Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Capricorn Love December 2019

capricorn in love december 2019

Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope December 2019

Meetings with potential lovers can happen at work parties and also parties connected to your hobbies and outside interests. This month love sparks fly between those with similar interests and passions, and the deeper the passion, the deeper the love. Not a time where you hook up with someone with nothing in common, communication drives the relationship, and without that, it falters.

In marriages you will entertain more and invite mutual friends over – often greater interaction with friends helps your marriage over any rough patches and can encourage more appreciation and romance.

You are likely to take things at face value now, and you are happy to just go with the flow and not to linger over deeper meanings – innuendo goes over your head as you are quite straightforward.

There is less confusion, and situations arise in love which give you a ‘Eureka’ moment where your mind is eased as things fall into place. Increased stability brings security, and you feel more relaxed regarding your domestic life. You tend to be fatalistic and not to worry too much about what you cannot control – you take the moment for what it is, and you enjoy that.

A time to enjoy life and to surround yourself with friends and family – love and romance blossom the more social you are and so don’t be homebodies, be outgoing as a couple and get involved in community and social projects.

Capricorn are feeling very giving and charitable and are looking for way to give back this December, but it is even better if you get your partner involved; it could be the start of a whole new chapter, You are entering a time of inner healing when guilt and toxic emotions from the past tend to become diluted, and you can feel that already in relationships as you have this automatic reflex to look forward not back, and you feel old pains and hurts numbing – this is wonderful for the future health of new and existing relationships.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Aquarius Love December 2019

aquarius in love december 2019

Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope December 2019

Friends play a very important role in your life and for Aquarians who are not with family this holiday season, friends can easily fill that gap. They say you can choose your friends, you cannot choose your family, and that readily applies this month.

You are in a highly romantic frame of mind, and you are keen to get into the mood of the season and make an effort to add sparkle and imagination to your love life.

In new relationships Aquarians are a little passive; you want your partner to open up to you, and you are taking a step back and waiting to see how they come forward. You may be playing a game ever so slightly but not in a nefarious way; it is just that you have been doing quite a bit of the running and game making and now you want to see what they are prepared to bring to this party, emotionally and spiritually.

Pisces Love December 2019

pisces in love december 2019

Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope December 2019

This is a good time for a marriage, but mainly for couples who have been together for a while, it is not great for gunshot weeding i.e. eloping to Vegas; which can seem like a wonderful idea but which will no doubt be regretted in 2020. Act in haste repent at leisure is the mantra for love and sexual encounters and Pisces often get carried away in the moment and judgement goes out of the window.

Pisces are romantic but not always practical in love and so if you are making plans to surprise your loved one this Christmas get help from a friend or travel agent as I bet there will be a detail you miss.

The fantasy element in love is very string and can be fuelled by watching movie or reading books together which get you out of the spell of real life and into a magical, sexy spell. Half of good ex is what happens in your head and so you create an image in your mind that takes you all the way to orgasm.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Aries Health and Career December 2019

aries december 2019: health and career

Aries Monthly Health Horoscope December '19

Bone health issues may come to light, and there are a number of things you need to think about. Are you getting enough calcium? Often you either have a shortage of calcium or a shortage of iron, as these two minerals cannot be absorbed together and supplements that have both in are pretty well useless as they inhibit each other’s absorption. If you think you are calcium deficient, find a quality supplement.

At this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, we do not get much quality light, and you may have a shortage of vitamin D which can also affect bones as well as your immune system, and so make sure you get some vitamin D3.

Arthritis may flare up, and so eat foods with low acidity or even drink alkaline water (available online). To help arthritis and any inflammation issues (associated with injury), limit dairy, processed and all white foods (i.e. white sugar, flour, bread, pasta). Turmeric taken with honey aids swelling and joint pain.

Jupiter brings success in terms of improving health where you are both positive and proactive – you do not have to be very strict, but you do have to have a committed attitude.
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