool and venerable Snake, whose wisdom could check the Dragon’s excessiveness.

Tiger, Rooster, Horse, Sheep, Rabbit, and Boar will all seek Dragons out for their beauty and strength. Two Dragons will get along pretty well, but the Dragon’s relationship with the Ox may be a bit strained by the Ox’s similar authoritativeness. Of all the animal signs, perhaps only the Dog will make a miserable partner for the Dragon. The Dragon will come under the close scrutiny of the Dog, and the Dog will be too cynical to fall under the Dragon’s spell. The Dog could be a pain in the Dragon’s rear end, as the egalitarian Dog demands equality and justice for all; and when the Dog checks the scales, he or she may find the Dragon tipping them arbitrarily in the Dragon’s own favor without even realizing it. Sometimes Dragons see themselves as just a little more equal than most, and this really raises the hackles of our fair-minded Dog.

Above all, it is worth remembering that although Dragons are dazzling, they are not always deep. Only when they can harness their legendary powers can they perform the miracles they are famous for. They need people to believe in them!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Chinese Horoscope: The Rabbit Personality

The Fourth Sign of the Lunar Cycle: The Rabbit

A person born in the year of the Rabbit is considered very fortunate. The Rabbit (also known as the Hare in Chinese mythology) serves as the symbol of longevity and is said to derive its essence from the moon. When people in the West gaze at the moon, they may tell a child the story of the man in the moon, but when the Chinese look at the moon, they see the Moon Hare standing near a rock under a cassia tree and holding the Elixir of Immortality. During the Chinese midautumn festival when the moon is at its loveliest, Chinese children still carry lighted paper lanterns made in the image of a rabbit and climb to the tops of hills to observe and admire the immortal Moon Hare up above.

The Rabbit is the soul of graciousness, good manners, sound counsel, kindness, and sensitivity to beauty. The soft-spokenness and graceful, elegant ways of the Rabbit embody all the desirable traits of a successful diplomat or statesman. People born under this sign will lead a tranquil life, as they will opt to enjoy a peaceful and congenial environment. They are reserved, artistic, and likely to possess good judgment. Their thoroughness will also make them good scholars. They will shine in the fields of law, government, and research.

But they are also inclined to be moody; at such times, they appear detached from their environment and indifferent to the people close to them. And although Rabbits may appear outwardly impervious to the opinions of others, inwardly they wither under criticism.

The Rabbit is lucky in business and in all kinds of financial transactions. Astute at striking bargains, they can always come up with a suitable proposal or an advantageous alternative. Their sharp business acumen, coupled with their knack for smooth negotiations, will ensure them a fast rise in any career they choose.

However, the Rabbit’s diplomatic technique can be deceiving, and they can be diabolically cunning when they put their mind to it. So while Rabbits are tender and obliging to their loved ones, they can be superficial and even ruthless in their dealings with outsiders. Suave and self-indulgent, they enjoy their creature comforts and like to put their own wishes first. It irks them terribly to be inconvenienced because they are considerate, modest, thoughtful people who would like others to be the same. They sincerely believe it costs people nothing to be nice to each other, and they will always make an effort to be civil, even to their own worst enemy. They abhor brawling and any sort of overt animosity or belligerence.

For all their quiet and apparently docile ways, Rabbits possess a strong will and an almost narcissistic self-assurance. They pursue their objectives with methodical precision but always in an unobtrusive manner. No one will ever accuse them of being obvious or thick-skinned. The well-mannered Rabbit dislikes making a scene. But the special trait that makes Rabbits formidable negotiators is their inscrutability. It is difficult if not impossible to know what they are thinking behind that soft blanket of Rabbit niceness.

Rabbits usually have impeccable manners and discretion. They seldom use harsh words, foul language, or vulgarisms to make a point. There is little need to anyway, as their own techniques are stunningly effective. Naturally, the Rabbit’s public persona will be spotless. No negative comments or embarrassing outbursts can be attributed to them because they will always be thinking about the long-term effects of their words. Comments and updates will be polite, measured, and appropriate for all to see. Perhaps the most dangerous response from a Rabbit is silence. One can only imagine what negative thoughts are hidden under such a perfectly pleasant demeanor.

