Friday, July 12, 2019

Aries Weekly Horoscope August 2019

aries weekly predictions aug '19

Aries First Week Predictions August '19

Not a good beginning as first two days (1st & 2nd) and the half 3rd day (3rd) shall be full of troubles. You may be exhausted in discharging your duties but may get no relief. Body will feel trail and exhausted. Things will improve from 3rd noon. You’ll pay maximum importance to education related pursuits. May start a new venture with a novel idea. Your methodical approach may ease your success. Between 6th & 7th you’ll be overwhelmed by a new thought and experience. It’s a good phase for the love and romance as well. May participate in some secret activities. Your widening PR circle will make you influence a lot of people.

Aries Second Week Predictions August '19

May come in contact with new contacts to establish deep friendship with them. You’ll command good authority and status to control much money which will delight your well wishers. May find time to indulge in your hobbies and play with your kids. However, be alert between 11th & 12th as you may have to face much opposition, causing financial and even emotional shock. Most of your time will be wasted in phone-calls and shopping while the important work will remain unattended. Things may become favourable between 13th & 15th. You’ll achieve success without anybody’s support. You’ll work very hard and may feel exhausted physically, but mentally you’ll be on the cloud nine.

Aries Third Week Predictions August '19

On 16th & 17th you’ll have normal phase. Romance and love may over power your emotion. You’ll enjoy good health and shall plan coolly for future, feeling quite free and liberated, your terms with your family, relations and neighbours will be full of warmth. it is a period when with little effort you may ensure a hefty return. Students’ class will remain quite devoted in their studies. But the moon’s sojourn in 4th may perturb you much. Costly electrical appliances may become defective. Thefts and stealing of the valuables may add to your discomfiture.

Aries Fourth Week Predictions August '19

Success in your endeavours between 24th & 25th may wipe off all your despondency and tensions. Between 26th & 28th you’ll feel much peaceful and relaxed. You’ll give full attention to your domestic issues and shall be extra considerate to your family members. You will also indulge in charity and shall participate in philanthropic programmes. But between 29th & 30th the Moon in 8th may give yon a very trying time. You may develop serious differences with your spouse. Failure shall result in whatever you do during this phase. You could be cheated and deceived by your close confidants. May have to face insult and defamation during this phase. But on 31st you’ll do every work with great caution and alertness. The situation will improve vastly by your acts of intelligence.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Taurus Weekly Horoscope August 2019

taurus weekly predictions aug '19

Taurus First Week Predictions August '19

This entire week will be quite favourable for you. Between 1st & 2nd you’ll enrich your knowledge. You’ll feel quite energetic and inspired, you’ll act with confidence and vigour. Your self-esteem will also be brimful. Between 3rd & 4th you’ll have an unusual creative urge and your personality will become quite attractive. May have many achievements. Your work will progress smoothly. By working hard you’ll get the desired results. You’ll have a very congenial family atmosphere with enhanced warmth for every member. Your regulated life style, balanced food and drink intake will brighten your personality and hone up your talent. Between 5th & 7th noon you may indulge in some adventurous pursuits and throw challenge before all your rivals. But after 7th noon the tide may turn adverse.

Taurus Second Week Predictions August '19

Between 8th & 9th the period will be troublesome. Expenses may mount suddenly and even an accident is not ruled out. You must stay fully alert and guarded. You may develop a sense of jealousy for others. But between 10th & 12th you’ll get victory in all your endeavours. You’ll get whatever you want. All your pending jobs and held up projects will be completed as per your desire. It is an ideal time to start some new venture. Between 13th & 14th you’ll feel quite happy and relaxed. You’ll like to enjoy every moment of this phase. Getting a respite from the mad-rush of life. You’ll find time to relax and rewind. On 15th you shall concentrate more on the financial issues.

Taurus Third Week Predictions August '19

On 16th you’ll be moving towards the peak of your career. Owing to your large heartedness you’ll render service to a needy person. But between 17th & 18th the Moon in 12th may give again a plethora of worries. May have to wonder a lot to get your job done. Financially you may suffer loss. Misunderstanding with the spouse is likely as your some secret affairs be exposed. But between 19th & 20th you will complete your job. Your target will be well with in your reach. May have some secret deals and I resort to Mantra-Tantra to have them favourably clinched. May plan to celebrate some auspicious ceremony at home. Between 21st & 23rd you’ll get much satisfaction and contentment. You’ll have wider contact with people. Your income may also rise.

