Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Cancer Love Forecast February 2020

cancer love predictions february 2020

Cancer in Love February 2020

For the month of Valentine’s Day, February will prove intense, exciting, and rather nerve-wracking in love.

If you are involved in a messy break up right now, you need to keep any new romances secret; do not flaunt your new relationship or you risk complicating the break up. You should be very restrained when dealing with any expartners, be cordial and diplomatic, no matter what, as this will serve better.

In all relationships, there can be disagreements about how to allocate resources and how to spend, invest, or where to make cutbacks. Views can be entrenched, and both of you need to be more willing to share and also more willing to be transparent. If you do reach an impasse, it may be better for the relationship to have separate accounts.

Leo Love Forecast February 2020

leo love predictions february 2020

Leo in Love February 2020

Issues of loyalty and the perception of loyalty can cause tension in relationships. Often what you feel is morally superior, and the ‘right’ thing to do may (to your surprise) be very different to how your partner feels about things. You will have to accept that sometimes there is no right or wrong, just different ways of seeing things that may be more emotional and rational.

Respect each other’s views without ramming yours down their throat or going overboard in explaining how you feel as they may never understand.

You need to be more consistent in your views or desires in relationships as you may be shifting the goalposts, making it hard for your partner to know what to do to please you – you may even seem impossible to please. Do not be hypocritical, and if you do make accusations or complaints, be sure that you are not a person in a glasshouse throwing a stone as often in relationships right now you are blind to some of your faults or where you fall short of the high standards you espouse.

Attitudes in relationships may be highly polarised, and this is not the best month to attempt to get agreement on issues that really matter to you both as emotions are too charged.

In new relationships, try not to come across as over-confident – hold back a little and do not oversell yourself. There can be this need to throw everything into a new relationship – keep something in reserve and do not come on too strong.

A good month for long-distance relationships and those where there is a strong intellectual connection.

Virgo Love Forecast February 2020

virgo love predictions february 2020

Virgo in Love February 2020

You care about your relationship and what goes on at the surface and at a deeper level. You may sense something which you cannot put your finger on, and you will do your best to get at the root of the matter. You will not be content with superficial explanations, and you will analyse away, asking questions until you feel that you have dismantled and understood the problem. You may be the one who psychoanalyses your partner and helps them to get to grips with issues (possible from the distant past) and understand them better. You are often the catalyst for positive emotional changes or transformations within your lover or partner. Even in new relationships, you can get to know a lover at a very deep level, and pillow talk could be more revealing and a time when secrets and deep feelings or even fears are exchanged.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Libra Love Forecast February 2020

libra love predictions february 2020

Libra in Love February 2020

It looks very exciting for Valentine’s Day – spontaneous relationships can begin and get off to a start like sprinters reacting to a starting pistol. You may be quite deep into the relationship before you realise what is happening, and this can feel exhilarating. It is an adventurous time in romance when you throw away the rule book and allow emotions free reign. You are attracted to eccentric types who buck the trend and who come across as controversial, radical, and free spirited. Libra are into politics and philosophy this year, and it could be this very month that a new love interest turns you on to some exciting new avenues of thought. Often it is the excitement and feeling of release that comes with rebelling that makes new romance that much more compelling this month. You enjoy the carefree youthful feeling this person gives you. This relationship may not last; in fact, in two months’ time you may find it was not all you’d cracked it up to be. However, it is fulfilling a need in you right now, and it can be memorable.

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