Rabbits often assume a cloak of decency and amiability to undermine their opponents. Their credentials are usually flawless or at least in good order. And when it comes to influencing others, the Rabbit wrote the playbook. They will wine and dine you and cater to your every whim when they are in pursuit. Then, when you have eaten your fill and are contentedly sipping a lovely cocktail, they will pull out the contract for you to sign. Before you know it, they have cut you off at the knees, and they were so deft about it that you didn’t even feel any pain. It was all over with the stroke of a pen. Our sympathies are with you, friend. You are just another victim of the incomparable Hare.

The Rabbit may appear a bit slow or overly deliberate at times, but this is due to an inborn sense of caution and discretion. The Rabbit’s restraint is a valuable strength. The Rabbit knows when to stop and doesn’t rush into anything lightly. One can be sure that the Rabbit will read the fine print before signing any document. Because of their superior ability in assessing people and situations, Rabbits can afford to be conceited—which, by the way, they are.

Rabbits are considerate and understanding with their friends: a great person to work, shop, or commiserate with. They are delightfully warm and witty, and their company is always sought after. They have plenty of energy for the things they like to do and will tirelessly track down a rare vintage item or help plan a friend’s wedding to the last detail. But when they feel they have had enough, well, you can expect them to drop whatever they are doing, prop up their dainty feet, and go totally limp. That is the philosophical part of the Rabbit. Do you know why the Rabbit can keep so serene amid all kinds of frantic action? The secret is to know when your batteries need recharging, and no one has a better instinct about this than the Rabbit.

While everyone else is killing themselves in a mad rush to get somewhere, the Rabbit knows that the world will still be here tomorrow, so what’s the hurry? Why don’t you sit down, too? The Rabbit will probably make you a nice cup of tea and help you forget all about that crazy rat race outside.

In any situation, you can always rely on Rabbits to be in control of themselves. They will notice the license number of the getaway car or remember that the robber wore an unusual hat and had a small tattoo on the back of his left hand. And while you are at the police station filing that report, the Rabbit will calmly recall all the details and help you answer all those irritating questions.

All in all, the Rabbit really knows how to live well. What’s more, the Rabbit is more than willing to let others live well, too, so long as they do not harm the Rabbit’s interests. Rabbits are not spoilsports or disciplinarians with an ever-watchful eye, and they know when to refrain from criticism. They never like to embarrass anyone in public when they can settle the score in their own way. They are adept at the art of saving face, both yours and theirs, and if there is any way they can spare your feelings, they will.

Have no doubt, however, that the Rabbit makes mental notes of your mistakes or progress. But if matters are not serious or beyond redemption, the Rabbit will good-heartedly let you pass. As a result, the Rabbit is well-liked and popular, makes few enemies, and rarely gets into trouble. People respond by being generous to the Rabbit and letting him or her pass, too.

No one (except the Sheep) has a more sympathetic ear to lend you than the Rabbit. However, while Rabbits are excellent psychologists and compassionate listeners, they will only play the role of a passive advisor. The Rabbit is, above all, an intellectual, a realist, and a pacifist. Do not expect a Rabbit to go out with all colors flying and do battle for you. That would be asking too much. Let’s face it: the Rabbit will never elect to trudge up Mount Everest with you or volunteer to carry your burden, no matter what great buddies you two claim to be. The Rabbit will lend you the money for the lawyer or bail you out of jail if they can afford it, but that’s about all. And if you are getting to be too much of a nuisance or a liability, you can count on the Rabbit to make a quick but graceful exit from your life.

The refined Rabbit will not be averse to marrying a good old-fashioned billionaire instead of an attractive but penniless suitor. The former will be able to provide advantages and luxuries that the Rabbit demands as necessities. A Rabbit’s partner must be powerful enough to protect and support a comfortable lifestyle, and sensitive enough to politely disappear when a sullen mood takes hold and the Rabbit wishes to remain undisturbed.

