Monday, May 25, 2020

Sagittarius Horoscope July 2020

sagittarius july 2020 horoscope

Monthly Horoscope 2020: Sagittarius in July

While Sagittarians experienced a diverse range of emotions, some turbulent and angry, some inspiring in June, this month you are far more sober and focused and able to crack on with work on goals.

You can work productively with people and in teams. Your organisational and managerial skills are very good right now, and this can help you to be organised and on top of things.

One thing which annoys Sagittarians right now are fools and complainers – you have no time for those who do not pull their weight and will be rather abrupt with such people. It is hard to win your respect right now; you require commitment and evidence that people are true to their word. This is a time when Sagittarians will do anything to keep a promise or honour a deal as your word is your bond and your reputation matters to you. You will go the extra mile for a firm friend or colleague, and in many cases, you will go beyond what is expected of you – not because you have to; you want to. You won’t make an excuse even when it would be quite acceptable to make that excuse.

This is a month of grinning and bearing it when it comes to unpleasant chores, but it is also one where you feel able to reward yourself for a job well done. So there is a mixture of graft and pleasure. You have the ability right now to do just enough to get what is needed done – this is not a time when you go overboard by being obsessed with detail and leaving yourself short of time to complete. Sagittarians are very wise regarding time and energy management, and you will fulfil commitments this month with time to spare.

This is a month of concentration and determination when you apply yourself to tasks with grit. You will achieve results in July.

Capricorn Horoscope July 2020

capricorn july 2020 horoscope

Monthly Horoscope 2020: Capricorn in July

This is a very significant month for those of you who have decided to teach themselves a skill or a language. This is also a great month to revisit educational disappointments and put them to rest by undertaking a mature student course or retaking an exam. If you ever lost your confidence, i.e., in taking anything from a driving test, an HGV test, bar exam, music exam, etc., now is the time to take that test again and smash it.

This is also an important time for relationships with siblings; you can build bridges and perhaps reinvent the relationship if it has been troubled. It is time to take a different look at the way you relate to siblings – put rivalries and old anger aside and concentrate on taking things forward. Big changes in your family can mean that the factors which once tore you and your siblings apart can now be factors which can draw you together.

You are highly engaged emotionally this month and will not be casual about any matter which comes within your sphere – you are very emotional in your approach and quite intense. You can be very forceful and put your case in a passionate way; this added emotional intensity can aid you in driving through changes and improvements to your day to day life and within your family.

You are quite a formidable opponent as you will identify strongly with your viewpoint, and that will mean you put in extra thought and energy to put it across and get it heard.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Aquarius Horoscope July 2020

aquarius july 2020 horoscope

Monthly Horoscope 2020: Aquarius in July

This month, your family will be very supportive regarding your ventures both romantically and artistically, and this can help ease the inner dilemmas that would normally plague you. Often we feel we need a family endorsement to quieten the disconcerting voices and doubts we all have in our head. Family moral support is always welcome as humans have this need to make parents proud – we should always make ourselves proud first, but support always helps. A father or father figure may offer you some very valuable guidance or counselling that helps you with a decision – advice from family members tends to count more than that from friends or colleagues at this stage.

This is a powerful time for those in the Golden Years of their life – Aquarians in their 60s, 70s and even 80s will have a new lease of life where they feel that their wisdom and knowledge is a distinct advantage and can be used to increase the power they have over their own life. Aquarians in later life may be inspired to start a business or consultancy and may even find staying on in work and not retiring is enhancing their lives. There is no desire to slow down, and you will resist advice to do so as you feel very strongly that you have much to offer.

While communication with colleagues or partners can be hard this month, it is a favourable month for dealing with children: both your own and any children in your care. Interacting with your children via the medium of play can be very revealing and can help strengthen the bond. You should not try and have serious conversations with your children; you should rather concentrate on having fun and allowing any more difficult subjects to come up organically after which you can touch on them lightly. With children, you have to be subtle as any message overdone will be rejected.

A very good month for family events and get-togethers, surprise parties or other large scale reunions.

This is a good month for your creative pursuits, but only where you work alone – where your ventures involve others, you will not be as effective as you cannot act on your ideas spontaneously without having to deal with input or opposition from others.

Pisces Horoscope July 2020

pisces july 2020 horoscope

Monthly Horoscope 2020: Pisces in July

You have a strong searching quality and need for answers this month, and this can inspire a need for learning and also communication with circles beyond your usual realms. You may seek out people on forums, in groups or on Twitter to cast your net wider regarding personal experience. You will often be dissatisfied with what you learn, and this can lead to a mental restlessness where you jump from thing to thing, finding that nothing fully fills that gap. This is a month where you will talk more, write more, and interact with others more than usual; you crave mental stimulation, and it can be a hard time keeping up with you mentally.

Impulse spending is also a feature of this month as you have an insatiable need within you for more than you are currently getting from your relationships or regular activities. The positive aspect of this restless craving is that you are compelled to act; this is not a vaguely dissatisfied feeling which leads to passive acceptance of the status quo, this is an active yearning which can lead to both small and big moves which could open up doors for you. You may find that activities snowball for you; you may begin a fairly simply quest on the spur of the moment and find that it was more complex than you first thought and that completing that quest leads you on a wild goose chase – I must add that this month wild goose chases are often not the waste of time they may appear at first; their meaning will become apparent.

You will certainly enter into the spirit of events when it comes to creative expression or the enjoyment of entertainment. If you are in a position where you mentor or act as cheerleader in encouraging children or other people in artistic pursuits, you can be a wonderful boost to their confidence.
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