Taurus Fourth Week Predictions August '19

On 24th you may get good money. You’ll discharge your duties efficiently. You’ll organize your life quite methodically. However, you must check your spend thrift nature to curb your expenses which may antagonize your close ones and they may rise in rebellion. This shall be a bad phase and you must act prudently. You may have a secret deal with someone which shall prove quite damaging to you. Between 28th & 29th you’ll meet people with much warmth and try to achieve your end tactfully. You shall also give time to your family. Between 30th & 31st you may get some wealth unexpectedly. You’ll enjoy a swell time.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Gemini Weekly Horoscope August 2019

gemini weekly predicitons aug '19

Gemini First Week Predictions August '19

This week may give you only mixed results. Between 1st & 3rd you’ll progress well in your profession. You’ll try to achieve your target with a methodical planning. May come across many opportunities to get better employment. In service you may get promoted. Familial peace will also be very soothing. Between 4th & 5th in politics you may meet many big guys. This good phase will give you many facilities and advantages. Your close ones will be quite supportive. You may try to realize your ambition. Joint venture may give you good gain. But between 6th & 7th the 8th moon may give you a hefty loss. You’ll lose your efficiency as the morale will plummet. Your projects will be held up at the eleventh hour.

Gemini Second Week Predictions August '19

Up to 8th moon you may remain tense but afterwards you may have success in whatever you do till 10th moon. You’ll earn well and may feel financially secured. You’ll work with total concentration. Between 11th & 12th you’ll improve your way of working and may plan for some big achievement. May spend liberally on your luxuries and comforts including the purchase of ornaments. May also buy some property. Between 13th & 15th may travel to a distant place which shall be quite successful. Money inflow will be there and fast. But after 15th things may again turn dismal for you. May suffer the loss of some close one.

Gemini Third Week Predictions August '19

Between 16th & 17th the Moon’s transit in the 12th house may trap you into some trouble. Your electronic gadgets may go kafut. Business may go out of control to trap your money for long. Terms with the spouse and even friends may deteriorate. But the tide may turn favourable between 18th & 19th. You will show your class with your mental capabilities. You’ll give much importance to your business and profession. May enter into some new business deals or alliances. Between 20th & 21st you’ll have a very peaceful time. Between 22nd & 23rd you’ll manage to get over all your troubles.

Gemini Fourth Week Predictions August '19

Between 24th & 25th any hasty decision could give you much loss. You could be trapped in some legal case or face a big financial recovery order. The sale and purchase of the property may culminate in physical incarceration as well. Between 26th & 27th you’ll enrich your knowledge. You may meet your mentor who may bless you to come again on the night track. You’ll have such contacts as may prove very paying for you in the long run. Between 28th & 30th you’ll succeed in achieving your targets. May have new friends or business association or partners. On 31st you may get good money but unless you check your spend thrift nature, you won’t be able to get any advantage of this bounty.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Cancer Weekly Horoscope August 2019

cancer weekly predictions aug '19

Cancer First Week Predictions August '19

Between 1st & 3rd you’ll have a knowledge enhancing phase. But you’ll feel quite blessed with good ornaments, clothes and other luxury items available to you. You’ll also enjoy some entertaining gadgets. Between 4th & 5th you may have a good income. Your status in society or politics will grow. You’ll have an over-all development of your personality. May have enhanced income but equally mounting expenses. But you’ll manage the same. Family will remain quite happy. Between 6th & 7th the Moon’s position may give you much peace. You’ll work with great precision and methodology. You’ll privately try to polish your personality all the more. Despite challenges you’ll manage you professional targets well with great aplomb.

Cancer Second Week Predictions August '19

Between 8th & 10th the tide may not be favourable as your popularity shall wane. Challenges will unsettle you while domestic issues may become quite complicated. Diseases below the waist region may surface. But the things will improve between 11th & 12th with a wave. A surging confidence and hope will help you regain you composure. May attend some family function. You may try to repay your old loans as financially you’ll be better off. Improvement in the life-style will help you develop good relations with your neighbour. Between 13th & 15th your reputation will grow, you’ll sacrifice your comforts for the family and feel a change in your mannerism. You may be involved in a buying spree to prepare for the coming festivals.

Cancer Third Week Predictions August '19

Between 16th & 17th you may have a swell time. You’ll succeed in whatever you do. Terms with your relations will become warmer. But between 17th & 19th the phase will be adverse. Avoid any journey during this phase or you’ll suffer badly. Your vehicle may develop problems mid-way, so keep them well repaired. Your image may become dismal. But between 20th & 21st the tide may turn favourable as the Moon in your sign will enhance the vision of your thinking. You’ll become more kind and considerate. Between 22nd & 23rd mentally you’ll feel relaxed. You’ll have a very positive and constructive approach.

Cancer Fourth Week Predictions August '19

Between 24th & 25th financial position will improve. May get a minor wind-fall as well. You’ll acquire a reputation of a renowned personality. However, between 26th & 28th you’ll be drowned in disappointment. May suffer an insult from your boss publicly. You may feel quite lonely and forlorn. But don’t let your despondency affect your family atmosphere. Between 29th & 30th some secret confabulations and activities may upset you. But you shouldn’t be over-concerned with them. On 31st you’ll get over all your apprehensions as the things will be much better. Your contacts, established now with the foreigners may prove quite fruitful later on.
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