When given the choice, the Rabbit will vote for the easy and good life every time. The Rabbit will wear loose, comfortable clothing of superb cut and fabric, cashmere sweaters, pure silk blouses, and durable linens and tweeds. The clothes, like the Rabbit’s manner, will be elegant but understated. Flashy, geometric, and loud designs offend the Rabbit’s sense of conformity and balance. The Rabbit’s love of aesthetics and comfort will certainly extend to the home as well. The Rabbit will craft any living space, small or large, into a sanctuary. Striking a cultivated balance of luxury and comfort, the Rabbit’s home will be one of their prides and joys. A Rabbit’s domicile must also serve as an entertainment hub. Both sanctuary and entertainment are top priorities for the Rabbit, who sees these activities as vital to reenergizing and finding peace with life’s ebbs and flows. The Rabbit will work hard to craft an inspiring place, a beautiful place to dine and welcome friends, and a showcase for his or her fine taste. A Rabbit’s home will be as picture-perfect as possible when welcoming company because the Rabbit sees the home as a natural extension of their image. Needless to say, unannounced drop-ins are frowned upon.

While gracious to friends and coworkers, Rabbits may be somewhat distant from their own family or simply bored by domestic routine and duties. Rabbits hate cloying associations. They will shake off encroachments on their privacy and friends who impose without regret. They can be bureaucratic and overly cautious about difficult issues. They hate binding commitments and overinvolvement, so they can also be experts at passing the buck.

Rabbits are singularly debonair, possessing charm, grace, and courtliness. While they are singing your praises, however, they can also be drinking all your top-shelf whiskey. Yes, the Rabbit gravitates toward leisure and the cream of society. On second thought, the cream of society could well consist of poised and genial Hares.

At their best, Rabbits are admired for their suavity and intelligence, and they are respected for their sensible advice. At their worst, they are overly sensitive, imaginative, or just acidly indifferent or disinterested. They are allergic to strife and may avoid coming into contact with human suffering or misery, as though it were some highly contagious disease.

Rabbits are not easy to pin down. They can also resort to repressive and ruthless measures to secure their secrets or privacy. When Rabbits feel threatened, they will hide their anger, but their subtle brooding and concealed antagonism can take the form of subversive tactics. Despite all their positive qualities, natives of this sign will still value themselves above all else. When pushed too far, they will discard anything or anyone disrupting the calm of their existence. Their beliefs are known to be flexible, and they have the knack of playing both sides for insurance. Security could be an obsession to the weaker types of this lunar sign; you rarely find a Rabbit in areas of high risk or volunteering for dangerous missions.

The Rabbit’s love of ease coupled with their distaste for conflict may give them a reputation for being weak, opportunistic, and self-indulgent. Unlike the Dragon, Tiger, or Rooster, who enjoy and even thrive on a hearty fight now and then, Rabbits do not relish combat. They were not born to be warriors on the field. They are more effective working behind the scenes. Do not be concerned about the Rabbit’s well-being. Agile, sagacious, and armed with good sense, they will know how to keep out of harm’s way. Unlike other signs, who pursue lofty ideals, the Rabbit’s main objective in life is simply finding self-preservation and harmony.

The Rabbit year is said to bring peace or at least a respite from conflict or war. Likewise, the year’s natives will do everything in their power to restore harmony or leave the scene.

The Rabbit makes a good entertainer and is a wonderful host. Pleasant and warm company, they have a good word to say about everyone. But don’t let that fool you. They know more than they will say. You can easily recognize a Rabbit by their demeanor. They will be your best friend so long as you take care not to ask too much of them.

The well-groomed Rabbit is most compatible with those born in the year of the Sheep. They will share the same good taste and love of material comforts. Equally well suited will be a relationship with the Dog and the honest, big-hearted Boar. The Rat, Dragon, Monkey, Ox, Snake, and another Rabbit will make good secondary matches for Rabbits. But they will not be able to tolerate the vanity or criticism of the Rooster. They are unimpressed by the dramatics of the Tiger and unappreciative of the quick-tempered and mercurial ways of the Horse.

To sum it up, Hares simply leap over obstacles in their path and recover from calamities with remarkable resilience. No matter how they are tossed, they land on their feet. They may not be close to their family, but Rabbits will make every effort to provide them with the best of everything. Beneath their soft, vulnerable-looking exterior is an armor of caution and sagacity. Rabbits will avoid being drawn into conflict unless it affects them directly, at which time they will take the appropriate measures to protect their interests.

There is no great inner struggle between the forces of good and evil in the Rabbit’s heart. Rabbits believe in their own ability to survive, rely on their own judgment, and as a result are usually at peace with themselves. Theirs is the sign most apt to find happiness and contentment.
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